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  1. Re the Exclusivity bit... Would it not be better to make a positive move: ie a search filter that only brings up images that are exclusive in any given search, then we would have an incentive to give Alamy exclusivity? It would also make our life easier when trying to find out where an image came from when we find it in use if we knew it could only have come from Alamy. Phil
  2. First sale Oct 2007.... Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Corporate website, single design Industry sector: Shipping Sub-Industry: Commercial Shipping Placement: Secondary screen Image Size: Icon Start: 15 October 2007 End: 15 October 200 $ 439.06 Sold again in 2010 for a travel guide at $93.47. 1/4 pg 10 year licence!!!! Gimme another Icon size any day!!!
  3. Normally I don't get into all this statistical stuff cause I don't really know that it provides anything really useful... However, I've had a look and I'm in the average region at 4.2:1...
  4. Uploaded day before yesterday, keyworded yesterday, on view/sale today...so has not affected my images. Phil
  5. +1 for the 24-105mm f4 L IS Have had one now for over 4 years, used with a 40D and a 5D MKII. Needs careful holding as the IS is not as good as claimed and can sometimes be a tad soft due to slight camera movement at lower shutter speeds, I don't like to use it at less than 1/60th at wide end and 1/125th at long end. CA is well dealt with by ACR, so I don't consider that to be an issue. When I shoot weddings it hardly comes off the body unless a faster prime is needed, and gives great results covering everything from candids to beautiful bridal portraits at f5.6. Had to have a new iris fitted after 2 years and allegedly that's a common fault, though Canon don't admit it! Hope that helps. Phil
  6. From Alamy list of distributors: Turkey Dijital Imaj +90 (212) 258 70 58 sales@dijitalimaj.com
  7. Got that once on a Canon 24-105L lens. Had to be sent for repair, needed a new iris.
  8. Why not open a zenfolio account, doubles up as a website, and you can have an unlimited amount of images stored. If there are some you don't want to be public you can restrict certain areas to be only viewable by you.
  9. My last piece of "worthless old junk", a 6 year old Canon 30D, got me 200 quid as a trade in against my Fuji X100
  10. I think this is a great idea . . . charging a lesser annual fee may be more attractive to smaller players especially . . . and while it does tie the image up for the duration of the license period, there may be a way around even that: perhaps you can frame the terms in such a way that stipulated "other" uses are open to you that won't compromise the logo. Images in logos are often modified or stylised and using the original image elsewhere (increased revenue stream for photographer) may not be impossible. Hmmmm . . . not sure how it would all look, but definitely an idea worthy of more thought and discussion. dd +1 Out of the box thinking!!!
  11. Why not see if you can find a designer who has produced company logos and ask what kind of charges they make? Phil
  12. Also use Carbon Copy Clone...Not on any auto settings just use it to back up as and when I need. Does all it says on the box! Phil
  13. Am using an X100 as a go everywhere camera...Very impressed! Think I might be looking a the XPro 1 sometime in the next year. Phil
  14. Phil Crean

    Newspaper Scheme

    Seriously needs sorting out properly...Agree 100% Kevin.
  15. Another in the water theme! Plumbers nightmare!
  16. As far as I can see it will mean that you would be renting access to the program(s), because as soon as you stop paying the "Subscription" you'll be left with nothing
  17. Its probably a processing error...not a real fail.
  18. Thanks guys...Looks like the difference is in the new/relevant/creative search criteria. Don't know why I didn't think of that...More caffeine needed! Phil
  19. Today in my search activity report I see the results of a search on tenerife showing 1 of my images amongst 960 viewed, and then a search for Tenerife shows 7 from 480 viewed. Any clues as to why when searched with a small t only 1 of my images shows in 960 viewed images, but when searched with a capital T 7 show out of 480 viewed? I thought that capital letters shouldn't make any difference to keywords/search terms. Am I missing something obvious here? Phil
  20. Thought I'd added my support but post has vanished???? Just realised there's two parallel threads on the same issue...Post is in other one..DUH Great idea... We need feedback from Alamy on this. Phil
  21. Great idea.. Come on Alamy lets hear what you think.
  22. I also have an outstanding sale in Brazil. When I queried it yesterday with MS I got this response: "We have recently had some issues with one of our distributing agencies based in Brazil. Our Credit Control team have placed the account on hold while we resolve this situation. We are not ruling out using a third party collector to take steps to recover the funds owed, however at this point we are hopeful to resolve the issue in-house. Unfortunately at this point we do not have any more information but we will keep you informed if/when we reach a resolution. For the time being Alamy’s images are no longer available through this distributor. It is important to note that this issue is affecting only one of 5 distributors in Brazil and so opting out of Brazil will stop our other Brazilian agencies from making sales from your images." Phil
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