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  1. The link doesn't take me to voting…..confused.com
  2. Sometimes I get phone calls from people wanting to reserve a table at a restaurant I've photographed when they find on my website and think my contact details are the restaurants
  3. PSD is photoshop native files. As long as they are up to scratch in sharpness/lack of artifacts, etc then converting to jpg and submitting would be fine.
  4. And I've had the opposite, images that have sold on Alamy and been rejected by another agency No figuring it out sometimes.
  5. From a behind the scenes shoot I was doing as another photographer was shooting a calendar for a breast cancer charity.
  6. A way to help if CA tool isn't enough….. In PS duplicate layer. Change blend mode to colour. Go to Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur. Adjust to about 3 - 5, checking image to see CA disappear. Add layer mask. Fill with black. Paint back in white on areas you want. I sometimes use this if I think the image is worth the work.
  7. Time to step up to a Kodak Box Brownie, Phil. Interesting that so many of you don't mention the camera (or type of) you're using. Just tried to order one but they're out of stock
  8. Shoebox, painted black, 0.001mm pinhole, shutter adjusted according to available light, ISO 5.
  9. Is photographic polygamy permitted? To be encouraged I'd say
  10. I keep getting funny e mails offering an upsize
  11. And a whole bunch of monkeys never wrote Shakespeare either
  12. Well this happened to me yesterday; It was the second image in a group of 10. When the upload got to the end I clicked again on the Choose JPEG button and in the dialog box chose the file that was rejected, clicked upload and it went through ok. So a new mystery, what happened & why??? Am also on a iMAC with Safari.
  13. As stated before…. On claim form put Alamy claim 2013. Then in a separate e mail to dacs sent a copy of your Alamy statement from 2013. Easypeasy Phil
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