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  1. Shopping in Mercadona on Saturday, just before the lockdown, Tenerife, Spain Phil
  2. Postponed rather than cancelled...New dates 19th - 22nd September. Wex are also doing show based daily deals... Phil
  3. Here we go... Typical grey day in Lima, Peru. Teide obscured by calima, sand storm from the Sahara, Tenerife. Walking over the Tongariro Alpine crossing, New Zealand. Phil
  4. Unfortunately the virus thingy has buggered my travel plans so I'll not be there...However clik trip will be so pop by and see what's on offer 😊 Have fun and try not to melt the credit cards 😁 Phil
  5. Exchange rates are normally set by the bank doing the transfer... Phil
  6. There's a little village of different ones that you can visit.... https://www.iter.es/visits/?lang=en Phil
  7. Slowest & lowest month for a year...7 sales $113 gross. Plus a refund of what was a good January sale.🀨 Phil
  8. In the spirit of diversity I'll have cashews! πŸ‘€ Phil
  9. Photovoltaic panels and wind turbine. Sustainable architecture Twizzy on charge Phil
  10. Looking at some board members I'm a bit concerned; Paul Dacre and Rebekah Brooks 🀨 Phil
  11. I did it mostly for magazines I contributed directly to but no longer have copies of.... Phil
  12. I found a few magazine ISSNs by googling "ISSN for *****Magazine" Including some I contributed to in the 1980's/90's that are now out of print! Phil
  13. Reached my monthly average over the last 12 months at 10 sales, 4 distributor, including 1 to a French newspaper that was $$$(highest for the month), compared to a frame from the same shoot taken seconds apart which went direct to a UK newspaper for the usual $😣, not Live News. Above average prices😁 Gross $491. Phil
  14. I sometimes like to walk around with a fixed focal length on and that is one I use a lot when in that mode! The f2.8 is also very useful when wanting to really isolate things and it is obviously great at Macro! Phil
  15. I am! And am very impressed with it. Super sharp, almost too sharp when I've used it for portraits! Phil
  16. I do all the work on Live View also, including focus at 10x magnification in 5D MKIII, I've sometimes bracketed especially on B&W negs as it's sometimes hard to judge the optimum exposure until looking at the RAW in Lightroom. Phil
  17. The other bit is a tad more $$$...but still worth it, my "scans" have more than paid for it in sales πŸ˜‰ Phil
  18. 100mm f2.8 is superb. Remember to turn the IS off when on tripod! I used it with a set up using a Novoflex Castel-cop-digi which mounts on two rails under the camera on a Castel -Q sliding rail then lit the slide with a flash placed about 150mm behind. It worked with 35mm and 120 slides and also B&W negs. 35mm Fuji100 120 Fuji100 120 Kodak TMax100 Phil
  19. Couple of Alamy images in this: https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/galerias/visitar-pueblos-abandonados-espana-cuales-ver/2515/image/135990 Phil
  20. Spot on I'd say! But then visual literacy has to be learned just as any language does. Those of us who make our life in the visual arts need to be fluent. Phil
  21. Lightroom does panoramic stitching very well, as does Photoshop. Photoshop will also do focus stacking... Phil
  22. Zenfolio does it...You can put galleries into Groups. Phil
  23. You're bringing back memories of my visit in 2014/15... visited a lot of the same places. If I was 30 years younger I'd emigrate there, but they won't have me now as I'm too old/not rich enough! Phil
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