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  1. Been down that road, and a few side roads as well Printer deader than a Monty Python parrot New HP installed, cheaper to run than the old Canon, output good enough as any serious photo printing gets outsourced Mainly being used for general paperwork. Phil
  2. Printer officially deceased Anyone use Canon 6, black(2), cyan, magenta, yellow, and 3e black, cartridges? Going cheap Phil
  3. Only in Scotland...You take the highway and I'll take the .......
  4. I recently upgraded to Yosemite on my iMac and have just discovered a problem with printing from Photoshop and Lightroom... Printer is a Canon ip5000, and it works ok with adobe reader, open office, safari.... Tried printing today from Photoshop and it took it's usual slow time but put out a complete blank paper, tried with lightroom, same result. Have checked all the utility stuff, printed tests ok, printed from other applications ok. Anybody got any clues as to what might be happening... TIA Phil
  5. Interesting...I've been told a couple of times that I'm not allowed to take photos; once as I was leaving a plane(steps) and turned back to shoot the nose, and, once on board a crew member said I could only take photos of my traveling companion. Before and since I've taken lots, but now always use my little Fuji and am careful not to point it obviously at cabin crew! Phil
  6. The sound of silence! Talking to the gods! Red for danger! Ok that's my 3 for this one... Phil
  7. Open your finder(MAC) find the folder, drag & drop into Filezilla, at top menu bar click TRANSFER>>>PROCESS QUEUE Phil, I tried your directions but I guess my brain just can't comprehend. I found my folder in Finder, but there are several spaces on Filzilla. Which space to drag into?? I did get it to drag in one area, but then I could not find the Transfer>Process Queue at the top. I kind of thought I did, looking at all those tiny icons, and clicked on one of them, and my folder disappeared from the box I'd dragged it into and it looked like I was uploading some files from my HD, not the images. Then a lot of red lines saying failure showed in the action. So I closed everything out and uploaded the old way. I'm sorry, you tried. I was standing behind a tree when technical smarts were awarded. and II only stepped out for the creative bits to come my way. Betty Hi Betty, Sorry to hear your troubles! Drag files into large empty area at the bottom section of the Filezilla box. By Top Menu Bar, I meant at the top of your screen, not the Filezila box..... Also, had you entered Host/Username/Password details ok ? Also, just did a quick Youtube search and there are loads of video tutorials on there, maybe a look at one of them may help. Good luck Phil
  8. Have sold 3 church photos in 6 years...2 ruins, 1 still working...none particularly famous. Guess they just happened to suit the clients needs Phil
  9. Open your finder(MAC) find the folder, drag & drop into Filezilla, at top menu bar click TRANSFER>>>PROCESS QUEUE
  10. I too looked at these and even on some details in landscapes, ie leaves, found artifacts. So be very careful with the detail slider Phil
  11. Something odd happening I'm showing 27 as ready in Manage Images, but they are in fact on sale Were keyworded yesterday so should have gone on last nights update. Maybe theres a delay in updating the Manage Images app Phil
  12. Here's one done from just 2 images only, but the effort is minimal and then to end up with a RAW file to work with is a real bonus... Also I'm sure some of the overlapping cows moved between shots but I cannot find any ghosting Phil
  13. I think the link on forum includes all images/psuedos...does for me when I click on my own anyway...
  14. So what exactly does this first line mean?...."When providing us with content or posting content (in each case for publication, whether on- or off-line) using the Services," If we just use PayPal to send and receive payments then we're not providing any content; or, are we? Puzzled.... Phil
  15. Ok, so I uploaded the 14 that MS said they hadn't received plus another 8; total 22. Track subs now shows 36 awaiting QC….. Looks like the 14 from yesterday did go through and have been included in the same upload I did today…Now got 14 duplicates in the queue... Phil
  16. We need a list of stop words so that we don't use them... Phil
  17. Not yet on FTP with Alamy…But am with others and have used Filezilla for about 5 years, on an iMAC. Works easily, with regular updates, never had a problem so never looked elsewhere Phil
  18. Little Woman! Little burger! Little footballer! Phil
  19. I've been keeping 3 psuedos up till now, 1 for best stuff, 1 for not so best, and 1 for a subject I wanted to monitor how it came up in views/zooms. Having now decided to start doing a bit of RF I have got a n other psuedo for them so that I can see how they do. Mostly my ctr is lower than alamy average, but my sales are steadily increasing, so that doesn't bother me much. Phil
  20. Cheap transport! Dancin' in the street! Planning dinner! Phil
  21. Yes but did you get an e-mail telling you so!! No… Does that mean I wasn't?
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