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  1. Mine is with Zenfolio... http://www.philcrean.com At the moment they have an offer of 20% off(I also get 20%), if you use the following referral code: 7JM-KK3-ENZ They're pretty good and do what they say on the tin! Nearly all of my private commissions, and some commercial/editorial jobs come through the website. I couldn't survive without it! Phil
  2. Alamy credit on this, too many photos to search, but it's also an incredible story! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/jacob_cockle Phil
  3. This puzzled me.... Reasonable fee for a magazine use. Never spotted it! Phil
  4. Puerto Colon beach, Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife Charles Stirling (Travel) Image ID: E0XK2N The Sun Phil
  5. Sporadically! Intermittently! and too bloody often! Clearing caches/history etc helps occasionally. Phil
  6. A few from me: Bridge over the river Guadalquivir, Seville. Fairground ride at our local Fiesta. Playa San Juan harbour wall at twilight. Phil
  7. It's not only Alamy that have issues with Safari, I've experienced similar with the IGPOTY site and some others that I can't remember right now... Phil
  8. Fixed it! Cleared history/cache in Safari and lo & behold it works as it should! Don't know why that should have happened though??? Phil
  9. Just checked on Chrome and Firefox and works as it should. Only broken on Safari! Phil
  10. This is worrying as a clause.... And yes it does seem to me(not a lawyer!) that there has been some misinterpretation of what is allowed. How are clients going to search for public figures if their names are not in the metadata? Alamy please explain....???? Phil
  11. If you have a flash you can use that with off camera cord or wireless triggers. Phil
  12. Banana in process of peeling...Swan on coffee break! Phil
  13. So here's a few of my view! A couple of rainbows, & some serious smoke from a forest fire. Phil
  14. Happened to me in last purge...two murals removed and then a month or so later reported as sales for decent amounts. Phil
  15. Have twittered it to @alamy...Hope someone is listening! Phil
  16. Still out...The type initializer for 'MyUploadUI.Business.BusinessLayer' threw an exception. Phil
  17. Here's a trio from Winter 1986! Archival uploads shot on 35mm Fuji 100 slide film. Phil
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