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  1. I had the same problem and mentioned it on another thread, I take it you haven't had a response Phil? Chris Thanks for bringing this up Chris...saved me searching for my post in 1,000's on this thread!!! They did reply as follows: "Hi Phil, We have heard back from our technical team regarding this. The following tags are listed twice on both images – animal animals round shells snails spirals When you select both images at once they only show the tags once, and when you click on them individually they show all the tags including the duplicates. This is a display feature and not an issue which will be fixed. Thanks Corin" So it seems that by selecting more than 1 image we cannot see what tags are duplicated.....And they are not going to fix it! Phil
  2. Me too.... One Alamy approached me about in January 2016, and another I reported to Alamy in April 2016....Still waiting! Phil Mois aussi. I've had a number of instances and no result to date In my experience the sales team are good at chasing the big customers where, presumably, due to errors/pressure of work rather than malice, an invoice has been missed, but real infringements, that's another thing altogether. Sent them a email querying them.... Reply "We have looked into this and the infringement team are still chasing this up for you. Due to a switch over in staffing and processes on the infringement team there have been a few delays but they are working on this for you at the moment and as soon as we have any updates we will let you know." Phil
  3. Me too.... One Alamy approached me about in January 2016, and another I reported to Alamy in April 2016....Still waiting! Phil
  4. And here we go again....! Looking up in Kuala Lumpur. Looking down in Valencia. Looking straight on in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Phil
  5. Enhorabuena! Can you post a link to the film when it's done please... Phil
  6. Hi guys, Am finally on the new system... Found a bug that I haven't seen referred to yet... Two images with identical tags in identical order,(26/50 tags. 10 supertags identical on both images) When either image is selected all it's associated tags are visible. When both images are selected some tags disappear. Have sent a mail to CR asking why... Will post response. Phil
  7. My surname starts with C.....Still waiting Phil Crean
  8. As seen in another topic, New Manage Images is out for some contributors... When will the rest of us have access to it? Thanks, Phil
  9. Has everyone except me got this???? Tried logging out & in again in case that was an issue, but am still on the old system..... Phil
  10. No restrictions shown on the individual image pages. I do recall Alamy once commenting that some images are not available in certain regions, so they just don't show up in a search originating in that region...could be a blanket restriction set for a particular contributor/agency as opposed to individual image restrictions...maybe? Phil
  11. dpa is a german agency so maybe they restrict Alamy from selling their own images in the German market... Phil
  12. A few friendly geezers here! All at Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Phil
  13. It depends on what the main subject of the photograph is. If a building is the obvious main subject of a photograph then you would need a property release. But if it's just one of many buildings that are in a cityscape type shot like the one that you reference, then releases for the individual buildings aren't required. That has been my understanding too but on checking Alamy's guidelines I see that they say "If there’s recognisable property in your image you’ll need a property release in order to sell as RF or for commercial use." This implies that even broad city scenes may require multiple property releases. And of course, in many cases, a release may be required from other interested parties - the Eiffel Tower at night being just one example. Though I note that another big agency is happy for unreleased night shots of the Eiffel Tower to be sold RF as long as it's not the main focus of the composition. But where does that leave you if the client crops the image to feature the Eiffel Tower? I believe the onus to obtain a release should be on the end user and not the photographer. Photographers have absolutely no control over how their pictures are cropped and are not in a position to say whether a release is *needed*. Note too that the requirement for property releases is not restricted to buildings This is what Alamy says "Property is not just limited to buildings, it’s anything identifiable that’s copyrighted/trademarked e.g. logos and branded items." I believe this is the case.... The publisher is the one ultimately responsible for what they have published, in my opinion. As long as we photographers are honest in what we claim to have in releases then how can we be held responsible for others actions? Phil
  14. Maybe it's people with 3D printers thinking they can print the object Phil
  15. And remove the offending images from sale! Phil
  16. OK Chuck...Thanks for your reply. I too used lots of Fujichrome in the 80's & 90's, loved it! Am now using a XT1, which is pretty good for travel and to always have a camera with me, but now after 2 years use it's showing a lot more wear & tear than I would expect. Am considering sending it in for an overhaul, and to have the outer rubber/plastic bits replaced as they are peeling and coming loose. Hope their European service is better than your experience in the USA. Phil
  17. Behind the farmer.... Behind the Ice cream seller... Behind the wheel... Phil
  18. He can have the beach but Teide - no way . They're all mine.... But I share... Phil Oh it's yours then as long as you're happily taking the blame when it erupts And your beach is flooded. Allan Have seen the beach flooded, by torrential rainfall, swept cars into the sea But, am still waiting for the mountain to erupt Phil
  19. He can have the beach but Teide - no way . They're all mine.... But I share... Phil
  20. Last minute dash! Palm on my beach Minimalist sapling. Tree on my mountain Phil
  21. We're not allowed to see that here. Can you itemise the photographs with credits, aor at least copy and paste? I may have something in there. Rest of the photos are not Alamy...Only Peter Widmans. Phil
  22. The Sun, Contributor: Jack Malipan Travel Photography Article about a similarly named mountain in Lanzarote using a photo from Tenerife...Quality journalism strikes again! Phil
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