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  1. I never hear of ASCRL before thanks for mentioning it! I got a nice tidy sum from DACS but I hate having to pay £20+ in VAT on my DACS payment - inland revenue has a free form for me to get it back but the US Internal Revenue form I'd need to file each and every year costs $80 so I'd end up losing a big chunk of my DACS payment and significantly more than is being withheld. I also get charged $15 by my bank for the incoming foreign funds, but it's still nice to get something in these Covid days. Enough to go out to dinner if going out to dinner were a possibility. And given I'm from the US and most of my content is US based, I think that DACS is a great program. I claim on my own though I know it means I might be missing some of what Alamy could claim for me, but I have enough UK licenses from other agencies that overall it's worth it to do the work myself and update my claim each year.
  2. Cold and rainy here in NY too. Waiting for a nice day to hopefully catch some autumn color in the woods, even if it is not as beautiful as some years.
  3. @Bill Brooks your advice to crop a vertical makes a lot of sense. With a 42 MP Sony it's easy to do and I'll keep it in mind. I often visualize different crops, and wonder if I should submit them or just submit the full image and leave it to the editor assuming they'll see the possibilities.
  4. I so get what you're saying! Ever since I had my first apartment, friends would ask me how I knew how to mix textures and patterns they wouldn't have considered so they would harmonize. I used to pull it off with my clothing too especially when I was younger, though I hopefully can still pull things together once I ditch the sweatpants someday...My mom was the same way though she never could explain how when someone asked her and neither can I. I just know what will work.
  5. I was thinking I should have more verticals since I shoot a lot of lighthouses (or did before the lockdown) but in any event I went through some images that for one reason or another I hadn't uploaded and added 7 photos, 4 of which are verticals. I think I have more verticals than I found in my search here, since I don't always add the keyword vertical, but I will going forward just for statistical purposes. I'm not sure it matters otherwise. What do you think? I know we used to add PT for portrait, orientation but that seems like it could get confusing. Alamy? Any direction is always appreciated.
  6. Thanks @Betty LaRue @John Mitchell Lovely image, but I know what you mean about color this year. This year, these Japanese maples in my yard are still mostly green though it's the end of October and I'm afraid the leaves that change will go from a dark purplish red right to brown rather than the stunning red, orange and gold of the past. My sugar maple, usually a yellow wonder, is bare of leaves; they just seemed to turn brown and drop. Tough enough when there is only local nature to photograph, thanks to Covid, and nature doesn't even want to cooperate. They predict that our autumns will continue to become less colorful thanks to climate change.They actually predict that maple trees will migrate north with fewer seedlings taking hold here as it warms up! By the sea where I took the photo i added above, fall color is always less intense, subtle golds and muted reds but here at home I expect this intensity. This image, taken in early November 2014, was in a New York State Wild and Scenic calendar last year up on my fridge, but the reality was far less intense out in my yard. It's been a few years since we've had what I'd call an old fashioned autumn. We've had temperatures here in the 70's until this week when it went into the 50's and still no frost at night. I found more okra in my garden yesterday and my zinnias, calendula and lemon verbena are still blooming!
  7. A couple of weeks ago, finally managed a little travel before the Covid numbers went back up. Stayed in a cottage, ate in, cooked our own food, but so wonderful to get a change of scene.
  8. I assumed that I was more diligent about shooting verticals when most sales were for print, having gotten used to it since my photography career really got started when a local magazine retained me to shoot for them and they needed both verticals and horizontals for layout: they also had me shoot several covers and so thinking about copy space and shooting verticals became second nature. But a quick estimate shows me only about 15-20% of my portfolio here is vertical. Does that mean that when not on assignment, it turns out, I tend to shoot more horizontal images, perhaps understandable as my stock photography tends to be heavily weighted toward landscapes while most of my assignment work is taking portraits other editorial images involving people. Still, when I look at travel images shot in the past few years in a city or while shooting in other non-nature settings, about 30% are verticals. Recent still life shoots have an even greater percentage, so what I am shooting seems to dictate whether or not I turn my camera.
  9. Nasty cool rainy fall day so I 'd been in funk all day as I hoped to get out and shoot some fall color since it's finally been cold enough at night for the trees to really change. My husband came downstairs to see if I wanted to go for a drive, but since the rain had finally stopped, I suggested a walk. It was already getting dark and too gray for photos but we wandered around our neighborhood hand in hand. Feeling so lucky to be in such a long-term committed relationship, even if our 30th wedding anniversary is this election day.
  10. I've got work in a juried gallery exhibit opening tomorrow. I'm looking forward to showing my work again, it'll be socially distanced, in a big open loft area, with an outdoor reception with live music, fingers crossed all goes well. A tad nervous but overall a good thing. You can check it out here: https://tinyurl.com/y3w2mwve
  11. @Bob Wick As a fellow American, the issue with Live News is also that we are hours behind so that we start out at a time disadvantage (5-6 for me in NY and even more for you out west) as it is not really 24 hours, but simply a day. On the other hand, once you are approved for Live News I think you will find them quite helpful and responsive. That has been my past experience, although I have not shot any news images since Covid began. It never hurts to reach out to local & regional publications on your own. Alamy has licensed stock for me to some very local markets here in the US, but with time constraints, taking advantage of your own contacts can't hurt. And most important - Welcome to Alamy! They are a good market for the regional stuff you described (regional/national parks) particularly when there is not much competition. Alamy is known for the breadth of its library, and editors and web designers seem to seek them out when they can't find very specific images. I just had a sale today based on a search of a small town on the east coast that is relatively unknown but slowly becoming more of a tourist destination, and it is not the first time I've sold images from there - both editorial and to local businesses - via Alamy. So, good luck!
  12. @NYCat I love your polar bear photo Paulette! The discussion about which animals are endangered is interesting. The seal population on Cape Cod has grown so much that there is one beautiful bay beach in Chatham where you can't even wade in the water due to sharks and there are more sharks at the ocean beaches too. I love swimming in the ocean there so the fact that there are more sharks is alarming. Protecting the seals seemed like a good idea but interfering with nature led to unforeseen consequences. On the other hand, after they outlawed DDT, they built high level platforms for ospreys in Niantic, CT (the town where I took the above image) and it has helped the population to grow. Part of the reason, however, that they built the platforms was because they were concerned about ospreys building nest near a nuclear power station in Millstone, a nearby town. Climate change has made the power plant more of a concern because the water used to cool the rods sometimes gets too warm. I've been going to the beach there for 50+ years now and have seen mussels, which used to be plentiful, disappear completely because the water is too warm for them. But thanks to the Clean Water Act, the water is much cleaner than when I was a kid in the 60's and 70's.
  13. This was zoomed ages ago - other images from the same small beach town were zoomed more recently: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Any size.Any Placement.Repeat use within a single issue. Lowish $$ which is less than I'd expect since it's a US magazine, I got 50% since it's exclusive here. Though the $$ is disappointing, I'm happy it was licensed because I love the image. Hard to beat the blue hour at the beach. 😎
  14. I got three images into a gallery show that's opening in a couple of weeks. This one is my favorite of the three - Since it was taken during the pandemic and I feel it is quite a hopeful image, I called it Resilience (link to the photo is in the name) I also had a sale here today - of a photo I really like. And my husband is buying me an easel for my birthday - one that I can use for pastels (it can tip slightly forward) and for watercolors (it can be used horizontally). I started a group of art classes where I could pick and choose different media shortly before the pandemic which was so much fun and now I'll be able to play around with the different media much more easily. Pastels are really a mess if you don't have an easel. I also purchased some interesting vinyl backgrounds with gorgeous textures to use for food and other still life photography. I realized that I really needed to invest in something to help me up my game. I worked as an assistant for an amazingly talented food photographer when I was starting out and so my food shots will never live up to expectations, but I figure these props could help. I'm excited to try new things until I can travel again and/or take on assignments.
  15. If Alamy is ok with us discussing it here, I'm good with it. Darell, long gone from this forum used to host a site where we discussed PS and Alamy - but that forum then switched to FB and seemed to peter out.
  16. Thanks. Yes, it is one of the old templates. I'm very happy with the choices they have. Even before the changes they are instituting now, my site was responsive on mobile phones, which is important to a lot of people. I use my phone a lot and being able to access the site from it and do other things without needing to bring along a laptop sounds like a great idea. I use PS Express on my iPhone a lot as well as many other apps allowing you to get work done from anywhere. And I'm no youngster. Being able to have different websites hosted from one main base sounds intriguing. I was aware of some of the upcoming changes from their various webinars, but wasn't aware of that one. I have just the opposite now - 2 CNAMES that both land back at the one site. Mostly because my main site name, mariannecampolongophotography is so long, so I have a shorter one, campyphotos easier to remember for people (and spell correctly - and fit on business cards) that leads back to the same site. I use GoDaddy for the names.
  17. htttps://www.mariannecampolongophotography.com Hosting isn't too expensive. Not sure if this is the right place to start a Photoshelter group. IMHO it would be more appropriate on FB or on one of those sites that lets you start a free forum since a PS site would potentially be in competition with Alamy. But I'd be interested in such a group and assume Alamy would be ok with letting us discuss an appropriate alternate forum? ProBoards lets you set up a free forum. I'd look into it if enough people want, but I'll need to know who to invite - you can contact me through my PS site if you are interested. I don't think PS has added a forum feature.
  18. Had hoped to have been using one in Europe this past spring and summer, but with no travels I never bought it and can't justify it either though I'd love it. It's $1198 here in NY and used seem to be going for between $950-1050 ... I can't see earning that back either. That 18-105 sounds like a good compromise when it's safe to travel again. And until then I need to baby my old back and neck. @Ed Rooney It's incredible how once you switch to mirrorless all those old Nikon muscles seem to atrophy! Have fun and maybe check out a strap like the BlackRapid - it will let you attach a cross shoulder strap via the tripod screw and still keep your wrist strap on the camera so you can switch between the two and balance the strain on your neck and back. Between arthritis and wrecked vertebrae I do that with all but my lightest lenses and it helps me keep going without having to quit due to pain or regret the next day. BlackRapid straps can be pricey but I think there are similar straps available for less. BlackRapid has a slightly less expensive lightweight series that might work with your kit but in any event if you haven't seen them before it will help explain what I'm talking about.
  19. I joined in 2008 upsizing images from my 6MP Nikon D70, the first camera I'd purchased since getting my original Olympus OM-1 back in college in the late 1970's. I had started shooting some images for local publications in 2006 and was excited when I learned that stock photography existed. I wish I had uploaded more in those early years. I spent too much time trying to decide where to upload to - here, where they treated us right, or that other place where, with around 100 images, I was making as much as $1/image per month but realizing that one good license here could earn me as much, I gave Alamy my best shots, but spent most of my time chasing down assignments. My first sale was $38 to "ROW" (Rest of World) which, until someone here put me straight quite recently, I believed (for a good dozen years) was a sale to Russia. (I do know what ASMP is, so at least I"m not clueless about all photography related abbreviations, but then I've been an ASMP member for some years now, so that was an easy one for me, LOL) My best sale here was $450, and I had one for $250 last year, so maybe they aren't gone forever, though post-Covid who know where things will stand? I always dreamed of getting $1K+ license but I doubt that will happen now. At least we don't have to burn CDs anymore. I'd have to use a very old computer to do it since my last 2 laptops haven't had CD drives. Things have changed so much in the past two decades. @Broad Norfolk $172 for a newspaper is not likely to be seen again, I'm afraid. I don't think I've ever earned that much for a newspaper license even when on assignment. (My most recent newspaper sale here was $7.36 - to Turkey).
  20. LOL yes @Betty LaRue I have oil heat so was thinking of a boiler which heats up the steam in our old fashioned radiators (our house is 93 years old). Glad it happened now so you don't have to worry about frozen pipes! Hope it turns out not to be too expensive.
  21. Snow in Kansas in September - weird! Meanwhile it was 121 degrees earlier in the week in Woodland Hill, California (a suburban area in Valley in LA - not even in the desert!) A friend's house in Oregon just burned to the ground this week- those wildfires out west are horrific and the super hot weather out there and the drought are making things worse. Nothing bad happened to me - just had to react to what Betty said - glad you'll have time to get the boiler fixed before it really gets cold!
  22. I expected to come in here to say congrats, so sorry to be sending condolences instead. So very sorry! Wishing you strength as you get though this very difficult time. 🤗 Some symbolically broken hearts:
  23. Your images look great but check your descriptions and keywords - this one says it's a brick wall: https://www.alamy.com/brick-wall-a-tree-behind-and-shadow-in-the-front-of-it-image370621790.html?pv=1&stamp=2&imageid=463C09C1-274A-406E-A2FF-375E9372D1C9&p=1294631&n=0&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=11&IsFromSearch=1&srch=foo%3dbar%26st%3d11%26pn%3d1%26ps%3d100%26sortby%3d2%26resultview%3dsortbyPopular%26npgs%3d0%26qt%3d%26qt_raw%3d%26lic%3d3%26mr%3d0%26pr%3d0%26ot%3d0%26creative%3d%26ag%3d0%26hc%3d0%26pc%3d%26blackwhite%3d%26cutout%3d%26tbar%3d0%26et%3d0x000000000000000000000%26vp%3d0%26loc%3d0%26imgt%3d0%26dtfr%3d%26dtto%3d%26size%3d0xFF%26archive%3d1%26groupid%3d%26pseudoid%3d{572C53F8-7F6C-42DD-8094-6F7F72C7EDF0}%26a%3d%26cdid%3d%26cdsrt%3d%26name%3dPawel%20Niemczyk%26qn%3d%26apalib%3d%26apalic%3d%26lightbox%3d%26gname%3d%26gtype%3d%26xstx%3d0%26simid%3d%26saveQry%3d%26editorial%3d%26nu%3d%26t%3d%26edoptin%3d%26customgeoip%3dUS%26cap%3d1%26vd%3d0%26lb%3d%26fi%3d2%26edrf%3d%26ispremium%3d1%26flip%3d0%26pl%3d For photos like the one above, sure you have location information since many Alamy customers are searching for travel images. You need to realize the main way people find your photos is via keywords, so check yours carefully. Good luck.
  24. Thanks so much for the info! We saved only one old window when we replaced ours to use as a frame - wish I'd saved more but I bet they are not too hard to find. I'm an hour north of NYC so it's a tad colder here but I bet those greens would stay for a while, at least into November. I was going to grow kale but with many rabbits around it seemed like it would be a lost cause, but it's one of my favorites! A cold frame would do double duty as a great way to protect greens from our resident rabbits in the warm months, provided I dug down and used some chicken wire in the ground and made the side walls tall enough that they couldn't jump over. I picked a bunch of okra today and am going to try my hand at making gumbo. It's been fun to grow food and I'm inspired to do more next year. Took a ton of photos today as I harvested my few veggies and picked some flowers. Thanks again for the info. I knew there were many experienced gardeners here. I bet where you are now you can grow some amazing tropical plants year round!
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