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  1. Guadalquiver in Seville, Spain. Barranco de Angustias, La Palma, Canary Islands. Carrowbeg in Westport, Ireland. Phil
  2. Archival/reportage upload is your friend here. I had to send a link to a webpage with examples and was given access this way. Phil
  3. Some Alamy pics here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/09/national-trust-is-accused-of-being-autocratic-and-out-of-touch/ Phil
  4. Here's one that I never expected to sell.... Nor this one.... I've also had sales of photographed to death landmarks that surprised me due to the fact that there are lots of better(IMHO) photos of the same out there. Not complainin'.... Phil
  5. Some quintessentially Dublin photos, which is where I'm from: Music, Art, & Fashion.... Phil
  6. Although I don't sell much to the UK newspapers, I do sell some there, but living abroad means I don't get to see the papers, and even using google search only brings up sales where I am credited, so I really have no way of checking where my images may be getting used and not reported. It would be great if there was some centralised database of newspapers sales as this would then reassure me that they are being logged. Phil
  7. Here's one.... Manipulated to look a bit like a drawing. And another... Rusty pear! And lastly... Colour manipulated artificial palm tree. Phil
  8. Just cleared now...waiting since 20th, usually get through in less than 24hrs so must have been a logjam of some sort.... Phil
  9. For me the biggest hangover is in the digital darkroom! I find that my processing in Lightroom and Photoshop is strongly influenced by what I used to do under the enlarger. Phil
  10. This is the answer...... http://tinyurl.com/hnkjsgo If you've got deep enough pockets, that is. Phil
  11. Ok here goes.... Carnival power! No pedals power! Panning power! Phil
  12. At an event the other day spotted(and photographed!) this Presentation Use: Looks like a B&W conversion of BC9K6A by Jeffrey Blackler Phil
  13. Same here, noticed it last night and sent them a e mail...Still the same this morning, Phil
  14. I showed a link to a web page with about 40 and they gave me the ok on that.. Phil
  15. Look like ferrocactus.... Also known as mother in laws seat! Phil
  16. Thats why I suggested it. I have 3 pseudos and they all come up when searching like that. Phil
  17. Have your tried putting their name in the Photographer field on advanced search? Phil
  18. Worm on way to funfair! Concrete worm! Sailing worm! Phil
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