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  1. Thanks a lot everybody. I'll delete the old pictures now. And from now onwards I'll use Lightroom for most of the editing (photoshop sometimes). Most importantly I learnt how misguiding the Auto adjust brightness & contrast button is in photoshop. Thank you all again.
  2. I previously asked the forum to check out my pictures & give me tips to make my images better. I received many helpful replies & one of the major problems poiinted out by the professionals was that my images are badly lit or the lighting is flat. The reason for this being I used to click the "Auto adjust brightness & contrast" in PSE 13. So I dumped PSE 13 & switched to lightroom. And I personally found my images manually edited in Lightroom better than those in photoshop. After a long wait for a notification of failed QC, I was able to submit the images edited in lightroom. I
  3. I think all forms of digital sharpening use contrast differences between adjacent or nearby pixels as the basis of method but I am certainly no expert on this. Martin Evening (Lightroom 4 book) describes the Clarity slider as a hybrid of two techniques for contrast enhancment, one of which uses local contrast enhancement using the Photoshop unsharp mask filter set to low amount and high radius. OK, so after a long wait for a notification of failed QC, I was able to submit the images edited in lightroom. I personally liked the new images than the old ones but it wil be kind of you
  4. Great you took the advice and see such benefit (actually I think I was the only one to suggest Lightroom ). So here is a second piece of excellent advice . If you can afford it, buy Martin Evening's Lightroom book - it is the absolute learning and reference tool. If you read that and use it, you will soon be back here confidently answering questions from seasoned photographers as well as beginners. And my other piece of advice is take it easy with getting your revised images back on Alamy. You may improve them even more if you use the Martin Evening book. There is no hurry. Learn th
  5. As per the advise given by few, I dumped Photoshop Elements & tried Adobe Lightroom. The results I got by manually editing some images were amazing. Wish I could show the results here. But Alamy forum only allows URL to be entered so unfortunately I can't show it here. I tried editing some of my pictures which are already on sale and I was a lot more satisfied. But now my doubt is will Alamy allow to upload the same (better edited) pictures again if I delete the present ones? It will be like replacing few of the current ones with same but better edited ones. Will it be worth doing it? Or s
  6. Yes actually. Even on my monitor they look fine. But I agree with Arletta that the light is flat in my images. So I think I have to manually adjust Brightness & Contrast rather than clicking 'Auto adjust brightness/Contrast' on Photoshop Elements 13.
  7. I adjust the brightness & contrast of most of my images by clicking the 'Auto adjust brightness/Contrast' on Photoshop Elements 13. I thought that would be the most accurate setting for the images. But thanks to you, now I know that it is not the best thing to do. Now I'll manually adjust the brightness & also consider editing pictures on a better monitor. Is there anything else you would like to suggest? Thanks a lot for your reply.
  8. I am a 18 year old hobbyist photographer from India. I am new to Alamy & still in a process of building my Alamy profile to make sales. I have read all of Alamy's rules & regulations before coming here but still have a doubt if I am really doing things the right way. I would be glad if some professional photographers with experience in stock photography would just check out my photos & point out the mistakes (if any) in keywording or other departments. Since I have just begun and have a meagre 80 images for sale I thought this is the right time to rectify my mistakes after consulti
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