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  1. Thanks Philippe… I realised just how many there were when I did a bit of googling which is why I've thrown it in here to see if anyone could give me a definitive answer. Phil
  2. Any moss experts out there? Trying to id this growing on a tree in Northland, New Zealand….. Thanks Phil
  3. Hi Betty, Had the exact same problem from this side of the world yesterday... Showing as uploaded now but with todays date as when received…Were actually uploaded at about 5pm yesterday. There was obviously some blockage in the pipework but at least they got through eventually Phil
  4. Question or statement??? I don't. You mean how to look? Search for BHZ How to test your own rank? (or play like some here say) Put BHZ as a keyword in the Essential keywords. In one RM image. (If you have only RF, the outcome is only valid for an RF only search.) Wait 24 hours until the database has been updated and look where your image has landed in the BHZ search. For testing reasons people sometimes use more than one image, or vary the place of BHZ. If you do so, please make your testing period as short as possible. wim edit: double quotes? That's the second time. Thanks Wim…Thought you were referring to a second lightbox…Already do the BHZ thingy, know how to search Still on page 6….which is probably an improvement as more people have joined
  5. Interesting thoughts… Wonder what percentage end up on facebook where theoretically they are archived?
  6. Got it yesterday…. Also, if you wanted to use the Classic Chrome on another Fuji where it's not supported, edit the EXIF to say XT1 and voila
  7. My X100 has a completely silent option which I use almost 100% of the time, has to be turned off for flash to work…. Look forward to the XT1 update which will make it silent too
  8. Thanks Mark…I'll play with that and see how I get on.
  9. + 1 on that! And I really like the tip about setting up the function buttons for AF control…Makes life so much easier whilst out and about. Are you(Mark) using LR to process the RAF files? If so any tips on settings? Phil
  10. 2 cleared this morning(Sunday), not there yesterday...
  11. Cheers Julie…Had a look and a quick play with some suggested settings…Still not sure whats the best way to go, eyes getting a bit tired now so will come back to it later. Anyone else got any input?
  12. Thanks for that Martin…Interesting Makes me wonder what else is in the RAW that I don't see And wouldn't it be good if we were told
  13. I've just got a Fuji XT1 and 18-55mm kit lens and am using Lightroom 5.6 for processing. I'm wondering what standard import settings people are using, particularly Clarity/Vibrance; & Capture sharpening. I've been playing about and I'm not convinced that I've got the ideal combo yet. My settings are usually; Clarity +20/Vibrance+16. Standard LR sharpening. These work great with the Canon 5DMKII and the Fuji X100, but seem a bit soft with the XT1. Also I see that Adobe do not have a lens profile for the 18 - 55mm Fuji, any thoughts re this? TIA Phil
  14. http://www.direstudio.com Works on MAC and now claims to be available for PC
  15. 1) Ability to append/delete keyword(s) without affecting the others in the same field. 2) Loupe system in MI to see image better(Count people etc). 3)SEE 1)…. Ability to append /delete keywords without affecting others in same field
  16. Dunno, I think a lot has to do with the subject. If the challenge was about "cars" you'd see a lot of participants because everybody can shoot a car. But if it was about "classic cars", the entries would be a lot less and I think 3 images/photographer would be very reasonable. Anyway, the initial purpose of these challenges is to give people inspiration. I'd say, "the more images, the better" Cheers, Philippe I'm thinking of the number of photos the poor judge has to sort through , though it's also a good point about how to word the challenge to make it more specific.
  17. I think that the one photo idea is good for going ahead with now that so many people are participating. However, don't think the greenie should become a general measure for selecting the finalists; it should be down to the subjective judgement of the person running that months challenge. Well done Ed for getting it down to a more manageable vote
  18. Ok sussed it…voting here…images there…Very confusing, not user friendly…. Why so many to vote on? Thought the idea was to reduce it to about 8 for the voting
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