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  1. Actually, if you have exactly 50 keywords, even if you get rid of the spaces, you need to add fewer than 50 and then you can add the last one. Frustrating but I'm hoping at least my keywording is better now. Sometimes you really need all 50. It's surprising what words are used in searches sometimes. Maybe I was wrong about the spaces but I found that when I used a batch without spaces it worked if it had just under 50 keywords, but it did not work with the spaces if I pasted them all in at once. I'll try a different one and see. EDIT: FIXED ABOVE TOO - SP
  2. After much time and experimenting: if you have exactly 50 keywords and you want to paste them all at once, you can only past 49 and then you have to add the 50th later. It does not matter if you have a space after the comma or not. Harry is correct. But you cannot paste in all 50 words at once, I have checked with and without the extra spaces and you can only past 49 at once. Many of mine have fewer than 50 but some have more from the past and I cut them down to 50.
  3. UGH! I have typed a response three times now and it disappears when I hit submit. It tells me my previous comments have been restored but they've actually disappeared.
  4. I usually do mine in LR as I upload with a broad group of similar keywords, then I trim them/add new unique tags as I process the photos. Since LR puts them in alphabetical order, being able to pick super tags rather than having to re-order keywords is a benefit of the new AIM, the only downside is that it choses any word even if it is part of a long tag - although that has kept my keywording shorter since I try not to repeat single words that are part of a phrase (with the old 3-part AIM my keywords have so many repeats). If I'm adding photos elsewhere, e.g. top POD sites, I
  5. I had that happen on some too but even weirder as I was fixing tags and doing super tags in a few bunches on AIM, a few of my images ended up with 12-15 super tags. And several with more than 50 tags because of doubling. It took quite a while but I was able to clean them up. Then I went in and started working on some of my old ones that have way too many from the old AIM and have weird super tags such as "of." Annoying but it's given me a chance I guess to shore up some older images from before I knew all that much,. Glad that we can now select all, copy all and delete all in AIM
  6. I agree. I don't think that Alamy needs to advertise the exclusive images. In fact, I agree that it could cause problems as there are many contributors, me included, even though I have now ticked "exclusive" for about 1/3rd of my files, who would not want to see their non-exclusive images disappear from the search. I have images that sell here often enough that also do well elsewhere and I'm sure that I'm not alone. It would hurt Alamy to hide those images. Better if buyers can ask when they want exclusivity, something they've been used to doing in the past.
  7. Just to set the record straight. That's not exactly how it works. Just like with Alamy's new exclusivity, and that of other sites that have a similar exclusive by image deal, you are paid much more for any download of an exclusive file regardless of use, you do not have to agree to any "all rights" sale (and if you do you can set the price at whatever you want), and if the image is used exclusively for a period of time you can decide whether or not to agree to it. I had only one exclusive use and it cost the buyer $750 for a one-year use of an image that had already been licensed before, I got
  8. That's what I was thinking. Even to the point of doing those searches when I'm not sure where I may have an image. Early on I joined a bunch of sites that promised higher prices and honestly I'm not even sure if some of them are still out there. I gave up on a few but decided it wouldn't hurt to leave my images that I'd already uploaded and keyworded online, so I need to check out all the shots I took & uploaded between 2008-2010 - lots of admin. But I really don't want my images in the database of places that are bound to go under.
  9. I just marked a total of 250 or so RM images as exclusive here, and I plan to add more once I remove a bunch from some small boutique European sites that have been losing the battle in trying to keep prices higher. Some have taken to selling RM images at micro prices and they all seem to be struggling in this stock photography marketplace. I might as well keep my RM images exclusive here, since Alamy seems to be keeping up with the marketplace, even if it means that they cut our commission (still unhappy about it, but we all know the marketplace is a nightmare). Of course, I also
  10. Mark, I had a handful of images randomly exclusive, probably from the old days of "only on Alamy" which I ticked for very few (since I also have an RM site in Germany I submit to). So, my experience is not linked to exclusive sales, but my return per image has gone up a lot this year, less than half as many sales as this time last year, but gross revenue is already tied with all of last year. But, certainly could be random here, my portfolio being much smaller than yours.
  11. I just made about 100* images exclusive. I have to check a lot of my older ones, they may be with a couple of boutique sites I joined eons ago that aren't going anywhere. I have some similars on other sites where they are selling well, and while I saved my best shots in those cases for Alamy, I need to be careful that I'm not making similars exclusive, as that doesn't seem right, even if there are no "rules." I've been picking places I've visited at random and trying to bulk process bunches of photos, but I am still too picky and it is going slowly. My goal was 2000 i
  12. Thanks John. It really does seem like a no-brainer then when the image isn't anywhere else. Makes life easier just uploading here. My sales volume is about par with last year, but $$$ is actually up - gross income is already even with last year,. As so many sites add 100s of thousands of images each year, ticking that exclusive box may well be a boon. I've been so torn about where to upload, and it has slowed me down. I was really gung-ho here last year but after adding more images, I had a very disappointing year for sales, but things seem to be turning around this year, an
  13. Getting those photo of the day type images up quickly has got to be a good reason to go that route. I guess reportage does the same but the images aren't featured the way live news is.
  14. You're welcome It must be amazing to see all these animals out in their actual environments. And cool for you to switch from NYC to out in the wild.
  15. Certainly a lot of weather shots - lots of animals too... Interesting to me was the sheep in Germany being used to keep the landscape in shape. They do the same thing here in New York in a state park by the Hudson River where they use goats and sheep to keep the long grasses in shape. It saves the gasoline and cost of lawn mowers and helps the local farmers. Yes we have farms within about 1/2 hour from midtown Manhattan. I used to upload those types of photos to live news and found a fair number sold, though usually later on. I think there are enough UK newspapers who do those
  16. I've looked at the other topics discussing this issue, and none seemed to be exactly on point. I just got a bunch of photos passed of a tourist attraction here in the US. Not a vastly popular one, but in an area where surprisingly I've licensed a fair number on Alamy and some via my site on Photoshelter too - I think that these are two places where editors go for those hard to find images. I'm tempted to tick "exclusive to Alamy" because they are not the types of images I expect to sell often, hence I've uploaded them here, and I don't expect they'd be a big draw on either of the
  17. Thanks for the link Liam. I guess they have the same thing in the US. It will definitely be something I keep in mind when deciding on buying lenses in the future. I really loved the Sigma 50-500mm so sharp and so well balanced despite its huge size. I've considered some of the Sigma art lenses as they make them for the Sony. While I think I'll be sticking with the Sony system at this point, you never know, so good to know I could convert one in the future if I laid out all that cash for one of the lenses. It's a really smart idea on their part. That was the hardest thing about giving up my N
  18. It's always good to get different points of view. I look forward to seeing how you do.
  19. IBIS and the ability to shoot clean images at high ISO's has really changed things. It's so great to be able to get images like this. Beautiful detail in this shot Rick!
  20. Unusual weather in New York in February 2018 - 51 degrees F - led to a stunning sunset over the Hudson River. 😎(See what I did with the emoji for unusually warm weather) Good challenge. And congrats on your win! (Sorry no matter which browser I use, I can only seem to upload one photo per post).
  21. A freak spring snow storm in New York. in 2016. Happily, my magnolia tree survived the onslaught but it was not as full as usual after the storm.
  22. Severe thunderstorms cause flash flooding in 2017. A friend and I were sitting outside eating at a cafe near where we live and then it just rained like this, so it caused flooding within less than half an hour (so hard we had to go inside even with an awning overhead). When it let up I went under the cafe's awning and took this with my iPhone.
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