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  1. Don't shoot much wildlife, maybe the occasional heron, but I can say that going from my 12MP D700 (an amazing camera) and my 16MP D5100 to a 42MP Sony a7rii was an eye-opener. An agent of mine just sold a 3 x 5 foot image to a hospital and I have another 4 foot long image hanging in a show; those images could easily be printed even larger. The 3 x 5 foot is a single lily and a few leaves in a pond, great detail and despite the very dark blue water, no noise. I'm not sure if the D5200 is that different than the D5100 which was noisier than I liked, but cameras such as the Sonys and the Nikon Z
  2. Port Clinton Lighthouse, Ohio. Presentation, 1/2 the usual price. Last couple of months all my sales seem to be from Ohio or out west (Arizona/California). Before that I had a run of photos taken in my yard or at a local park in the NY suburbs, so you never know.
  3. Congrats to all the finalists! @gvallee Gen, that sounds amazing - hope you have clear skies and low water! I'd volunteer to have your back, but I'm not on here often enough and am afraid I'd space out and forget. Still struggling with vertigo, but slept so much this past week tonight I can't sleep. Maybe it means I'm on the mend. (Maybe if I turn to the contract thread I'll fall asleep. ) I may have asked you this before, but have you ever read the autobiographical books of Jill Ker Conway? A wonderful person, she was president of Smith College when I was there in the
  4. Read the fine print. They must be private photos, not commercial ones. I uploaded some family pix to make them easier to share with my daughter but the interface wasn't what I'd want for searching through tens of thousands of images. I'll stick with Photoshelter and Sync for my online backup. And redundant backup drives are cheap. I just got the tiniest 1TB SSD for less than $140 - It'll last years and no contract changes to worry about. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Yesterday when I was opening files directly from Finder so they'd open in ACR to use the new super size "enhance," for the first time, I noticed that my Mac gave me the option to "Open in Color Effex" and the rest of the Google Nik filters. (I haven't been able to access them from PS in a few years, but can right click and use them from LR). See if you can access them from Finder. I didn't try it - had enough on my plate testing enormous file sizes for a project - but it might be a solution for you. I know I'll have to buy the filters eventually but I paid for them before google made them free
  6. I just ordered a new Sony A7riv - 61MP - overkill for stock as is my 42MP Sony A7rii. I'm working on a new business model that requires very large files. Glad I future proofed my computer with 32GB RAM. I was working on a 9 foot by 13 foot project yesterday for a potential commission that could lead to a lot more work. Even with a powerful machine, multiple layers take time to render at that size. I'll use the kit for FAA too - it's been my best earner in terms of online sales the past year by far. Skewing my work (commission & POD) toward fine art at the moment. In terms of sh
  7. Congrats Gen! Was searching for another one and found these lines between the dinosaurs: A line "between" the shadow (well, bisecting it): Sunset between the lines, San Diego:
  8. Got it, thanks, @me.com and @mac.com go to the same place as @icloud.com - my overcrowded email box - all the same email in Apple's wisdom. Thought I wrote back?
  9. That's why I qualified what I said, as I was basing my advice on my 2019 Macbook which only has T3 ports, but glad @Betty LaRue doesn't need all that other stuff. It was a pricey PITA. I just pictured her SIL setting up the machine and Betty unable to connect it to the old one or to a backup drive. I opted for a souped up Macbook instead of a new iMac last year because I expected to be traveling a lot - oh well, back in January, who knew what 2020 would be like!
  10. I don't know about an aerial to laptop - I know my daughter got a flat aerial setup for her TV which saves a lot. We got a great deal on our cell phones and hugely reduced home internet/TV bill, saving us over $3,000 a year by switching to our current cable provider, so we didn't opt for the aerial, as you can't get home internet where we live unless you buy a TV package to go with it. With my husband working from home for over a year now, it's a good thing we have a strong internet signal. I think there are little dohickeys you can but to strengthen the internet signal, but maybe that's only
  11. @Betty LaRue (I've been corrected below so ignore - apparently iMacs have very different ports than Macbooks) Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but I haven't seen any discussion of the various adapters you'll need. The only ports the new Macs have are Thunderbolt 3, so you'll need various adapters or, alternatively, a hub with the various connections. So, while you are waiting for your SIL to com by, make sure you have the cords & adapters you need. Don't fret, it's pretty simple. What I believe you will need, if you haven't ordered already: 1.
  12. Not sure what you mean by this - going the silicon route? I just got an update notice from CCC saying it fixes the Big Sur problem.
  13. Had no idea about the Big Sur issue - yikes! I'm still using Mojave - my frustration level is such these days that if it's not broke I'm not fixing it, but I will need to upgrade one of these days. Thanks for the link re: disk utility.
  14. I used migration assistant when I got my latest laptop and ended up with more stuff that I didn't need, but as Michael said you can then delete - but I like CCC and used that for the laptop I had before this one and just added the items I wanted after re-installing all my software. The only reason I used Migration Assistant instead this time is that CCC only copies items on your hard drive and iCloud in its infinite wisdom keeps your older files in the Cloud with placeholders on your computer. I didn't have the patience to go through my hundreds of folders one at a time download everything ont
  15. Good luck with the camera. If you'd had a backup with you, it could've meant two repairs.... ask if they do rush repairs for pros. Nikon did that for me once long ago - less than a week vs. a few weeks.
  16. Good luck Ed! Hope it works out without so much hassle!
  17. If you have Amazon and/or Netflix you can stream directly onto your laptop without the need for anything other than a WiFi connection. I wonder if one of those Amazon Fire devices (which bring in way more than just Amazon & Netflix, including some free channels) that plug into your TV via a usb port work with your computer? We just got one (for our TV) to replace a Sony streaming box (about 5 years old) that was no longer supported by Amazon and Netflix. Amazon gave me a coupon so I could get it for free. And of course a couple of months of BritBox subscription & they've made back the
  18. Ed loved your explanations as to why you chose the eight. Your eye for detail is excellent and we all can learn from your thoughts.
  19. Well, I felt somewhat okay with three sales this month (one decent, 2 small), until I realized a good sale from early November, which had cleared, was refunded in April, wiping out all my gains for the month and more. So, a fee I earned Nov 4, 2020 was refunded April 29, 2021, just short of six months later! โ€œApril is the cruelest month." PS @Wim this time I got TS Eliot's quote right. Oh well... "April showers bring May flowers..." ๐ŸŒบ ๐ŸŒธ ๐Ÿ’ Maybe May sales will be brighter.
  20. I feel your pain, but don't give up. I've had royalty free sales in $$$ in the past few months, so it's more likely a distributor issue than the fact it's royalty free. Just know to expect a huge price variation. And pray the $$$ sales don't get refunded. It's a frustrating market. Maybe easier to walk away when you're new to the market. For those of us who've been doing this for over a decade, it's hard to walk away.
  21. 3 sales from $5.21 to $49.99, better than average one per thousand images, but those $5 sales are really disappointing. My CTR is at an all time low but Zooms have never been much of a predictor for me. Views are just over 50% of pre-Covid days.
  22. Great work congrats to all the finalists. A hard choice indeed!
  23. Third sale this month, this time for mid $$ Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. View of Storm Canyon and Laguna Mountains, California. At this point I have about half as many sales as in 2020 but twice the revenue. Of course, 2020 was a terrible year for both, but still good to see my chart going in the right direction.
  24. Editorial image of my daughter at a mall in Ohio, sold to a Finnish editorial website. Only $ but it brings back good memories seeing it.
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