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  1. Just checked and same happened to mine... AIM here I come Phil
  2. Very true! I've shared the link anyway, to facebook, twitter, and linkdin... Will advise if bank balance soars Phil
  3. Yes...but not really convinced that will bring in the $$$$ Phil
  4. Good question.... Where do you think would be effective? Phil
  5. So now I've done a few galleries....Let's see the increased sales roll in https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/philcrean Phil
  6. Worked in FF for me, but not Safari....Haven't tried Chrome. Phil
  7. Here it is: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/111859.html Phil
  8. Can't get a header image to load.... Choose one and just get 3 loading dots for ages Anyone else experiencing this? Phil
  9. Two years ago today I landed in Havana and spent 3 weeks traveling in a small group(10 people). We set off to Baracoa stopping along the way in Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Camaguey,(one of my favorite places), Santiago, (too noisy and my least favorite place), Then flew back to Havana and went to Vinales, back to Havana and home. And everywhere there is a constant stream of photo opportunities. The country is still operating on technology from a half a century ago and changes are happening in the most haphazard ways. The people are the most well educated in the world and a delight to speak to. However tourism is their only way to get hard cash now so you will pay out for everything, including photo opportunities, but it is very cheap. We stayed in Casas particulares, their version of B&B, and were very well looked after, there are shortages of certain foods, but plenty of eggs! The music is fantastic, the range of transport is staggering and their inventiveness has even kept medieval machinery working(well it seems that old when you're from the wealthy first world!) Take care and have lots of fun! Phil
  10. Future improvements includes this: "Improvements to messaging throughout the AIM pages" Messaging who? Other contributors? Alamy? Aliens? Phil
  11. Phil Crean

    Personal use

    Thanks for the clarification guys! Phil
  12. Phil Crean

    Personal use

    The above contradicts what you told me on 12 Sept. 2018. Quote from email received from CR: "Hi Phil, Personal use isn’t a scheme you can opt out of, it’s a license type that you can restrict. If you apply any restriction, your images can’t be used in the distribution pool. This isn’t something we plan to change in the near future, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be changed ever. Thanks Corin Alamy Contributor Relations" Can you confirm what is correct re PU and Distribution please? Phil
  13. https://www.instagram.com/creanphil/ Work and abstract stuff! Phil
  14. After the rain! Reporting on the reporters! Selling the news! Phil
  15. Happened to me twice recently that I got asked if I'd be happy to go exclusive on a particular image. Unfortunately looks like client didn't go with mine as I've heard no more and no sale recorded yet Phil
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