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  1. The quality of the Sonys is amazing. I'm using some old Nikon and old Olympus lenses (from the 1970s) with my Sony and an two inexpensive manual adapters and the quality is great, so I'm not sure what the problem is with older lenses. You can get an adapter for your old Canon glass - either a manual one or one that will work with autofocus, so you can start using a new camera with older glass and take your time replacing it with dedicated Sony lenses.
  2. Yes, the bane of our existence here. If only people didn't use them for hunting humans. My niece lost a friend in that horrible primary school shooting in Connecticut - one of her friends was a first grade teacher, And that was in a lovely safe upper middle class town. When the shooting of 6-year-olds couldn't get people to rally around gun control, well, I felt like we were lost. And yet, when there were folks working on restoring downed light poles on my block here in New York who had come all the way from Mississippi after Hurricane Sandy, I also know that there is a lot of good in my count
  3. Thanks, yes, I think people are more willing to pay for art than for "Royalty Free" photos on the internet - people get all annoyed when they realize that "free" in this context doesn't mean "no cost." Love your painterly style and congrats on the latest big order!
  4. More likely it was drug dealers stealing the van so close to the border. But scary for sure. The US, like most places, really depends on where you are. Connecticut has some of the country's most expensive zip codes but also some really rough towns with gangs and homelessness, two major problems. I grew up in NYC but there are places in presumably "safer" states where I would be nervous. As a woman traveling alone you have to be very careful and cognizant of your surroundings, and as we get older it's also an issue. I would be scared to sleep in a camper van in the US, so I'm not
  5. Every April you can opt out of different schemes. Only once a year.
  6. Congrats on your win and great challenge concept - lots of great interpretations so far. Here is my effort. Empty Fuel Pump: Empty boat: and the obligatory empty chair (or two....on an empty beach):
  7. I have both a 16MP Olympus OMD E-1 (my first mirrorless purchase in 2015) and a 42MP A7rii, which I bought after selling most of my Nikon kit last year (I still use the 50mm f/1.4 and the 20mm f/2.8 lenses with manual adapter on the Sony - sold the 24-70mm f/2.8 which I regret). I'm 4'11" with a bad back and shoulders so for me the switch was a must. I actually like both of these kits for different reasons. Here's a brief article I wrote about it with photo comparisons: Consider Switching to Mirrorless and another from when I just had the Olympus: Light and Quiet MIrrorless (that's my dau
  8. @Betty LaRue and @gvallee - if you are interested in a memoir about life on a sheep ranch in the outback, I suggest β€œThe Road From Coorain” by Jill Ker Conway. It was a NY Times bestseller in the late 1980's so I'm guessing it's still available from the library if not from Amazon. She had been the president of Smith College when I was there, so I read it when it came out. I remember being really taken with how different her life was from my own experience. She went on to receive a medal from President Obama and was still going strong the last time I saw her in 2010, but sadly she died last ye
  9. Wow - so impressed by you all! Love all that artistic work and the thought of traveling for years ...wow! I married a younger man so I'll be 80+ by the time he retires. I do manage to travel on my own a bit and with like-minded single friends. @Betty LaRue thank you for introducing me to Fine Art America years ago. The last couple of years I've made more there than at any single stock photo site. I've also shown my work in galleries around the metro NY area, including at The Museum of the City of New York. I started entering work into various juried shows and at one point had two
  10. Addendum - I went back to double-check -my last two sales, for $1.18 was "NU" despite the fact that it was for an Editorial website (maybe a blog?). The other, for $7.36 is an RM file, and not NU. So, strike the hopeful... That $7 sale was RM for a newspaper in Turkey, so I"m guessing not part of the "newspaper scheme." - or maybe it is, I earned $7.50 net for a newspaper sale in the US (although after too many months it remains unpaid- found 6 months ago, invoiced and reported to me 4 months ago.) I've had other NU sales go unpaid - how do they justify taking on cheapo possibly
  11. The lowest microstock price for such a use is $80 ...just saying. And it can go into the $100s...these prices aren't competing with the micros, they are undercutting them. Really crazy. I'm sitting here with a bunch of images and trying to decide if I go only Alamy RM or everywhere RF ... I went from getting some nice prices here first half of the year to less than micro my last few sales, but then I have a bunch of zooms on RM files recently, so I'm guardedly hopeful.
  12. Glad the DVD player isn't blinking. 😎 @Brian Yarvin had a good suggestion about books. A quick google search brought up this list of recent Photoshop/Lightroom books, most of which are probably available at your local library. I learned Photoshop about 12 years ago so I haven't read any of these myself, but I highly recommend anything by Scott Kelby - I have read several of his books and articles, and his writing is easily understood. I've taken some one-day seminars with him as well. He knows his stuff but never talks down to you. There are helpful descriptions of each book.
  13. πŸ’€ They used to be the place to aim for, now I'm sorry that I even have a handful of images there (from another agency). I was given the opportunity to upload more, but I didn't because I didn't want to earn pennies - less than even the lowest microstock subscription rates. My portfolio is becoming more heavily RF, even though I certainly prefer RM, simply because it gives me more opportunities to spread similar images to other sites, although I have also set aside some RM photos as "Alamy only," but I worry that I'm leaving money on the table not just uploading them t
  14. I used an Epson scanner to scan medium format transparencies for a photographer I worked for and there was a lot of cleaning up to do despite excellent prep. I then tried to to scan some of my 35mm negatives and couldn't get anywhere near the resolution stated. I used a Nikon negative scanner when I was taking a class and that was much better. Flatbed scanners really aren't worthwhile for 35mm negatives. Somewhat better with the handful of 35mm slides I had but nothing that would pass QC.
  15. Does your DVD Player blink 12:00? No, then you are not too old to learn! If you have a speck of dust on any of your scans, or on any of the jpegs that you are taking directly with your D810, then you will not be able to fix them without some sort of image editing program. Eventually, you will start to get QC failures, and you'll be out of luck. Photoshop Elements is less than $100. A Nikon D810, body only (i.e. without a lens) is around $1,500. You said you've spent years scanning those files. So why won't you purchase software that lets you do what you want, make those huge
  16. Such great news Ed - so happy for you! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ—πŸ“«πŸŒˆβ­οΈ For your πŸ›’ list: πŸ”¨πŸ³πŸΊπŸ·πŸ₯£πŸ½πŸ§‚πŸͺβ°πŸ”§ βœ‚οΈŽ This is what I'd buy first: 🍸 Most important for those soggy UK winters: β˜‚οΈ
  17. @SteveValentia Never had anyplace expect a property release, even for those I've photographed that were not owned by the US Government (the US Coast Guard is still in charge of all lighthouses that are still an active aid to navigation) . Love your lighthouse photo. The only lighthouse near me is on the Hudson River, no longer in use but it is getting a facelift soon by a non-profit that now owns it. It is technically behind a (broken) fence, but the park ranger nearby told me that there was a big enough hole to go through the first time I visited. They give tours one
  18. When I shoot for magazines, occasionally they'll pick, even for the cover, an image that I wasn't sure whether or not to send along, so, I'll try to give a good representation of a scene - from various viewpoints, wide angle, vertical, close details, but in terms of real similars, usually 3-5. I do go back different days, seasons, even years later. And the photos always look so different, I don't usually feel the need to delete old ones. Occasionally I've experimented with different processing - I'm amazed at how different a seascape will look depending upon which color profile I
  19. For me, the only metrics that are important are RPI (return per image) and "How much did I earn this year?" The number of zooms I need to get a sale is even more useless than the total number of sales I get each month when the amount earned per sale can vary from a couple oof hundred dollars to amounts measured in cents. If I get 3 sales for $150-$450 each they are worth far more than 15 sales at $1-7 each, though the latter would be 5x as many sales. I might as well compare how many sales I get a day on the micros to how many sales I get a month here - apples to oranges. Revenue is the only m
  20. Yes, I've had sales for vague searches with thousands of other photos showing up - so you need to include those terms or your photos may never be found. I can get a couple hundred wasted views for "England" from images tagged "New England" but it's a common enough search from which I've had sales, so have to take the good with the bad. Despite so many views, I think my sales numbers are pretty good by Alamy standards for the size of my portfolio, if anywhere from one in 53 to one in 83 of my photos sell, that's a decent percentage, but I sometimes think perhaps I should just upload many
  21. Yes, this can really be helpful. I used to study this a lot with the micros since it also meant I had 1000s of sales to look at and could see which keywords worked best. I think that really helped me to refine my keywording. I still have lots of images at Alamy that have more keywords than necessary, especially from the old three-part AIM, but it is not worth the time to revise them.
  22. I think these kinds of pronouncements can be very discouraging and also misleading. At least, in my experience, this metric isn't helpful at all. Here's why: I've had over 14,000 views since January with only 1,100 images. People with over 4,000 images are reporting fewer views than that. Perhaps this is why my views/sale ratio is quite high. I don't know, but I don't think it means my keywording is bad, nor that I am wasting buyer's time. I think it shows that I'm uploading images that buyers can use and keywording them properly. My number of sales dropped to a little over 1
  23. I have used Nikon, Olympus and Sony cameras and the white balance varies greatly, and it also varies by lens - Nikon, Zuiko, Sony/Zeiss, Sigma, Rokinon - so I don't worry if my Hoya, B+W, Zeiss, and/or Nikon filters will affect the colors. I always play with them in post - either to find a color that seems most like what I saw - or most pleasing if I'm going for a manipulated look. It also varies if I decide to use Nik filters when I'm processing, or Capture One, or LR/PS/Adobe RAW - and all the different color options now available as presets in LR. Gray cards are very help
  24. I shoot at the beach a lot. I have all kinds of filters - ND, Polarizers - and some UV and some just glass protective. These days, I buy only high quality ones. In fact, I was disappointed that I couldn't seem to get a sharp image with my 200mm Olympus lens from my film days (circa 1979) on my mirrorless camera. Then I thought to take off the UV filter - what a revelation. Night and day. Worth the money to buy high end filters for what I shoot. I'm very careful with my equipment but I've seen some of the older ones get scratched up over time. Sand, wind and salt water are not a lens' friend. O
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