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  1. Mark, Gotcha. Happy u'loading and QC passes. Joe, Once I entered Alamy's details and figured out which drive and folder to point it at, all went smoothly. Passed QC quickly, too. Krisken
  2. Mark, I got the 'You now have FTP access', last week and went and d'loaded the first one on the reccommended Alamy list, FIlezilla. Anti-virus immediately flagged it as containing a Trojan Horse. Filezilla's own forums confirm this. Be wary, mate. On the good news side, WinSCP worked straight away and u'loaded selected files. (Have Windows O/S) Krisken
  3. Yep,done that, too. If I notice it at the time I unlock it in camera. If I couldn't do it on PC and haven't deleted the images on card, I'd put it back in camera and do it there, as a last resort. Krisken
  4. Similar to Allan's comment about heat haze. I've taken shots and when uploaded and viewed vetoed them because of the Sold possibility. Krisken
  5. Varifocals were fine until I switched to contact lenses. Great, for a number of reasons. But, like Bryan I need readers to see sybols and text within a certain distance. Bit like the closest focusing range on my lenses. Everything is blurred close to then sharpens with distance. With specs I could just lift them up and bring the whatever I needed to see nearer my eyes. Thankfully, I don't have the OP's gas* problem. Because of funds, and the inherent threat of violence from the other half, if I did. *Gear Aquisition Syndrome. :_P Krisken
  6. hi folks, Just got an e-mail from Alamy pointing this out. Should I be doing cartwheels of joy or running for the hills? Krisken
  7. vpics, Yes, that's probably the reason. Thanks for all your input, guys. Appreciated.
  8. Redsnapper, Brilliant! But...but, if we start doing the work of robots what will that mean for the future of humanity if they realise we are self aware? Krisken
  9. Thanks Martin, I'll just stop worrying about it. +1, Sir
  10. Martin, Nope, all 34 are in the in the 'News'feed' when I found and checked it. That's why I'm not running around half naked, outside, telling passersby that the sky is falling. Thought it might be 'Blunderfingers' error on my part. Krisken
  11. Phil, Using FF and its spellchecker does the same for words not in the dictionary. If I right click on the red underlined word up pops a menu and one of the options is, 'add word to dictionary.' If you are sure that the underlined word(s) are correct once added to the dictionary the underlining stops. Krisken
  12. Hi, I uploaded 34 images via 'Newsfeed' upload and everything went smoothly. Images popped up in 'Manage Images' straight away and I added a few more words to some of them when I had access. A few of them, at the end of the description had the 'photog/Alamy Live News' tag added last. But, not all of them. Is it me fiddling immediately after upload, or am I worrying too much about the rest not having the credit line applied to all of them? Krisken
  13. Jill, My last two printers, Epson R300 & R360 had a Compact Flash slot amongst the XD and SD card options. If I use the CF card I just slot it in the printer and tell the transfer program, Nikon Transfer, to use that as source and to drop the images into folder X on the computer. So, if you know someone with that capability on a printer...
  14. One failure in batch means all fail. Usual scenario is to upload the three that didn't again...after another scrutiny to ensure they meet the guidelines and usually they will pass.
  15. Raw + Fine JPG, Aperture Priority, ISO 200 - 1600. Adjust as needed for conditions/subjects. Krisken
  16. Problem with suggesting 'Submit it and see' approach is that you might end up with a sin-bin stay. Cropping is the first obvious suggestion to me but as you don't want to do that, then that's all I've got.
  17. I'm sorry to hear that a minor fault left you without a clicky-box, Jill. One of my beloved wife's many 'tsk-tsk' moments is when I wrap myself round something that she thinks I no longer need, want, or have a use for and smilingly suggests I set whatever it is free. Her eyes roll when I lovingly fondle it whispering, 'My preshush, you're safe with me', and I throw a tantrum a 5 year old girl would be jealous of. 'Hi my name is Krisken and I'm a hoarder'. Present camera, a Nikon D90, goes down? Reach for the cupboard and drag out the D40, charge the battery, swap the lenses, all
  18. I don't normally have a set size for uploading. Some are downsized, some are full sized, from a 12mp camera, and some are in between. Have recently been uploading from a 6mp camera so I've had to go the opposite route and upsize to get them to the required size. They, touch wood, have gone through with no problems, so far. Krisken
  19. Thanks Dov. Have a greenie for that useful info. (Does mean coming out of 'Stealth' mode, though). Krisken
  20. When it's an image of their own flag, it's a bit difficult to avoid.
  21. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this topic. Near me is a thoroughly vandalised church graveyard, with dates on the grave headstones going back to the 1800's. Yet, I mark them as RM because some of the burial grounds I take pictures of, are usually attached to a church. Which is owned and administered by a Christian or Catholic body.(Unintentional pun,apologies). The taking of some of these images means I have to stand on church property to get them. I wouldn't like to be responsible for the banning of photography in such hallowed places because of upsetting the church authorities if an image was
  22. In my searches I have noticed the odd sweep of named NT properties, some of which I have images of on Alamy. It made me wonder if the NT were trawling image libraries, for NT images, which they considered warranted take down notices? I'll freely admit that I couldn't match the skills of the photographers who the NT engage professionally for their advertising images. Having said that, I look for the shots, many of which don't include the buildings, and yet show another -positive - side of the NT property to interested members/casual visitors.( I don't believe I'm the only one who does
  23. No. Short answer, as I'm still getting to grips with DSLR submissions and splurged on a new Nikon 12mp camera and and two new lenses. I don't need the headache, or expense, of getting to grips with new technology and the Voices berating me for doing so.
  24. You're welcome, Ann. From the answers given it seems to boil down to you as to how you mark your images. It's still a grey/gray area for me and I'm ultra cautious about the RM/RF thing. Krisken
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