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  1. Looks like you did a creditable job from the FB post! Disheartening when the weather isn't perfect, but looks pretty amazing nonetheless!
  2. Last year was my worst year here ever. This year I am also underperforming with just 1 sale per 1,000 but average price despite a $ sale this month is $129. As sales hopefully pick up I know that average will drop, but before last year I averaged over 2 sales per month per 1,000. Ultimately it is how much you net, not the ratio, though it is helpful to compare how your collection is doing year over year.
  3. Thanks everyone. Appreciate your kind word. I agree @John Mitchell Black and white to me is the purest form of photography. It's what got me excited about photography as a high school senior the first time I watched one of my images come to life in the darkroom. It's a different practice with digital, but I still love the feeling of discovery. I'm one of those people who has a hard time being quiet and slowing down, except when I'm out in nature with my camera. Suddenly my mind quiets down and I'm in the zone. I can get lost for hours.
  4. Thanks Phil. The work is digital but I do my best to get that film feel, so thanks for asking that question. It makes me feel like I'm doing something right. When I print, I use a lab that prints using a silver gelatin based Ilford paper specifically for black and white with a photo chemical process and I've been really happy with the results. I process my black and white images in Silver Efex Pro - have been using it for over a decade and while II've tried other programs, it's the best I've found, though I sometimes bring it into Color Efex Pro or Analog Efex Pro as well.
  5. Ed, I was thinking I answered this thread too late, but actually you'll still want to be sure you're not saving to your PS cloud account now that you have a new MacAir or you'll have the same issue as with the old machine. Happy to Zoom with you and walk you through it if need be.
  6. Are you inadvertently saving to your 20GB PS cloud account? It sounds like the message is from PS and not your Macbook. Try save as and navigate to a folder on your Mac. If you've gone to the Apple menu and checked that you have storage after emptying the trash, this could be the problem. Unless you change your preferences, the later PS updates want to save everything to your Adobe Cloud folder which will fill quickly.
  7. Congrats Edo on your glorious Renaissance image. Fun challenge. I didn't learn the term "busker" until I'd been contributing to Alamy for years, so good thing you've translated for us Yanks. Ive actually got some buskers from across the pond, taken during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe back in 2007, when my daughter was performing. I have lots of pix of her and her troupe performing too, but never put them online. But I did upload a few buskers from the trip: First, some acrobats: Then a wonderfully costumed gent drumming up interest
  8. I just wanted to share some pix with you all along with the exciting news that I was a finalist for the 2021 Lawrence Salley Award, sponsored by the African American Men of Westchester, ArtsWestchester, and the Salley Family. There are some wonderful photographers and I’m really honored to be among the finalists. Here’s a link to the virtual show that started streaming last week. Check out their work: http://artsw.org/lsalleyaward Love to know what you all think of it. I've been concentrating more on fine art since Covid and am getting some traction. I've got to drop
  9. Yes - I have one currently replacing my bluetooth one that is fused due to exploding Duracell batteries. They went bad in my tv remote around the same time t I was able to clean that out. Took them out of all my other devices. This keyboard is working ok thankfully after all tthese years I no longer need to hunt and peck - though I spoke too soon and jinxed myself - the double letter thing is happpening again - as you can see here! And I cleaned upp some of them earlier in this paragraph! Good idea though when I've got it hooked up to my iMac it'd be nice to have the bluetoothh in
  10. Image use: Commercial electronic Details of use: Website, app and social media Image Size: Any size Duration: up to 5 years Country: Worldwide Industry sector: Travel & tourism Additional Details: Multiple use in branded content/sponsored articles and bookable content on owned website, app and social media. Excludes use on paid-for media Mid $ - back in May 2019 it licenses for $245. My first three sales this year were all $$$, quite the seesaw! I told my hubby he'll be famous on social media LOL. Afraid they might reverse the sale when they realize he's holding a point and shoot came
  11. That very expensive addiction reference is spot on Betty. I'm sitting here with an 18-month old $4,000 MacBook Pro loaded with a 2TB SSD & 32GB RAM. Love how blazing fast it is but as I think I mentioned it has to go to the Apple store when it's safe to go to the mall, because about 1/3rd of the letters on the keyboard are obliterated. After about a month of doubling random letters that seems to have stopped but really I could have bought 4 PCs for the money - but I can't ever go back to a PC despite the diminishing build quality and the fact that these things just don't last. I future pro
  12. Congrats Ed - truly outstanding image. Timeless!
  13. So, what is relevant now? SSD I'm sure - 32GB RAM or is that less important. What kind of graphics card?
  14. @Betty LaRue When I had trouble with an old laptop and was unhappy with the job the geniuses at Apple did (still under warranty), Apple paid for me to take it to a local Apple approved shop. Older knowledgeable guy, took it apart & fixed the problem. Look for a local approved shop. The big box places seem to skew toward young kids with a good education but not necessarily experience. Good luck.
  15. Betty, I heavily edited my first post to respond specifically to your questions and discuss all the components in my 2019 Macbook purchase which are relevant to the same/similar components you'll want in an iMac. Also some thoughts on keeping the iMac running if you can run it as a monitor with a laptop which may not make it run as hot.
  16. EDIT: Didn't realize there was a way to open the MacBooks - though Apple and other approved vendors certainly can. SSDs make a huge difference - but again my husband has an SSD on his PC laptop and it is still very slow though it is also from 2019. I don't know enough about computers other than experience but SSDs are essential, I believe - and when I upgraded by getting 32GB RAM on this machine, the speed was amazing. Not sure if the graphics card also makes a difference but I've given my specs in the reply above.
  17. EDITED - First, just some random info and thoughts on Macs (switched to Mac circa 2007) I spent a small fortune ($4K) on a 15 inch MacBook in February 2019 (it's a late 2018 version) and with my 2011 iMac I can use the laptop as the computer and the iMac as a monitor (I believe anything much newer won't let you do that - but I'd check maybe you can with a 2013). With my laptop I got 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9, 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB, Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB, 2 terabyte SD hard drive. By last March the "e" on the keyboard was totally gone but with t
  18. You are not alone. I felt like a young grandmother at 59. I now feel like an old lady at 62. 20 pounds heavier and 10 years older in the past year. It has been the longest dreariest year and even when I'm fully vaccinated a month from now, I feel like it won't really be over. So much uncertainty.
  19. Wow, really struggling to decide who to vote for. I was sure I had seen my favorite early on, but now another two have also stopped me in my tracks. Any one of the finalists could be the winner, but there are three that I love best and I feel like I'll be betraying the other two once I vote. Wish there was a way in the poll to vote in order, eg give our top choice 3 points, second choice 2 points, and third choice 1 point. It's often so close. Hard as it is to narrow to eight, and Colin has done a great job here, it's even harder to chose just one. CarrivagioEd which I fell in love with when i
  20. Her work is amazing. Saw the film at an arthouse theater with a group of photographer friends but haven't seen an exhibit of her work - wish I had. Her story is a sad one, but I hope she found joy in the taking of those images. Thanks for the other movie suggestions. I've lately been watching a lot of old BBC police procedurals. Art would be a nice change. Less binging.
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