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  1. Noice!!! Very, very noice!!!! Sort of a double-double-bluff . . . the rainbow stands out, grabs the eye immediately, demands to be the centre of attention, proclaims itself the subject . . . but the window and raindrops cover the whole frame and thereby have a technical claim to be the subject and by default have to pass QC muster, if they're sharp . . . and they are, they're sharp as a tack . . . but the real subject, the one the eye keeps guiltily sneaking back to, sits there in all its blurry glory, daring QC to say the focus is in the wrong place . . . Hey, okay, sometimes when I'm not too busy my mind wanders . . . others collect stamps . . . dd Muchos thank yous for your comments....Wander on... Phil
  2. Just recently shot this rather blurry rainbow... Phil
  3. View over Garachico at dusk. Pre dawn lenticular clouds over Teide. Moonrise over Santiago del Teide. Phil
  4. Have a look at the Metz 58AF-2 Fully compatible and a lot less dosh than Canon... Phil
  5. Velly clever! Why didn't I think of that? Phil
  6. Just seen this: https://photoarchivenews.com/2016/01/25/confirmed-demotix-goes-to-vcg-and-getty-images/ Phil
  7. Yes- and with it the fee for an assignment from Sept 15 that demotix failed to pay me - pleased to see the back of them I wouldn't write it off just yet. Corbis were never the best at communicating... From my experiance of such takeovers in the past it sometimes takes a while after the initial kaboom of announcement for the dust to settle. I know of a few usages of my imiages via Demotix and I expect to get some sort of recompense. Demotix did have some advantages over similar organisations... for a start they made sales. They just didn't pay out on all the sales!!! Phil
  8. What I see in Tenerife, Spain!!! "Choose a license from the list below that suits your needs. Presentation £ 9.99 Website £ 29.99 Magazine £ 79.99 Marketing package: Small business £ 39.99 Marketing package: Large business £ 149.99 Or choose a royalty-free license Quick and simple checkout - no credits, no subscriptions, no need to register! Download" I'd expect to see price in Euros, local currency. I'm not hiding my ip address through a proxy so they should know where I am. Phil
  9. Done well it can be good but, as we often see at Alamy, they haven't spent enough time testing it or, thinking about how it looks. A few observations, from a design PoV... constructive criticism you may say. 1. Too many similar images displayed. 2. Similar Thumbnails look too big. They're often the same size as the image the client WANTs to see. Very distracting. 3. Metadata for the zoomed image appears way down below the similar images, completely detached from the image it relates to. 4. The partial caption under each image adds nothing but clutter. If you can't see it all why have it. It's not enough to understand what the image is.... "A something at......" "A plane flying across......." ?!? 5. Often there is a random image stuck on it's own line. Just lucks untidy and adds to the feel of clutter. 6. While we're at it, the pricing on the right of the zoomed image. There is large space between image size and price. If you reduce the column width you can give the Zoomed image a bit of a size boost. It is what the customer is most interested in so make it clearer. As it stands, visually, the image looks small against the payment info block Changes. 1. Two lines tops of similar images. Whether you have 1x8 of Similar images from same artist plus 1x8 from alternative artists is up to them but, I feel it would be a fairer way to split it. 2. Drop the text on the thumbnails and make sure a higher % of keywords match between the two files. At the moment I feel they may be relying on too few or only Essential keywords to determine a similar image. Either way, they need to be more relevant / accurate! 3. Make changes as suggested in (6) to give more space to the Zoomed Image. 4. Bring the metadata cut off at the bottom back up to the top where it should be. 5. Add a break/space between the last section of metadata on the zoomed image and the start of the similar images. 6. 2 lines of similar images, one from the same artist one from other artists using the current <h4> header settings separating the two lines. Yeah I know it will probably be dismissed as ideas coming from "A photographer" but it's just a thought, input from someone who used to spend a lot of time as a graphic designer / illustrator. You should get hired by Alamy immediately... Phil
  10. Yes, I found that. The photos are still there on the site, but the ultra-organised well-respected news-gathering agency seems to have gone. What will I do without that £20 a year??? From Alamy's point of view - and that of it's contributors (except those who also sold through Corbis) it has to be a good thing. Less competition obviously. This "citizen journalist" never made a penny on Demotix, so I won't miss them in that regard. However, I quite liked the site otherwise. First we take Corbis, then we take _________________. I did quiet well out of Demotix for a while, some decent sales. But then images used in various publications which they admitted supplying but never chased up payments. At that point I decided never to use them again. However I did leave images there as a selection were appearing on Corbis and I did get the odd decent sale, last year brought in 2 sales which netted me €200. What happens now I don't know, my login is not recognised on corbis site, so I've sent them a message via their web contact asking for clarification. I'll post any response here. Phil
  11. On the news feed... Fiesta of San Sebastian in Tenerife. Phil
  12. I use it sometimes with PSD files and it works ok...ish! Sometimes it's a bit too enthusiastic and needs to have the colour slider adjusted especially near blue skies. Phil
  13. Facebook certainly helps, mostly in the local area raising profile and being part of the local online community. I've had jobs that would not have happened without it. My page for anyone interested: https://www.facebook.com/PhilCreanPhotography/ Phil
  14. No! I checked. It's not mine............... it's yours Cheers, Philippe Not yours! Must be mine then! Phil
  15. Mail online, Tenerife article. E2BHNC Mine! EWM80G; EWNXP1; EWM82P; Jan Wlodarczyk. Phil
  16. Lovely to be in there...Thanks. Feliz New Year to todos! Phil
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