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  1. Me, personally...I would mark as RM. Somebody manufactured the item and even if it is generic looking, under Alamy's rules and from their perspective it is still someone's property. I don't know if they look at our images that way, but still considering meself a newbie in this field, I err on the side of caution.


    (I'm NNW about three miles from that point for a rough guide as to how far I take that caution judgement).


    That's only my view offered as to how I view my images and what licence should be attached to them. I do have RF images but few where people or property are visible. Example is wild rabbit and only grass visible in whole image.


    If this is no help...I'm sorry.


    If it is of help...I'm happy.



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  2. Payment times vary...a lot, and you have to cross the payout threshold limit to trigger a payment to your account. Some clients will pay fairly quickly, others after a few months under arrangements they have with Alamy. There is a time limit for payment(s) when you can contact MS (Member Services)where you have not been paid for your image(s)and they will look into this for you.


    If you check your account on the 'My Alamy' page you can see what images have sold and the date of sale. Which images have been cleared as 'paid' and which haven't.




    Edit: Wow, fast work you guys. 2 greenies.

  3. Thank you OP and responders to this topic. I thought it was just me. Have only 1167 images up and today's view numbers were 1024, no zooms.


    Search term, 'Manchester Wheel', referring to Manchester's version of the London Eye, I assume. The images returned were of aircraft on landing approach with gear down.


    Another quick one, 'Bull running' returns images of Staffordshire bull terrier running. Not what a client is looking for but the descriptions of the unwanted images are correct.


    I try to keep my descriptions of images as sparse as possible to try and filter out these occurrences. ( I still get a lot of 'correct' hits, so it's a system that works for me). It is a bit of a let down when you see a lot of views on your images and then discover that most of them are false ones.


    Vagaries of the search system that have me shrugging my shoulders and making a promise to myself to comb through my images and refine the search terms as much as possible. Such a large gap between 'promise' and 'I'll get right on that'...sigh.



  4. I've only ever obliterated two car registration number plates. One with a Penalty Notice tucked under windshield wiper,( also close up of PCN with identifying details of traffic warden and car details whited out, as well), and one on a car park with distinctive artwork on the bonnet.


    I may not have needed to, but went with instinct.


    PS. Always showed names of boats without a qualm, though. In my opinion they add to the image.



  5. Hi,


    Country: German Speaking Countries

    Usage: Editorial

    Media: Textbook - print and e-book

    Print run: up to 1 million

    Placement: Inside

    Image Size: 1 page

    Start: 01 February 2014

    End: 01 February 2024

    Duration: 7 years, reuse


    Same picture, sold three times on the same date, two sales marked at same price, the third double the previous two. Also, '7 years, reuse' with a duration of 10 years, confuses me more.


    Any thoughts, ideas?





  6. Another thing that may well cause you some head banging off a sturdy wall is MR. (Model Releases for people and property) General rule of thumb for me...contains people, whether smudges on horizon or shadows or parts of body in picture or large crowd scene = MR.


    There are certain images, in the Alamy guidelines, that may not be offered for commercial sale as they fall under copyright laws belonging to the owner/managers of the properties. (National Trust, etc)


    Same rules, (for me, again), applies to most objects/property. As to the merits of RF vs MR I am not qualified or have the experience to advise you as to which is better or more profitable.


    2p's/cents/euro's worth.



  7. I have too little activity to give anywhere near a definitive answer. From my own experience most of the sales I've had weren't zoomed at all. There's only one this month that was zoomed and then sold almost immediately. So, I don't rely on how many zooms to views there are on my port. I check the views against search terms used to fine tune keywords and prevent too many false returns on client searches.



  8. Usually, I have the 'keep me logged in' box ticked on main Alamy page when it asks for log in details. Ocassionally, like this morning I find I have to log in, again. May be due to housekeeping and maintenance or changes at Alamy's end. It's not just Alamy that logs me out when I've used the 'keep logged in' box. I've experienced same with other sites infrequently kicking me out, until I re-enter my details.


    Though, you shouldn't have to log in every time if you have ticked the stay logged in box. Might be worth contacting MS if that keeps happening.



  9. Quick answer. As long the file size is above the minimum then it is fine. There is, I think, a maximum limit but I'll never get close to that and neither will most other contributors. (There are of course exceptions, mostly stitched together panoramas and if you do go into that field then the upper limit for such imagery is in the guide lines). If not, 'Ask the Forum' or MS, in that order are your friends.



  10. You've already been through the routine successfully before. Refresh your memory with the excellent Alamy guide for contributors, find your balance again, push the pedals round, gain speed and soon you'll be gliding smoothly through the QC process, without wobbling or falling off.


    Welcome back and Good Luck.



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