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  1. I don't think Betty had an older version of Lightroom Classic running, it sounded like she had Lightroom in her dock instead (Why didn't they give the newer mobile-friendly version a different name instead of renaming the one we'd all been using for years? So confusing. You need to be sure it's the icon that says LrC - I don't keep the other one in my dock because I'd open the wrong one for sure since that one kept the old Lr icon) If you synchronize your folders the next time you switch back into LR, all the changes you've made elsewhere are updated. That feature, introd
  2. I had a sale of a butterfly image taken in my garden over the summer sold here in December. But alas, Betty, not for $$$$ just $$
  3. I was thinking it looked like some sort of skipper butterfly but then realized the body is all wrong, however this site might help https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/butterflies-of-gran-canaria-mariposas-diurnas-de-gran-canaria this link opens to all the photos https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?project_id=23441&ttl=120&v=1602429221000&place_id=any&verifiable=any&view=species and if it's not some sort of moth it may well be a Gran Canaria Grayling butterfly - no pix on the site with the wings spread but the bottom left image makes me think this might be
  4. I kept a few of my old Nikon lenses when I switched to Sony too and they work beautifully fully manual with an inexpensive adapter. I'll have to check out LensTagger because it would be nice to have that info in the files. I usually add a note somewhere in the info.
  5. Congrats Sally! How did you get them to pose? Are you a penguin whisperer? 😎
  6. That one hit me the hardest too as I've seen it across several newspapers. The blatant white supremacy evoked by the confederate flag coupled with the middle-aged cosplay garbed person - in my mind dressed like a caveman - speaks to the immaturity and sense of unreality these people live in. I weep for my country and I don't know how we reconcile the two sides but I feel some bit of hope in the heartening victories in Georgia and faith in our new president and vice president being able to actually work with Congress at least for the next two years. It is not political to condemn th
  7. 143 mostly garden and some empty storefront or stores with signs up (taken in a nearby town as I waited for my husband to have surgery- my first time out during lockdown). I ventured out rarely- and my favorite local places to shoot landscape images were generally overrun with hikers so the parking lots, allowed to only be half full or less so, were generally full most of the time- hard to time it right. We managed to get away for a week at the Connecticut shore in October and I got some nice images then. I also uploaded several illustrations, not usually something I'd upload her
  8. A flurry of sales stating in November got my sales volume up from last year, but revenue was sadly way down (2nd worst revenue after my first year, 2008, when I had a very tiny port). Of most concern, average price took a serious nosedive - $26. Despite a few exclusives, there were also some distributor sales, so I earned an average of $11 per sale. In most bars & restaurants in my neighborhood (not that I've been to one in a vey very long while), that won't even buy you a single cocktail. Discouraging. Net income from Alamy dropped by about 100% - that's right, I earned less than half of
  9. Hard to decide - lots of great pix.I think I could have easily voted for any of them Congrats to all. It was a tough choice. Happy New Year everyone.
  10. I thought DACS was only for print publications (not including newspapers) and for TV. Did something change?
  11. Lots of extras but it is really interesting how changing the search parameters brings up a variety of different books. I know it's better now that google doesn't put the entire book online, but boy did the old way make it easier to find how your image was used - though I'm sure it also made it harder to sell books when you could read so much online, though there's nothing like owning the real thing IMHO. Anyhow, good tip. I even found my work in a book almost entirely in Russian since my name was still in English. Not good for DACS but fun to find nonetheless.
  12. I had over 100 views for "Westchester County" (where I live) in one search, no zooms so bad CTR but 2 sales in one day that were quite obviously a direct result of that search. Views have been down this year, so I'm reluctant to remove any relevant keywords simply because they might negatively affect my CTR since it rarely correlates to sales for me.
  13. "New England" brings up a ton of false positives for "England" for me, but it also has led to sales so I just can't worry about it too much. "Central Park" has ended up in searches for Central America for me too. I guess I could delete "America" from all those images but is that really the answer? I spent ages changing tags years back to add quotes around phrases which Alamy never implemented, and when they switched to the new AIM a few years ago I ended up with single words suddenly repeated several times since the new AIM split up all my phrases. Fixing this type of
  14. Congrats on your win! Terrific challenge - gave me a new keyword I hadn't considered, too - thanks! "Twin" islands in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden at sunrise. Repeating wares with a lovely shopkeeper in Tallinn, Estonia: Repeating triangular shapes in the buildings and a pattern of Chessie Dragons, fanciful paddle boats, float on the water of Chesapeake Bay (hence "Chessie") in Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD:
  15. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope despite it being a Zoom Christmas for most of us, hope you find joy this holiday season.
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