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  1. Who's the EFF? And can we tell 'em to eff off Phil If privacy and security of on-line communication is of any interest to you, you might want the EFF to hang around for a while. dd If they're in favour of people pinching photos then they need to update their ideas before they get my support
  2. Had exact same problems with uploads about 3 - 4 weeks ago, yet one from yesterday went through perfectly. Sems like the intermittent gremlins at work here Phil
  3. Just checked again...still happening. Wake up tech team Phil
  4. Same here...only yesterday...only pseuds with zooms...odd. Phil
  5. All Alamy photos in this slideshow: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/picturegalleries/9615101/The-worlds-most-haunted-hotels.html?frame=3464820 Phil
  6. Had a few issues recently with a panorama, 194MB, via FTP, it went in twice for some reason, similar thing has happened with other files that were a bit larger than usual. Phil
  7. Upload via all ways has been very odd lately... Also had an upload that took 24 hours to appear via web uploader. Ftp is regularly duplicating files... Using same ftp(filezilla) with other sites and no problem so definitely sommat amiss alamys end. Phil
  8. I was under the impression that if you opted in for distribution then automatically all your non restricted images got distributed. Is that not the case? Phil
  9. A selection of novelty mail boxes spotted when I visited New Zealand: Click on images to see larger and to buy a licence. Phil
  10. Reckon I'll be doing the same in future. Phil
  11. No..it was under max size...thing was it uploaded 3 times for some daft reason. Also another file uploaded twice.
  12. Well they all passed including duplicates! So deleted the 6 extra images and now on to keywording. It seems that in the first upload everything went through ok, including the 2 that Filezilla reported as not uploaded. The extras were 1 image uploaded 3 times, was a large file 194mb panorama; and another also largish, uploaded twice. Not sure if this was a Filezilla issue or an Alamy issue....Puzzling. Phil
  13. Today I ftp'd 28 images as stock using Filezilla. End report said 26 uploaded 2 not uploaded. Re uploaded the 2 that had not gone through. Just looked at track images; it shows 2 FTP uploads today, the first with 32 images, the second with 2.....Totally f...in' confused Phil
  14. Well I just had to delete half of my upload...it seems the FTP route takes a long time to appear in track images so something to bear in mind for future
  15. Did one FTP yesterday and thought it had gotten lost so redid it FTP, now total showing as both received, but in one line on track page. Will have to delete half when they pass.
  16. Fuji X100; X100S; X100T; fixed f2 lens, superb quality, built in ND filter, Leaf shutter. I'm still using the oldest X100 and it still looks great! Phil
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