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    A Stockimo sub-board here would be appreciated, since there is no Stockimo site, just the app.
  2. I have 138 images, a mix of their style and simple editorial images, last time I uploaded was 5 months ago a handful from the relatively covid-free summer. I've had 4 licenses so far averaging $10 net to me per license, both their style and straight editorial. I enjoy the creativity it allows me and may challenge myself to one image a day at some point, perhaps after a pretty snowfall or when it gets warm again. Give it a try. I'm 63 btw, so you only need to use your imagination. I've had a few images in the weekly grid of greatness, even one I came upon by chance th
  3. $5,000 in grant funds landed in my account today from a business incubator program i completed in December, so that is a nice way to start the year. I've set my goals & resolutions for 2022. Reading through those from 2021, I managed 9 of them. I was miserably sick the past week (not Covid) and while that was a bad thing, I finally got out of bed today - yay! And discovered that I lost 5 pounds (yay again!), so already on my way toward one of this year's resolutions (15 lbs to go). I got a fitness watch for Christmas and until I got sick, I was doing well with daily steps and ca
  4. No sales yet but CTR is above 1.00 so potential for various sales from various locations. Trying to start the year with a positive outlook. Grant funds landed in my account today from a business incubator program i completed in December, so that is a nice way to start the year, but there's much work to be done to meet the goals I've set for 2022.
  5. 2021 was the first time I've seen an upward trend in sales and both gross & net revenue since 2017 (when gross revenue was the same as this year, and net was ~20% higher). 2021 was 430% better than 2020 (which was my worst year ever, so easy to beat). Good to see an upward trend, although I had around 700 fewer images back in 2017, about half as many as I do now, so I'm not really catching up, more like treading water after nearly drowning. Still, far better than 2020, and considerably better than 2018 & 2019 too. I only added 33 images this year, after 2020 was such a bu
  6. 6 for $150, ranging from 15 cents to $80. Average gross $25. The 15 cent one was an RF to China as was a full page print RM editorial for a Chinese magazine for $8.82 (under 10K print run - tiny for China). I get a whopping 4 cents/$2.11 for those. I've seen lots of <$1 sales via G to China, so not surprising. I agree that if you count the pretty rare $$$ licenses you need to count the piddly <$ licenses into your average too. Otherwise it really is skewed. If 83 out of 150 sales for some people are 0.15 then they are more the rule than the exception. Still
  7. Tough choice just among the top 8! Congrats to all the finalists!
  8. My best sale so far this month is a sign that dropped in today for high $$ - so not as good as yours but still goes to show you never know how well a straightforward subject will do: It has been licensed quite a few times. Magazine - print, digital and electronic Image Size: 1 page Print run: up to 5 million Placement: Inside Duration: In perpetuity Country: Worldwide Additional Details: Print run: unlimited; Life of Licensee’s Media for all editions; Reuse included across all of Licensee’s Media It's RF editorial so reuse would be normal.
  9. Thanks that's what I normally do but it no longer seems to work.
  10. Thanks - yes, she is my one and only - and now she has given me a grandson - so that photo was a long time ago. She turns 29 at the end of the month. The photo was scanned from film.
  11. My daughter and a pal on the way to Paris. The watermark is unfortunately placed but you can view it here in search without it: tinyurl.com/2aw5sx27 Estonian shopkeeper See it larger here: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?imgt=0&qt=2A20BK8 A neighbor I can't seem to get the large images anymore. Any hints? It's weird that I can make it larger when viewed but it's small when I pull it in. The links have changed since the site was updated. No more clicking to get the large photo, and when you get to the dow
  12. Two sales - the first presentation (since PU not allowed) The second, both from the same state park, is personal use: I'm suspicious of the uses, but got the full US price for each, which is better than the last several sales I've had, but will be watching out for online use.
  13. Sorry I posted in the wrong thread. Congrats on your win and great topic.
  14. Congrats Richard! Wonderful - hope to see you featured in the blog soon! Looking through your portfolio it is a testament to how well you can do with well thought out and well captioned editorial images. Great job!
  15. Some great articles including the most striking images. So sorry too realize I missed the New Women exhibit at the Met. Never read the BBC culture articles before Bookmarking it now - thanks for sharing @Tony ALS! (I've become a regular Guardian reader thanks to Alamy too. Glad to add BBC Culture to my reading list).
  16. Average per sale: (gross) 2015: $74.58 2016: $68.09 2017: $60.54 2018: $33.60 2019: $57.18 2020: $12.50 (worst year ever here) 2021: $45.79 (so far) I didn't include sales on S in the mix - which started out $25 net to me, but have been $ net per sale for the past few years. A different model I know. Past few months my sales there and here have been indistinguishable, but my overall net per image license is clearly higher than on any micros even at 40% of the totals shown here (and some of my higher value licenses this year were 50%)
  17. The only stock agencies I contribute to at all these days are Alamy and one microstock agency, and for the past few months my average earning per license there has been higher than my average here, with many more licenses and $$ there, despite a much smaller portfolio. I also have seen nearly every RM license here for the past year be "in perpetuity." But I don't see Alamy as microstock, because I am usually more likely to get $$ and $$$ licenses here than there (though I do get $$ (net to me) licenses on my micro agency with some regularity). Although I once had a $750 license on
  18. Back when I was with Alamy Live News, they'd send me info on occasion about events in NYC (a hour by train, so very doable in the pre-Covid days). Right now, I wouldn't be able to take advantage of this, but with the office in Brooklyn when things go back to "normal" and when I know this vertigo is really behind me, I'd be interested in NYC events (and will apply to ALN). I've missed being in the city - it's been 2 years since I've been there! I think this is a great idea and on behalf of we Americans, hope the Live News team can give people here a head's up about US events, hopef
  19. We've got one at the end of our driveway that I always think of as our Rockefeller Center Tree - It towers many many stories above our house and is well over 100 years old. The 20-year-old one we planted on the other side of our property looks like a toddler in comparison and it is already much taller than our neighbor's 3-story house. I'd second @Joseph Clemson's advice.
  20. Much like my October - 3 sales all for $ Made more with one lowish $$ sale this month - crazy! Well below average past several months - maybe this is the new average?
  21. Click on "My Account" on the top right a second time and you'll get to the normal sell dashboard page - I had the same experience today - it took a little experimentation to get to the normal page, but that workedd.
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