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  1. Update on lenses: & your thoughts ....new vs. used? Found some used Meyer Optik Lydith lenses (the originals) on ebay for under $70, + $10 shipping and another $10-15 for an adapter (vs $750 for the Sony mount when they reissue the classic). I'm waiting to see what the customs, etc are since they all ship from Germany. Used 24-105mm going for $1,000-1,110, I think given the price of the later I'd try used from B&H, Adorama, MPB, or KEH where I'd get a 6-month warranty, since it's too much to spend if it doesn't work out and most sellers are one-week returns, out of luck if something goes wrong after that. I've had really great luck buying used from ebay and elsewhere. My best lens was a 50-500mm Sigma that was a floor model at B&H or Adorama. Sharp to 500mm. I sold it for just $250 less than I paid for it after 9 years, so I think that used may be the way to go. Even if I just save $200, I can use the savings for a used Meyer Optik, and save nearly $1,000 total that way. What do you guys think about buying used equipment? Has it been worthwhile for you? When I've sold used lenses I usually got back between 70-80% of what I paid after 8-10 years of use, whereas, like a new car, the lenses I bought new dropped more....though to be fair, in some cases I'm comparing a private sale to selling a bundle of stuff to MPB of B&H. The biggest eye-opener was the value of the 50mm prime I bought for a song. Ebay is often a good deal. So, do you always buy new, or do you take a chance on used equipment? Steve, thanks again for your advice. I think I"m going to wait until after PhotoExpo so that I can see all the latest and greatest stuff out there and don't decide that maybe I should spend my budget on something else. A zoom would be great right now, but as all my my trips, other than going into NYC , are with the car, toting around a couple of primes isn't a big deal and I'll probably . wander around PhotoExpo with just the lighter 35mm, since I'll be on my feet all day.
  2. I have the Sony 35mm f/2.8, it was the first lens I bought for the camera and it is my go-to when I want something small and light. I also bought a used Rokinon 12mm fisheye and I frequently use my Nikon 20mm f/2,8 on it and both are extremely sharp - but then the Rokinon is a manual focus lens, and I'm using the 20mm with an inexpensive manual adapter, so not a test for the autofocus. However, if autofocus is off, the Sony lets you tweak it in the menu. My most expensive Nikon lens, the 24-70mm's autofocus did not play well with my D700, but it was fine on my D5100 backup and all my other autofocus lenses were fine with the D700. But when I put that lens and camera together, it front-focused, so I put the camera on a tripod, focused on my husband's eye, and tweaked it until I got it sharp, then saved the setting in the menu. But thanks for the head's up. I'll keep it in mind if I consider other autofocus lenses for the Sony. Oh, the Meyer-Optk is also manual focus, so it wouldn't be an issue. I don't think I"d want to pay for a new one - very pricey for something that is not a lens I'd use all the time - I've been keeping an eye out for a used one with a Nikon mount, since I have the adapter. I also have an adapter for my old OM lenses (Zuiko lenses for my old film Olympus), but don't know if they made an Olympus mount. That would be the best since I could use it for both my Oly (with adapter) as a 60mm and as a 30mm for the Sony. One of my favorite lenses is a 50mm f/1.2 manual focus Nikon I picked up for $40 on ebay when I started out. MPB offered me over $250 for it, and I saw it going used on B&H and on MPB for $499, so I decided to keep it. It has the creamiest bokeh of any lens I own. None of the modern lenses have that amazing bokeh. It's also super sharp - my best selling Alamy image ($425) was shot with it. I love old lenses. They can be a bit more work, but I find that since I've just been using primes with my Sony, I am more likely to use MF even with the Sony 35mm. It's so easy with a wide angle lens to nail the focus.
  3. Thanks for the info Steve & Edo. It certainly sounds like a good bet. I really like shooting with primes, and when I go out walking or hiking near home, I'll often just pick one to for use that day, but for travel and my somewhat infrequent trips into NYC, I think a zoom would be a good idea. I was going to buy it when I got the A7rii, but was still considering keeping my Nikon 24-70 f/2.8, which was my workhorse for my D700, to use with an adapter, but then decided that setup was heavy enough to defeat the purpose of buying the Sony. I also have my eye on the new Meyer Optik Görlitz Lydith 30 f3.5 II prime when it comes out - love those sample photos: https://www.meyer-optik-goerlitz.com/en/lenses/lydith-30-f3.5-ii
  4. Glad you're better ... sorry about your wife. Now as to things photographic, I must be psychic .... check out this thread I started yesterday
  5. I'd have travelled around the world by now if healthcare was free. And I'd be shooting with a Hasselblad. Oh well... Thankfully we have good insurance and my husband has a good job, so we are luckier than many here who don't get the care they need because they can't afford it.
  6. I use them when my dodgy shoulder acts up. I hate peas, so does my hubby, so no worries we'll mistakenly eat some previously defrosted veggies. 😎🤢 Acupuncture helps even more. And Arnica gel is great. I also find switching between heat and cold to help. Mirrorless cameras also help. Glad it's healing. Don't overdo it, though, shoulders are quite slow to heal and easy to re-injure. If it continues to act up, I'd see an orthopedist, just to be sure there isn't a tear. Sometimes they can heal with PT, avoiding the need for surgery (a long recovery, even more PT and some residual pain for ages). Good luck - feel better!
  7. What's the consensus on the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 lens? I have been shooting with primes since I got my Sony A7rii about a year and a half ago. I have the Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8, the Sony Master FE 90mm f/2.8 macro, and a Rokinon 12mm fish-eye lens, and have also been using legacy Nikon and Olympus lenses with a couple of different adapters (the Zuiko 50mm, 28mm and 200mm's from my old OM-1 film days and my Nikon 20mm, 50mm and lensbaby). I like using primes and find that my favorite lens on the camera is the Nikon 20mm, with the 90mm Macro a close second. The 35mm is a great walking around lens since it's so light. Love the ultra wide fisheye too but it's heavy and not something I'm going to lug around all day. Both of the 50mm's have beautiful bokeh - the Nikon is an f/1.4 from the 1970's, around the same age as my legacy Olympus Zuiko's. There's something about those old film lenses I really like... but carrying a bag full of primes along with assorted adapters defeats the idea of going light - that's where my Oly and the Sony differ since the Oly mirrorless lenses I have are all so tiny and light. So, I need some advice. Is the convenience worth the price? Will I regret not filling my bag with primes? I resisted buying the 24-105mm or one of the 24-70mm's when I got the camera, but now I'm thinking it would be nice to have a lens that covers so many situations. For example, if I'm headed into NYC for the day, I usually pop on the light 35mm and zoom with my feet, but I'll be doing a photo walk during PhotoExpo in a couple of weeks and realize that it might be really nice to have one lens that will cover so much ground. Can it satisfy a pixel peeper? Is it worth the price for the convenience and is it a good lens or will I find myself in pixel-peeping hell? Alamy has made me into a pixel-peeper, so I worry that I might not find a lens that covers so much ground is going to hold up under such scrutiny, but it would really cover nearly any situation. Is Weight an issue? I think it weighs a tad more than the camera, but less than any of the zooms I used regularly with my Nikons. I made the switch to mirrorless to keep my kit light, and have a bad neck and back, but I don't think it would be too heavy, especially if it was the only lens I took along for the day. Is it fast enough to shoot at night? I like the fixed focal length and given Sony's low light capabilities, I'm thinking it would be fine to use even at night. Thoughts on whether you can use it all day and at night too, without a tripod, also appreciated. I'm used to some fast primes but I think that f/4 will be okay, especially if I use it toward the wider end at night. Sony anti-shake isn't as good as IBIS on the Olympus, but I'm guessing between cranking up the ISO and taking advantage of the OSS, night shooting sans tripod isn't an issue. Am I right? Advice welcome. Thanks!
  8. My first ever license to Turkey. D700, 24-70mm f/1.8, 1/60 sec @ f5.0, lens @56mm, the EXIF on Photoshelter says ISO 800 no idea why since it was sunlight in summer and it would seem to be set much too slowly for that ISO. The EXIF also says it was taken on July 2, 2009, which is around when I first got the D700, so that is probably correct, but it says it was processed on September 20, 2025. Guess I was thinking ahead. 😎 It also seems at tad wide for 56mm, though I may have stood far away and zoomed in. I'm so used to using all primes with my Sony A7rii since I got it nearly 1 1/2 years ago, I forget what you can do with a zoom.
  9. I spent over $2,000 on data recovery when Time Machine failed to restore my crashed drive, and haven't trusted it since. That's when I started using carbon copy cloner to two bootable drives as well as a RAID array. (I had a backup in addition to Time Machine on another hard drive at the time, but it was attached to the computer and both got fried when a bolt of lightning hit a transformer outside my house - a freak thunderstorm in the winter of 2011). Now I'm drowning in backup drives. Yep, that software is the issue. All the other 32-bit warnings I've gotten are apps I never use and I've been clearing them off my hard drive. I bought Rosetta Stone a couple of years ago, then we had to cancel a trip abroad so I hadn't gotten around to using it much. Now, however, I've started volunteering with Spanish-speaking pre-schoolers (whose English, thankfully, is better than my Spanish) and I figured it was time that I learn more than the year's worth of Spanish I learned in college a very long time ago. I like having my computer & apps up to date - which is why I also like the CC subscription plan -- but I always wait for them to work out the bugs, especially as Adobe programs seems to lag behind Apple's updates.
  10. Nice - especially the gold one. I didn't manipulate my gold one either - though I did manipulate the purple globe (which I like) and the two (strikingly similar) lighthouse images. And I kind of hate them now, too saturated - but they both have sold a lot - but not as much as the dozens of lighthouse images (including that one) that are pretty much straight from the camera. I like what you did with the infrared. It's not cheating - it's artistic license.
  11. @Ed Rooney - Edo - Thanks again for your kind words on my sailboats. Appreciated. I love that purple shot -of yours - I love monochromatic color shots (the gold Baltimore Inner Harbor shot I shared earlier is one of my all-time faves). I just had to share this one with you, not just the same place this time, but nearly the same shot but in daylight (other side of the street, but awfully close) - I licensed it directly earlier this year to a calendar company for their NYC calendar and last month they sent me my three comp copies and the other calendars with my work. (My daughter who no longer lives in NYC is excited since I've earmarked one for her. Despite being a millennial, she always puts up one of my calendars in her cubby in her office at the university, and her hubby asked for the lighthouse calendar for their fridge). If you would use a wall calendar, email me your address when you get settled and I'll send you the 3rd copy. It's for 2020 so hopefully you'll be settled well before the end of the year. I spent the better part of the day searching for rentals & trying to decide where we want to move to. Someplace more urban - probably Stamford or Norwalk - with beaches and lighthouses for me to photograph. We've been here nearly 22 years. Plan to put the house on the market in the spring or summer, but need to know where we want to go before we say goodbye here. At this stage of life it's scary to move to another state even though we will still be within commuting distance of my husband's job and close enough to friends (many of whom have already left our sleepy suburb now that our kids are all grown) , so once again I really admire your guts in moving across the pond.
  12. Thanks for the head's up. I bought Rosetta Stone Spanish about a year ago, but have barely started to learn it and when I got the 32 bit warning, contacted Rosetta Stone and they said I could buy some online version for ~another $10 a month to use that as the stand alone has not been made compatible - all this after paying around $250-300 for the software. I have one backup using carbon copy cloner that is bootable of my old computer (which ran Mojave) and I have another partition for the new computer, just for this reason, in case an update gives me problems so I can boot off the old one while they iron out the problems. Ugh! We pay so much for this stuff and then it's obsolete in a year or two. Really frustrating.
  13. Finally, it poured minutes after I took this Gettysburg shot, which includes that fence you have Wim ( @wiskerke ) It's been zoomed but hasn't sold. I keep holding out hope. I didn't wait for the light on this one - I shot it and ran to find my daughter and the car. Such a long ride and we didn't get to see anywhere near as much as we'd hoped. Will have to go back. I also spent 10 days in Edinburgh and it was gorgeous weather all but one of those. I've sold as many from the dull gray day as from the beautiful ones. And some of the gray ones sold more than 10 years later. But I still think it's worth waiting for the light. I still get a kick out of seeing the good shots on book covers, in magazines and calendars - and on people's walls.
  14. And here's a comparison of similar shots - from a 4-day event where both the flatter gray day shots and the beautiful weather shots sold. Given the search terms and use I'm not sure why both sold but I had intended to delete the flat ones, glad I didn't, though they still bother me. This event was in 2012 but all these sales were from 2017 through 2019, so it wasn’t a rush for live news and all the images have been on Alamy since I shot them in 2012 so they were all there for the choosing: I have many online from this event that I would have chosen over these: You can see them here if you're interested
  15. Here are some that sold where I waited for good light:
  16. My three urban reflections: Baltimore, Maryland: Boston, Massachusetts Columbus, Ohio
  17. Can I apologize on behalf of my country? Hurting freelancers including vital media outlets and just people trying to make a living, kids in school learning the programs, etc. - none of this will help achieve his goals, and it will hurt Adobe if people find alternatives, whether pirated copies, or a way to keep their PS going without checking in online - such a mess. One less person for him to reach out to to manufacture dirt on his opponents, at least...
  18. First, thanks for your kind words re: my Estonian portraits - you too @The Blinking Eye I have taken photos of lighthouses all over the world. They've been an obsession since 2010, after a one day excursion to Nantucket (in Massachusetts off Cape Cod). There is one by the Hudson River no longer in use but only about 20 minutes from home. I took this shot a few years ago when, on my way to a niece's shower where I was stuck on the Tappan Zee Bridge in traffic and saw it far away for the zillionth time. I decided to put it into my GPS on my way home and take some photos. This shot ended up in a show sponsored by the NYS Thruway Dept and then was on loan to them for two years, it was then one of 4 main photos to greet you as you entered a 50-year retrospective of photos of Westchester Co NY (just north of NYC; there were lots of well known photogs in the show). Finally, I showed it at a small group show in a local gallery, sold the original and have made additional prints for other buyers. All of them live in Westchester. As Keith showed us, you don't need to venture far from home, especially if we are lucky to live somewhere beautiful. Those castle turrets remind me of a double lighthouse I photographed in New Jersey. You've caught them in the perfect light.
  19. @edo They always seem to like my food pix,,so I bet they'll LOVE yours. Usually my highest scorers. And you don't need FTP, just basic wifi should do the trick since you upload one at a time. The app has improved now too - it's started completing my words and phrases with correct suggestions. Uploads were much quicker with this AI help. Might be worth trying on days when uploading to the main site is tough with your hotel connection.
  20. @meanderingemu No deal with Apple that I've heard of, but they don't have an app for Android yet. My daughter sends me bunches of photos via iPhone of my grandson - and I even take some when we facetime - I got a video of him clapping last week - truly wonderful gadgets. I uploaded 10 new ones to S yesterday - waiting to see which passed. I usually tend to take photos with my Iphone and submit from my beach chair when I'm away in the summer,, and then kind of forget about it, but I've decided to try to upload at least one a day for the rest of the year - or an average of 7 each week, and to add at least 7 here as well. 2 sales there in the past 6 mos with 100 photos, so I think it is worth pursuing. And it's fun. I upload both straight shots and some with filters from PS Express, Plastic Bullet and Snapseed. Any other phone app folks recommend?
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