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  1. We need a list of stop words so that we don't use them... Phil
  2. Not yet on FTP with Alamy…But am with others and have used Filezilla for about 5 years, on an iMAC. Works easily, with regular updates, never had a problem so never looked elsewhere Phil
  3. Little Woman! Little burger! Little footballer! Phil
  4. I've been keeping 3 psuedos up till now, 1 for best stuff, 1 for not so best, and 1 for a subject I wanted to monitor how it came up in views/zooms. Having now decided to start doing a bit of RF I have got a n other psuedo for them so that I can see how they do. Mostly my ctr is lower than alamy average, but my sales are steadily increasing, so that doesn't bother me much. Phil
  5. Cheap transport! Dancin' in the street! Planning dinner! Phil
  6. Yes but did you get an e-mail telling you so!! No… Does that mean I wasn't?
  7. Thanks Philippe… I realised just how many there were when I did a bit of googling which is why I've thrown it in here to see if anyone could give me a definitive answer. Phil
  8. Any moss experts out there? Trying to id this growing on a tree in Northland, New Zealand….. Thanks Phil
  9. Hi Betty, Had the exact same problem from this side of the world yesterday... Showing as uploaded now but with todays date as when received…Were actually uploaded at about 5pm yesterday. There was obviously some blockage in the pipework but at least they got through eventually Phil
  10. Question or statement??? I don't. You mean how to look? Search for BHZ How to test your own rank? (or play like some here say) Put BHZ as a keyword in the Essential keywords. In one RM image. (If you have only RF, the outcome is only valid for an RF only search.) Wait 24 hours until the database has been updated and look where your image has landed in the BHZ search. For testing reasons people sometimes use more than one image, or vary the place of BHZ. If you do so, please make your testing period as short as possible. wim edit: double quotes? That's the
  11. Interesting thoughts… Wonder what percentage end up on facebook where theoretically they are archived?
  12. Got it yesterday…. Also, if you wanted to use the Classic Chrome on another Fuji where it's not supported, edit the EXIF to say XT1 and voila
  13. My X100 has a completely silent option which I use almost 100% of the time, has to be turned off for flash to work…. Look forward to the XT1 update which will make it silent too
  14. Thanks Mark…I'll play with that and see how I get on.
  15. + 1 on that! And I really like the tip about setting up the function buttons for AF control…Makes life so much easier whilst out and about. Are you(Mark) using LR to process the RAF files? If so any tips on settings? Phil
  16. 2 cleared this morning(Sunday), not there yesterday...
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