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  1. Yes, I found that. The photos are still there on the site, but the ultra-organised well-respected news-gathering agency seems to have gone. What will I do without that £20 a year??? From Alamy's point of view - and that of it's contributors (except those who also sold through Corbis) it has to be a good thing. Less competition obviously. This "citizen journalist" never made a penny on Demotix, so I won't miss them in that regard. However, I quite liked the site otherwise. First we take Corbis, then we take _________________. I did quiet well out of Demotix for a while, some decent sales. But then images used in various publications which they admitted supplying but never chased up payments. At that point I decided never to use them again. However I did leave images there as a selection were appearing on Corbis and I did get the odd decent sale, last year brought in 2 sales which netted me €200. What happens now I don't know, my login is not recognised on corbis site, so I've sent them a message via their web contact asking for clarification. I'll post any response here. Phil
  2. On the news feed... Fiesta of San Sebastian in Tenerife. Phil
  3. I use it sometimes with PSD files and it works ok...ish! Sometimes it's a bit too enthusiastic and needs to have the colour slider adjusted especially near blue skies. Phil
  4. Facebook certainly helps, mostly in the local area raising profile and being part of the local online community. I've had jobs that would not have happened without it. My page for anyone interested: https://www.facebook.com/PhilCreanPhotography/ Phil
  5. No! I checked. It's not mine............... it's yours Cheers, Philippe Not yours! Must be mine then! Phil
  6. Mail online, Tenerife article. E2BHNC Mine! EWM80G; EWNXP1; EWM82P; Jan Wlodarczyk. Phil
  7. Lovely to be in there...Thanks. Feliz New Year to todos! Phil
  8. Mine back also...With Editorial use only in a lovely shade of red
  9. Only open to US citizens Checked it out earlier this morning as Ansel shares the same birth date as me(Different year ).
  10. Carnaval in motion! Still life in motion! Funfair in motion!
  11. See this guy...A local Tenerife geezer who is doing fab work all o'er t'place(Yorkshire accent!) http://www.sabotajealmontaje.com Phil
  12. Done did it last week. So far found no issues..... Phil
  13. So far, we're all three from different countries. Would that play a role? Cheers, Philippe Could be location has an effect, I have in the past gone to look at a particular image by ref number to return a page saying that it was not available. So really need some results from the same country for a definitive comparison. Phil
  14. Got 5,640 images. I can understand the differing 1st 3 images due to algorithm jiggery pokery, but not why differing number of images returned. D9FGB0 RM D9FR8Y RM B5PRRT RF Edit to add. That was with Creative tab, change to Relevant gives same images as Philippe.
  15. With the beat of his own solitary drum. Out on a solitary limb! In his own solitary space! Phil
  16. In my humble opinion...Putting an image as RM, stating no releases, is more than sufficient. Onus is on the publisher to ensure correct permissions are available, or, for them to ask the relevant person/corporation for permission to publish. Phil
  17. Not yesterday(Friday) when I was expecting some to pass....But this morning all gone through including some uploaded yesterday. Phil
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