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  1. I am considering purchasing a Sony RX100 V series point and shoot. I plan on using it for stock photography and video clips, and possibly even vlogging. Anyone out there using the RX100 series cameras, and what is you experience? Thank you and Happy New Year. 2021 has to be better than 2020. Rich
  2. I had one also in January. Very disappointing when I look at the rights that were given. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Travel & tourism Image Size: Any size Start: 11 February 2019 End: 11 February 2024 NU Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity
  3. Thanks Ed for the shout out on interesting subjects. My three sales were all from my Spain trip in 2016 to three different buyers. I'm hoping that American images will start selling soon. Despite our alleged political dysfunction, the United States is a great place to visit.
  4. Third sale just hit last week. This is getting exciting.Hopefully they will continue.
  5. After two years, I finally got on the sale board myself. Three in the last month and a half. Gives me plenty of reasons to continue adding new stuff.
  6. Thanks... No pet expos around here. I live in rural America, but gosh, there are sure a lot of dog owners around.
  7. Sold my first image in August after two years on Alamy. Second sale came shortly after that.
  8. Recently sold my first image after 2 years. The second sale followed closely after that. I have 657 images on sale and am loading up more as time permits.
  9. Lisa, How are you marketing your pet photography services? My first commissioned job with with a major pet food supplier to photograph portraits of over 100 retrievers, but I haven't been ablt to really connect with pet owners. Thanks. Rich
  10. I spent several days in Valencia in 2016 as I traveled around Spain and I would pick it as a perfect city to reside in. Barcelona was also nice, but way to crowded, but Seville would probably be my second choice of a city to check out.
  11. Both Nikon and Canon are going to be playing catch-up to Sony in the long run. Love my Sony RX 10s
  12. I have owned a RX 10 (24~200 F2.8) since they were first introduced. I now have a RX10 Mk III with the 24~600 F2.8-F4 Zeiss lens and it is remarkable. My Canon cameras sit on a shelf and cry to be used, but at my age, I love the lighter, mirrorless option. Most of my images on Alamy have been shot with the RX10s. The video capabilities of both cameras is exceptional (RX10 - 10 = 1080; RX10 Mk III = 4K). My RX10 traveled with me for a month long trip to Spain in 2016 as my only camera and performed well. It even fell of a park bench to concrete and continued to work without problem
  13. Up in North Central Washington (Lake Chelan) we are waiting for snow. It's cloudy, cold and ugly right now, but that is due to change next week. I'm just taking the time to work on images on my computer and upload from our recent cruise to the Bahamas.
  14. Julie... thanks for replying. Those were uploaded to my page earlier in the year. I now have another 14 that have been managed, but it's been so long I don't know if they just show up for sale and/or if I have to place them there. Thanks Rich
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