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  1. Go to 'Manage Images' after you click on the 'My Alamy' menu at the top right of the home page after signing in. To prevent unwanted images showing up in searches after you have deleted the images, first remove all text from them in all fields. Then, drag them to the bottom of the page into the batch area. Click on 'delete batch' and they will be removed from Alamy after a set period of time.


    PS. You cannot delete images going through QC. Only after they have passed/failed are you able to work on them.



  2. Hi David,


    When I first signed up to Alamy, I pored over the contributor guide and and slavishly followed it when I submitted my initial images. I noted which camera's were classed as suitable and those that weren't. (Any suggestions to have someone who read the guide, understood it, and didn't swamp the forum with questions that are answered within it, to be stuffed and mounted as an example to other newbies will be strenously opposed). 


    I was disapointed to find the Fuji 9600 was regarded as unsuitable. I read the reasons why Alamy did not want submissions from all the camera's on that list and like a good little newbie followed that rule. I didn't want to go the sneaky route and mix images from different camera's because I wanted to build up trust between myself and Alamy and become a member who they valued and that Alamy were happy with the work submitted to them by me


    I'm cheered by your comments on what I thought was an excellent camera, once I had learned how to get the best out of it, and that you have accepted images from it on Alamy. If I cannot place my images through the Archival route, I will contact MS and warn them that I will be uploading images from it to see if they will pass normal QC.


    Thank you, David.

  3. I don't know, Ann. Flikr was suggested as an alternative to one's own website, when I originally contacted MS. After selecting and optimising the photo's and uploading them to Flikr it left me feeling a bit puzzled and disapointed when the link wasn't accepted. I did try the Alamy chat route but found that it was not set up to handle my type of problem and was pointed at MS.


    Fired off another e-mail to them and got the automated reply. I could have waited till Monday, but it did include the, 'Ask the Forum' for a possible answer, so I have done so, knowing that if any of the more knowledgable and vastly experienced members have experienced the same or similar, they could aid me in my attempt to access the Archival route.


    Thank you for your welcome suggestion,



  4. Can anyone help or have suggestions for this? I have images taken with a FInepix 9600 which I would like to upload through the Archival route. I do not have my own website.


    I'm not attempting to upload naff imagery or bypass QC as I have contacted MS services previously and on their suggestion placed the images on Flikr for consideration. Problem is the Flikr link is not accepted as a valid website when entered. Tried the normal copy/paste link to the images and also the 'guest pass' route which failed.


    Grateful for any suggestions.



  5. Interesting point. My first submissions were from a Nikon D40 just before the file size changed to the present one. Which meant I had to up size from 17mb up to 24, anyway. Can't rmember if I have any at the 50 odd mb size uploaded from the camera, will have to check back.


    I then switched to a Nikon D90 and submitted whatever file size cropping and tidying up the image left it at. (Always above the minimum).


    Now, I size every image at the minimum required. (Still keep the original RAW/NEF in case a buyer requires one full size). Personally, I think it is the 'standard' size for Alamy submissions, and if downsizing an image 'improves' it to a client's eyes, then that's a bonus. Would be interested on other member's views on this. Thanks for raising the subject, Bryan.

  6.   AVG also has a paid option which includes includes more protection. I've used the free version for years and been happy with it. I also use Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware for malware/spyware/tracking threats. All three are a powerful package and don't use many resources on the computer. As always, Your Mileage May Vary.

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