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  1. Search any term, Click on photo, Tab at top "CUSTOM PRICING".
  2. Similar to billboard usage I'd say. Alamy calculator for Advertising/Billboard,Transit/ would be a good place to start.
  3. No problem John, I'm just illiterate when it comes to this type of shortened speak
  4. Just had two images licensed for a news story. Parascender died in Tenerife whilst parascending! Images were uploaded as news last December as part of a story on a a parascending competition…no sale! Who knows what is news today or tomorrow.
  5. Thanks Craig... Interesting little side story: This image was viewed on my personal web site at 7:24 this morning according to my site stats, found via a google search. Any connection, or, big coincidence? Where would they buy it cheaper?
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. Think I'll not bother trialing it based on your feedback and a few other items I've seen on t'internet.
  7. With the announcement of DX0 9 I'm wondering if anyone uses it(or DX0 8) and has compared the results with ACR for Raw conversions? Which is better and why?
  8. Delighted to be included in the final selection Lovely start to the week
  9. I have a X100, and some 3 months after buying it got some strange corruption on files, looked like severe pixelation even at small sizes. http://bit.ly/SiIfcl Sent it back under warranty and they fixed it and I've been delighted with it's capabilities ever since. Never go out without it unless I'm shooting with the 5D kit.
  10. Thanks MDM! Didn't realise I could do that, very useful. I won't be upgrading either till I've got a day spare to make sure everything works ok.
  11. Fuji X100, should be available at good second hand price as it's been superseded by the S. Does good macro, and it's 23mm lens and APS C size sensor gives equivalent 35mm lens/full frame. Update the firmware to version 2, just released, which speeds up start up time, and improves focus point selection. Great IQ, got lots on Alamy, no problems with QC.
  12. I'm just quoting on a similarish job, but with clothing at the clients premises and was thinking about €10Euro/item. So it seems to be more or less in the same ballpark allowing for the lower cost of living etc here.
  13. Fortunately Alamy isn't my main source of photography income Have done quiet a few weddings there and got an opportunity to spend a night on a preferred tariff
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