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  1. I do like Think Tank bags, Got the speed belt and pouches, and also a Retrospective 5. But the Airport security is too big: "Exterior Dimensions: 14” W x 22” H x 9” D (35.6 x 55.9 x 22.9 cm)" Also too big are the Airport Accelerator and the Commuter, and The Essentials comes in under Ryanair specs but I'd like something a bit bigger, to try and get the max possible. So if anyone can recommend a bag that is up to the 55 X 40 X 20 size.......
  2. Looking to get a new backpack style bag that will fit in with airline carry on sizes, particularly Ryanair. They say max size is: 55 X 40 X 20cm. What do you use and recommend? Thanks Phil
  3. And every time an image sells for peanuts, a fairy dies... But a monkey somewhere is happy
  4. Just tried it here and got the same...No results with just name, but plenty with name + keyword... Something's not right
  5. Not essential. I've successfully used IR without registering with USCO. However, if infringement is by a US company/person & the image is registered then you stand to get a lot bigger payout.
  6. I assume that the entry point is the same for either stream, and the choice of stream is solely down to the AlamyNews team? How would you know if Alamy has pushed out your photos to picture desks?
  7. Yes...But check them carefully at 100% first to make sure they have no problems
  8. So far they settled 1 for me and have 3 more ongoing. All are infringements that Alamy did not want to follow up on as they consider them to be third party infringements and they won't chase them, don't understand why, but as the first payment exceeds what I would have received from Alamy thats ok Phil
  9. How did this one get through? Focus point on the hand seems somewhat wrong to me...Please Alamy if you're going to showcase an image make it a good one!
  10. After a quick look I would reject more than half for submission to Alamy. There are I think maybe 15 - 20 which should pass. My judgement being made on the size as viewed on the link at a size which is obviously smaller than 100%. If they were mine I'd go through them carefully again and only submit the ones which have a sharp point at a place of interest. The rest may be acceptable elsewhere, but we all know how Alamy QC rules work! My 2cents worth! Phil PS: Love the dress photos, and the boots, and typewriter!
  11. My first darkroom instructor said on my first day in the darkroom..."The secret is that it's called Black & White. You need to see both." I think the same applies in colour...there are two opposite ends of the tonal scale from pure white,(could be blown out hilights) to pure black, and the strength in a lot of images is in having both. There will always be the exception, but blown out hilights never bothered me unless they detracted form the image.
  12. If you don't mind some counting, you could use Track submissions (http://www.alamy.com/royalty-free-images-my-submissions.asp). ( -royalty-free-images ? - must be a very old part of the system ) wim Didn't think of that... So a quick calculation shows a 12% increase in images from Jun to Jun. So am I right in saying that I should expect a 12% increase in sales by number of images? Or is there a different calculation I should use?, maybe somehow factoring in the fact that the images were added gradually? Any statistics experts care to comment? Phil
  13. Sales in number of sales Jan-Jun 2012 exactly equals 2013; however number of images increased...Don't know by how many as I can't find a way to see how many I had up a year ago???? Nett fees - 35%. So allowing for loss due to commission cuts actually down about 18%. So overall worse off. However, things are better at other places, and on commissioned work, so overall business is heading in the right direction for me. Phil
  14. Re the Exclusivity bit... Would it not be better to make a positive move: ie a search filter that only brings up images that are exclusive in any given search, then we would have an incentive to give Alamy exclusivity? It would also make our life easier when trying to find out where an image came from when we find it in use if we knew it could only have come from Alamy. Phil
  15. First sale Oct 2007.... Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Corporate website, single design Industry sector: Shipping Sub-Industry: Commercial Shipping Placement: Secondary screen Image Size: Icon Start: 15 October 2007 End: 15 October 200 $ 439.06 Sold again in 2010 for a travel guide at $93.47. 1/4 pg 10 year licence!!!! Gimme another Icon size any day!!!
  16. Normally I don't get into all this statistical stuff cause I don't really know that it provides anything really useful... However, I've had a look and I'm in the average region at 4.2:1...
  17. Uploaded day before yesterday, keyworded yesterday, on view/sale today...so has not affected my images. Phil
  18. +1 for the 24-105mm f4 L IS Have had one now for over 4 years, used with a 40D and a 5D MKII. Needs careful holding as the IS is not as good as claimed and can sometimes be a tad soft due to slight camera movement at lower shutter speeds, I don't like to use it at less than 1/60th at wide end and 1/125th at long end. CA is well dealt with by ACR, so I don't consider that to be an issue. When I shoot weddings it hardly comes off the body unless a faster prime is needed, and gives great results covering everything from candids to beautiful bridal portraits at f5.6. Had to have a new iris fitted after 2 years and allegedly that's a common fault, though Canon don't admit it! Hope that helps. Phil
  19. From Alamy list of distributors: Turkey Dijital Imaj +90 (212) 258 70 58 sales@dijitalimaj.com
  20. Got that once on a Canon 24-105L lens. Had to be sent for repair, needed a new iris.
  21. Why not open a zenfolio account, doubles up as a website, and you can have an unlimited amount of images stored. If there are some you don't want to be public you can restrict certain areas to be only viewable by you.
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