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  1. Couple of Alamy photos in here: https://elviajero.elpais.com/elviajero/2019/05/20/album/1558368026_302123.html#foto_gal_9 Phil
  2. Had one a few weeks ago.... Marginally better than them nicking it. 🤨 Phil
  3. In my case it's receiving the mail about 3 days after the sub has passed...🤔 Phil
  4. Ditto... And not the first time. This has occurred before... Phil
  5. Thank you... Not everyones cuppa, but I get a buzz out of them and it's not as easy as it looks😉 Phil
  6. Short answer; yes...I cleaned with a bulb blower before scanning and spotted afterwards. I know some on here, maybe Chuck, have used a liquid cleaner, can't remember the name. The biggest time saver is to edit carefully, only scan those that you feel are strong images. Phil
  7. Definitely worth scanning and submitting the ones with well known historical figures and events. I spent a few weeks early last year going through some old stuff and a number have sold very well, in fact I regret not having done it 10 years ago🤔 Phil
  8. I think the point is being missed here...It does not state that you HAVE TO file within an hour....Only an AIM! 😏 Phil
  9. "aim to file within an hour of taking the photos." Does not mean it is obligatory to file within an hour....😏 Phil
  10. I had this a few weeks ago...e mailed contributor services and it was sorted quickly. They said it was a "Display issue"... Phil
  11. True...It's still not sorted just better than the other button...if you have it Phil
  12. I've found that selecting "Unread Content" from the drop down menu at top left is more reliable than using the direct link at top right. Phil
  13. Unusable at the moment...seeing posts in summary that I cannot see when clicking on thread, whether clicking on last post or scrolling from the beginning... Phil EDIT: Can't even be sure this exists!!! Schrodingers forum here we come Phil
  14. I always use FTP and it has had a few issues with slow uploads over the last month, but those subbed this week have gone through reasonably quickly, but still not as quick as uploads I send to others, so IMHO there is something at Alamys end slowing things down. It doesn't seem to be related to time of day/night either as I upload at varying times. Hope you get sorted soon as it must be very frustrating. Phil
  15. Well I've just received a mail telling me I'd passed so logged in to find most recent subs still in QC...so the mail must refer to the ones that passed yesterday!!! Bit odd really as I've not experienced this before. Phil
  16. Getting worse!!! Now telling me I've no unread threads when I clearly have.... Phil
  17. Uploading right now via FTP and it's sloooow! This is happening more often in the last month than previously. Definitely at Alamy's end...other uploads fly through without problem. Phil
  18. I used to have this camera and have licensed many images shot on it...Don't understand why they would say it's unsuitable Phil
  19. I had the slowest ever FTP upload yesterday...Took at least 10 times as long as normal, and I checked speeds my end and was all ok. Obviously something was amiss at the receiving end. Phil
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