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  1. I wonder how many of the drivers that braved the seafront flooding understand the corrosive properties of salt water? As an aside, this is an image passed QC and tagged on the 12th ready for sale on 13 Feb but still waiting for the database to update 😞
  2. Good luck. An additional frustration is that of the recent images available in my port including of Ciara, or even Clara, is the hours of detail keywording yet to update, so even those images which are available won't be performing well.
  3. That would be because it was Ciara, but yes, as you say, all live news images more than three days old are now invisible. Edit: Not all, obviously, that would be ridiculous, but all waiting for the update.
  4. A number of mine are follow-up live news, including TV celebs and the extreme weather, which I didn't have time to work on to meet the instant deadline/needed more time for processing and assumed they'd be on sale next day. Kicking myself now for sticking to the 'rules' and not uploading more as news after a longer delay.
  5. Sadly, as you say, business as usual and extremely frustrating. It always seems to happen when I've worked on a large number of images too. If there's a connection then I apologies
  6. Much of their work is film, book and historical event themed. Some amazing artwork too, which can only be appreciated on LPs and posters.
  7. My delayed-in-QC images passed around 11am this morning, and a test upload just now went straight through. As you say though, the database hasn't updated yet from yesterday.
  8. Something's going on. Not only a QC delay but a number of my images uploaded over the last 48 hours were showing as a 'processing' black box, including some live news which thankfully did appear correctly in the news feed. That issue has righted this morning but still not passed.
  9. Every time I see this thread title it reminds me of a huge poster I used to have hanging up. The android with no name walked into the crowded spaceport bar. Eight-foot tall, with death in his cold android eyes, he strode across the room. Small green aliens scuttled out of his path. Fearsome Martian warriors would not meet his gaze and the air froze when he croaked in his dark gravelly voice: "A pint of bitter please, mate"
  10. Good news. With the sales reporting delay it's likely I have more to come then. Thank you Mr. Bottas 🙂
  11. Many thanks. I found this image which would appear to be the issue in question. I'm not sure whether the small inset on the cover makes any difference to the licence but I'll ask CR.
  12. Thank you for noticing. The licences state inside, so would you know what the magazine was so that I could search for it and maybe find evidence to put to Alamy? Thank you
  13. I'm also in that situation. My images are very editorial, and although I did begin uploading to one micro site after the commission change it's not really what I shoot. Most of my eggs are in this basket because I don't know of any other baskets worth putting them in.
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