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  1. With LR you import your existing library into the LR catalogue, no need to create a new one. Then just use LR to add to your existing library as you add more photos. LR effectively becomes a database management system with a few extras Adobe have some great videos to help you understand how it works. On the "Help" menu look at "Lightroom Online" and follow the link to "Learn & Support". Takes a while to get into the way it works but well worth the effort. Good luck
  2. Bit late to this! I've been away and just looked in. Delighted to have made the final 8 and congrats to the well deserved winner.
  3. Careful with Italian publishers…Have had few bad experiences with mainstream publications ripping off photos and then blatantly ignoring all efforts to communicate. If you find one interested get paid up front, and don't send any usable images before the money is in the bank.
  4. Right click on any of the panel names in Develop mode and a list of Panels will come up. Make sure the ones you want are ticked.
  5. OK, Here's one…... Swan Bells tower in Perth Australia, pointing the way Another….. Real life vs Ad life perspective And finally... Moody perspective
  6. Had the same about a week ago, after about a half dozen times restarting the upload process from scratch they went through ok. Still don't know why??? Edit: It was Sunday morning here so similar time and day!!!
  7. Ok, got there after about 6 tries! Must have been a log jam on tinternet Phil
  8. Trying to upload some news stuff but uploader sticking at between 1 - 4% on 1st file. Anyone else having this problem today? Have logged out, and cleared caches etc. Also uploaded elsewhere without problems. Phil
  9. The patent is very specific, even down to what lens was used, impossible to enforce as far as I can see(not a patent lawyer!)
  10. Another glitch…. This morning I had images passed ready for keywording but the "Images not on sale" had not updated to show this.
  11. Ah yes, that should do it. It's been so many years since I set up my LR presets that I'd forgotten about import presets. Many thanks. Alan De nada!
  12. Set it up as an import preset, then all images automatically get done.
  13. "Fishies" -- the next new fad? Or selfouettes? These days I'm just a shadow of my former selfie. Alan Maybe even a shadette In fact we could start a band, "Selfishie and the Shadettes",
  14. It happens a lot, can't quantify it exactly, but I see it on a daily basis. Seems to happen particularly with words from the caption that are not in keywords, but are necessary in the caption. As we're all in the same boat I don't worry about it Phil
  15. Offer them a very specific license to use in exchange for access, maybe one use in a brochure or website, and explain that if they want to do more then they have to negotiate a new licence.
  16. Are these the same people who wear a baseball hat back to front then shade their eyes with their hand?
  17. Someone reported recently that sales were being reported from older dates due to Alamy auditing some customers and discovering old unreported uses. Could this be one of them?
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