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  1. All done....The winner is EMAB2P Red Drums by R. Watkins Congrats and over to you to set February challenge. Once again many thanks to all who competed and/or voted. Phil
  2. 24hrs ish left to get your vote in Phil
  3. Thanks a million and very well done to all entrants. I'll be choosing this morning and will hopefully have the poll set up later. Phil
  4. Final countdown.....Finishes midnight(GMT) tomorrow Phil
  5. BUMBER UPPER Anyone got more to add... 8 days to go... Phil
  6. Well I can see I'm gonna be pulling my hair out by the end of the month! Already too many favorites Keep 'em comin"
  7. Ok guys this months challenge is "Music" in it's broadest sense... Bands, Instruments, Musicians, Music technology, Concepts, etc. All welcome. I may be absent over the next ten days as I'm travelling and will have intermittent access to internet, but I'll check in when I can. Usual rules; 3 per person; must be on Alamy; closes midnight GMT on 31st January. A few of mine; Off ye go! Phil
  8. WOW! Speechless! Will have a think and get next challenge up later today. Phil
  9. Pepperlicious! Finally made it into the final selection.
  10. Here's my 3... Meat delivery in Cuba: Colourful cod carpaccio: Hot stuff!: Phil
  11. From Geoff Kidd on the Professional Stock Photographers FB page: Geoff Kidd 11 mins Not on the Alamy forum but I noticed that some members here had asked there about cloud-based back up providers. I've used Carbonite, on and off, for a number of years. No problems in recent times and I've had to get some files back without any issue. I've about 120k backed up inc a lot of client work which has to be kept very safe for a number of years. One thing to look for in cloud systems is being able to auto upload from external drives, not all do that and some of the third party software that allows it can be ropey at best. I run my computer as programs and current files only, all images once finished are on various externals, some on archival DVDs and all backed up to Carbonite. I did try Amazon as well a few years ago but the plan didn't allow for other than internal HD file upload which meant using third party application which wasn't up to the job. Just a FYI as I can't post there. Phil
  12. No...not working properly since yesterday on either. Yesterday sent 18 by FTP...showed 3 as arrived in AIM. Tried again with rest, and wouldn't go through. Tried this AM with web loader, stalled after 4 so shut it down. However now shows another 13 from the FTP in AIM, so 2 gone AWOL! Not doing any more for a few hours to see if anything else shows up! Phil
  13. Motoring icon... Genius icon... Musical icon... Phil
  14. Think I won as I failed to make the shortlist Phil
  15. Hope they found some! Hot fail! Smart fail! Phil
  16. https://photoarchivenews.com/news/industry-people-alamy-appoints-new-ceo-james-west-moves-chair/ Phil
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