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  1. Certainly a lot of weather shots - lots of animals too... Interesting to me was the sheep in Germany being used to keep the landscape in shape. They do the same thing here in New York in a state park by the Hudson River where they use goats and sheep to keep the long grasses in shape. It saves the gasoline and cost of lawn mowers and helps the local farmers. Yes we have farms within about 1/2 hour from midtown Manhattan. I used to upload those types of photos to live news and found a fair number sold, though usually later on. I think there are enough UK newspapers who do those
  2. I've looked at the other topics discussing this issue, and none seemed to be exactly on point. I just got a bunch of photos passed of a tourist attraction here in the US. Not a vastly popular one, but in an area where surprisingly I've licensed a fair number on Alamy and some via my site on Photoshelter too - I think that these are two places where editors go for those hard to find images. I'm tempted to tick "exclusive to Alamy" because they are not the types of images I expect to sell often, hence I've uploaded them here, and I don't expect they'd be a big draw on either of the
  3. Thanks for the link Liam. I guess they have the same thing in the US. It will definitely be something I keep in mind when deciding on buying lenses in the future. I really loved the Sigma 50-500mm so sharp and so well balanced despite its huge size. I've considered some of the Sigma art lenses as they make them for the Sony. While I think I'll be sticking with the Sony system at this point, you never know, so good to know I could convert one in the future if I laid out all that cash for one of the lenses. It's a really smart idea on their part. That was the hardest thing about giving up my N
  4. It's always good to get different points of view. I look forward to seeing how you do.
  5. IBIS and the ability to shoot clean images at high ISO's has really changed things. It's so great to be able to get images like this. Beautiful detail in this shot Rick!
  6. Unusual weather in New York in February 2018 - 51 degrees F - led to a stunning sunset over the Hudson River. 😎(See what I did with the emoji for unusually warm weather) Good challenge. And congrats on your win! (Sorry no matter which browser I use, I can only seem to upload one photo per post).
  7. A freak spring snow storm in New York. in 2016. Happily, my magnolia tree survived the onslaught but it was not as full as usual after the storm.
  8. Severe thunderstorms cause flash flooding in 2017. A friend and I were sitting outside eating at a cafe near where we live and then it just rained like this, so it caused flooding within less than half an hour (so hard we had to go inside even with an awning overhead). When it let up I went under the cafe's awning and took this with my iPhone.
  9. Welcome Dave. My experience, for what it's worth: I sell a fair number of B&W images as prints and on average make about $250 net per sale. While I can see that adding them to Alamy now that there is a PU license might add sales, at $10-20 gross I would be competing against myself, and earning less than 5% of what I normally make, so a good reason for me not to add them here. I wish the PU license was more expensive and was akin to a normal license where the size of the image made a difference so that the price went up per sale. Honestly, if I could earn $50 per PU license, I'
  10. Liam, I think that sounds good. I really wish I'd known about their conversion service. I have a few different adapters I've bought for my mirrorless cameras to use my original Olympus lenses (from my SLR, an OM-1) and from my Nikons to use on the Olympus and Sony. I didn't want the added weight for the larger zoom lenses, so sold them. They are all manual and I use them with various prime lenses, some manual, some autofocus that I now use manually. They all work well but I had read that using the autofocus with an adapter did not work as well, which is why I think that having the mount conver
  11. Haven't but wish I'd known might have tried it for the one Sigma lens I had that I really loved. Sold it for nearly what I paid for it though, so not the end of the world. I'd imagine they do an excellent job. If you use the service let us know how it works. It would make the lens lighter than using with an adapter, so it seems like it might well be worth it.
  12. Yes, I think that's why it's probably less of an issue since it's more obvious, whereas atmospheric haze can look like noise. Fortunately, all my images with atmospheric haze (taken back in 2011) passed quickly. I took them with a Nikon 70-200mm lens and my D700 from a moving boat at 4:30 in the morning - using an inexpensive lens I bought because I didn't want to tote my heavy and much better and sharper Sigma 50-500mm around Scandinavia and being half awake, I still got many shots that I loved. Here's one that I didn't shrink:
  13. I wrote an article about the new Texture slider last month but it hasn't been published yet. My editor is supposed to let me know when it goes live, I'll post a link. Great slider. It really helps with architecture and landscape images bringing out the details without adding noise. It's also great for portraits, by using it to lower texture - so skin looks more natural than when you take away clarity. My article focuses on landscape and nature images. On the haze front, I just uploaded some photos taken back in 2011 as the sun began to rise in Sweden turning the white
  14. I've been with them since 2008. For years it easily paid for itself, but no more. As you have experienced, I used to find lots of my Photoshelter images showing up in google (word) searches and in image searches, but lately they seem to be nearly invisible. I've had some really good licenses via Photoshelter in the past, to excellent magazines such as Smithsonian, to web designers from all across the US; I also got clients and invitations to show my work at galleries - all through google or site searches - in addition to getting clients and making sales from people who I sent to my site. I s
  15. By the time my daughter was in high school, the kids had to run every written assignment through a computer program that was there to catch plagiarism, that's how bad it had gotten. I forget the name of it, but they used it at her university too.
  16. Wow Betty - I remember seeing those images at the time - one of the most powerful images I've ever seen. I probably am recalling both your husband's and the other as I had subscriptions to both of those publications at the time. It still brings tears to my eyes to recall it. They should have shared the Pulitzer. I'd guess the other photographer's editor put him up for the prize. Who knew that such a shocking and horrible attack would be followed by so many others - both foreign and domestic terrorists - from teens with guns to well coordinated crashes. When we feel squeamish about intruding by
  17. I meant newly uploaded too - and yes, they either sell quickly or they usually get lost forever - it's a very different model than Alamy's since there are multiple sales. I've got a lot of old images that keep selling (taken and uploaded back circa 2010-2013) but old ones that haven't been licensed before rarely license now - they used to have an algorithm that would throw up previously unlicensed images from time to time - but that's rarer now.
  18. Great news! I always love it when I sell one of my favorites. Even better when you find it in use. Hope you do.
  19. In contrast to Reimar and John's expectations, I was surprised that my new editorial images (taken in 2019) have been suddenly selling well on "dark side" the past couple of months. For me, newer images often seemed to languish, while older photos, especially general travel/editorial, seem to sell day after day, I have a handful from as far back as 2010 that still show up on page one on the biggest of those sites for general place name searches from popular tourist destinations and sell regularly on all of them. After not uploading for a couple of years, in May I uploaded some from a recent
  20. Low $$ 😑 and my average CTR tanked as well (though my editorial pseudo was at .98) . This was in contrast to June when my CTR soared to its second highest average for the past 12 months, so hoping that will mean August picks up for sales (when it happens, zooms seem to turn into sales either immediately or two months later).
  21. Wow - tough choice! All excellent! I could have voted for any of them but forced myself to make a choice so I would not forget to come back and vote. Congrats to all the finalists.
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