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  1. Hi can anyone confirm that this is an apple tree growing up the wall? Any other clues very much appreciated...
  2. With appreciation of all the work done to set up shortlists & polls for voting, I, like Paulette, would prefer secret votes. Since each specific member's vote FOR one image is, unavoidably, a vote NOT FOR 7 other fellow members' images, it's info I'd prefer not sharing publicly. I can't see who's voted for what, only my own vote!
  3. I too wonder how they manage to function.... Got a lot of likes and follows from other artists on the site but also don't understand the search system. No sales, but then POD doesn't seem to work for me, tried Redbubble, Photo4me, and the free upload on FAA, nothing sold
  4. Update.... At Conns Cameras I had a good look at both the Lowepro 300 and the ThinkTank Airport Essentials. The Airport Essentials won out by miles..much superior build quality and even though it was more expensive I bought it, did haggle and got a bit of discount which always helps Now on to process the photos shot over the trip....
  5. Had a similar story recently with Alex Folzi who reused photo on their blog from a story which they copied from the dailymailonline. Same answer from Image Rights....
  6. In my experience Partial Fails are due to a problem in the upload or Alamy processing systems. All photos that have had this problem I've just put in with my next upload without a further look and they've gone through fine.
  7. Just had one lot 6 days(Includes weekend), uploaded 18th went to awaiting QC today....
  8. Great value.... However I do prefer a backpack type as many years of carrying bags over one shoulder have given me some back/neck problems which have lessened since I started using backpack with heavier loads, I do use a small shoulder bag for my little go everywhere Fuji, and sometimes the 5D with 50mm and 24mm lenses, but nothing heavier.
  9. The mention of Conns Cameras rings a few old nostalgia bells. I used to buy darkroom chemicals and paper there years ago. Just had a look at their website and it looks like a very good shop in fact. Price of the Lowe Pro is reasonable at €99 (about £70 here from WEX before post and packing), factoring in the exchange rate and the higher vat in Ireland. Enjoy Dublin. I'm hoping to be enjoying the visual and other delights of La Gomera and La Palma soon. Conns is a great shop, on a par with any of the ones I used to use when I was based in London. If you stop off in Tenerife get in touch
  10. After a bit of online research and thanks to suggestions I've narrowed it down to either the Lowe Pro Runner 300AW or the Think Tank airport Essentials. I'll be in Dublin in august so a visit to Conns cameras is on the cards to see both models and make a final decision. Also whilst researching on the web I found this blog: http://snapperstuff.wordpress.com and coincidently they've just posted some very interesting comparisons re Airline carry on bag sizes. Thanks again for all the input Phil
  11. Fortunately I can manage within 10kg for most of my kit, bodies, lenses, flash. Tripod, reflectors, and a few other accessories go in hold bag. With Ryanair you can't get away with carrying camera around your neck, they insist everything has to be in the bag...Big pockets can be a help for some items
  12. Thanks for the replies guys... Got a few options I didn't know about to consider. Phil
  13. Thanks Jason...Missed that one when I looked at the site... I'll check it out. Phil
  14. I do like Think Tank bags, Got the speed belt and pouches, and also a Retrospective 5. But the Airport security is too big: "Exterior Dimensions: 14” W x 22” H x 9” D (35.6 x 55.9 x 22.9 cm)" Also too big are the Airport Accelerator and the Commuter, and The Essentials comes in under Ryanair specs but I'd like something a bit bigger, to try and get the max possible. So if anyone can recommend a bag that is up to the 55 X 40 X 20 size.......
  15. Looking to get a new backpack style bag that will fit in with airline carry on sizes, particularly Ryanair. They say max size is: 55 X 40 X 20cm. What do you use and recommend? Thanks Phil
  16. And every time an image sells for peanuts, a fairy dies... But a monkey somewhere is happy
  17. Just tried it here and got the same...No results with just name, but plenty with name + keyword... Something's not right
  18. Not essential. I've successfully used IR without registering with USCO. However, if infringement is by a US company/person & the image is registered then you stand to get a lot bigger payout.
  19. I assume that the entry point is the same for either stream, and the choice of stream is solely down to the AlamyNews team? How would you know if Alamy has pushed out your photos to picture desks?
  20. Yes...But check them carefully at 100% first to make sure they have no problems
  21. So far they settled 1 for me and have 3 more ongoing. All are infringements that Alamy did not want to follow up on as they consider them to be third party infringements and they won't chase them, don't understand why, but as the first payment exceeds what I would have received from Alamy thats ok Phil
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