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  1. These guys are good: http://www.ffordes.com And also: http://www.wexphotographic.com Good luck Phil
  2. New market for those high noise images! Phil
  3. Sent the same question to CR and just got this super rapido reply: "Hi Phil There is no difference at all in the way we work it is simply a change in terminology to make the wording more universal. Hope this helps. Thanks, Shelley" So why change it? Surely there must be some difference in definition??? Phil
  4. Hi Alamy, Can you explain what the difference is between the terms, "Agent" vs "Licencee" in the new contract please. Thanks, Phil
  5. A few from a public execution last Friday For the second year the Ayuntamiento(Town Hall), employed me to be the official photographer for the Passion Play. Intense couple of hours work, but very rewarding Phil
  6. Feel free Phil, A few people from another FB group 'Stop working for free' joined, commented and were all banned. Thanks to Mark for posting the TOS, I'll edit the blog post to include them. Have tried, but its gone to admin for approval!!! Don't think thats going to happen However I did leave a comment on a post, and also posted the link in a comment, so that works for now Phil
  7. Have just joined the FB page...Would you mind if I shared your blog post on it? For as long as it lasts! Maybe lots of us could do that and at least they'll be wasting time in checking and deleting posts..... Phil
  8. Have you tried deleting the ".com.afphoto" from the file name and see if it will open then Phil
  9. Might be time for one of these... Or this one... Phil
  10. I too really miss this feature. P.S. I also really miss telephone booths. Just for you..... Phil
  11. Know about "lap dancing" but never heard of "lap swimming" ....... but then again, English is not my native language Cheers, Philippe Whats lap dancing? Phil It's what people from Lapland do. I think ...
  12. Ditto! And the link is to a blog written in January! I was hoping that they might be advising of some bug fixes..... Phil
  13. Know about "lap dancing" but never heard of "lap swimming" ....... but then again, English is not my native language Cheers, Philippe Whats lap dancing? Phil
  14. All Alamy photos in this slideshow(swimmers & swimming pools) http://tinyurl.com/n7jgs6c Italian paper so probably cheap bulk deal and possibly via distributor! Phil
  15. Just had the same.... The link they sent doesn't actually go to the infringing party and they can't provide any more info as they no longer work with picscout! Frustrating, as there's now no way to find out who the infringer is and decide if it's worth pursuing. Phil
  16. Interesting... Also see this: http://preview.tinyurl.com/zd2p7nn Phil
  17. New Yorkers are multi-languaged Even multilingual. Allan Wheras us 'ere is multibilingual Phil
  18. Some Alamy credits here: https://elt.oup.com/student/starlight/acknowledgements?cc=gb&selLanguage=en&mode=hub Phil
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