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  1. Not a good month!

    4 sales...I've been averaging 10 over the last year.

    2 direct for low $

    2 Distro for mid $$


    However I had more editorial uses reported in the sold thread than ever before so at least there are those in the pipeline, though probably for lowish ¢


    I've added a lot of images in the last few months due to shooting lots on the effects of Covid 19 on the tourist resorts, which I'm continuing to do, and am hopeful that

    some of them will get picked up in the next few months...



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  2. 10 minutes ago, Futterwithtrees said:

    Agreed, there's nothing to fight. I was just really amused at the petty approach to an image that has no commercial value to anyone in terms of trademark copying. The image was marketed clearly as editorial only.

    It's happened to me a few times and it seems the bigger the company the pettier they are....

    At the end of the day it's not worth the trouble to argue. They lose some potential publicity and we lose the price of a coffee😁


  3. 1 hour ago, MDM said:

    I have not tried this upgrade but I did buy version 2 in a Black Friday sale back in 2018 (partly on your recommendation as well as Phil Crean 😀). I have been getting emails urging me to upgrade but it doesn’t look to me like there is a big benefit to the upgrade reading the blurb on the website so I will resist for now as I don’t use V2 enough anyway. There doesn’t seem to be a lot that is really new in V3 as far as I can see. I bet they will extend the sale or have another before too long anyway. If they could be used for actual raw editing then I would be more inclined to use them more but I don’t think they can. 

    I had a look also at V3, but it doesn't seem to be worth the amount they're asking for an upgrade... In my opinion they've overpriced it.


  4. 14 hours ago, shearwater said:


    Phil Crean A Thousands of local residents take to the beaches on a hot sunny day marking the official end of the state of emergency lockdown due to covid 19. The island airport reopened to European and UK flights and tourists are expected to start returning for holidays. Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. 21st June, 2020. - Image ID: 2C3T3WW 

    Phil Crean A Beach bars are now opening with strict hygiene controls to cater for the few residents, Playa Fañabe, Costa adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. - Image ID: 2BYN19N

    Many thanks 😁


    This month I've appeared more times in this thread than ever, yet reported sales are down by 2/3rds! At least I know there's some in the pipeline


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  5. 1 minute ago, Jansos said:

    I just had a refund from 25/6/2019!  It strikes me as odd that a photo can be potentially used for a whole year and then the client expects and gets a refund. Something quite wrong here IMO. I don't really understand the logic of allowing refunds after such a long period of time. Citizens Advice recommends the following:

    Getting a repair, replacement or refund

    • Bought within the last 30 days - you can get a refund on a faulty product.

    • Bought within the last 6 months - you are entitled to have it repaired or replaced once. If the item still doesn’t work you should get a full refund.

    • Bought more than 6 months ago  - you may still get a repair or replacement but you will only get a partial refund to reflect the use you’ve got out of the item.

    Ridiculous... This should not happen. 😬


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  6. Its a camera minutera as used by street portrait photographers. They shot a paper neg, developed it inside the box, then flipped up the arm on the front and photographed the neg to make a positive which again was developed inside the box. Most of the cameras are homemade.

    I know a guy who still does this here in Tenerife, and there are quiet a few in Spain and also South America. 



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  7. 10 hours ago, Thyrsis said:


    As our trip to Tenerife in April was cancelled I would like to see your images! Still waiting for a refund from Ryanair.......

    Most are in these galleries on my website:





    Ryanair are not doing themselves any favours in how they're dealing with customers throughout this crisis. It seems that they're holding on to peoples money as long as possible and trying to pass off credit notes towards future flights instead of giving refunds.


    Tenerife, along with the rest of Spain, has closed it's borders to almost all international traffic and I don't expect it to re-open until July at the earliest. 

    The effect on our economy is massive, and there is a lot of worried people wondering how the tourist industry is going to reorganise. I think this story is going to carry on for a long time.



  8. To answer the original question....Shooting more...

    From the first day of the lockdown I felt it was important to document what was happening.

    Restricted by the State of Emergency laws I could only shoot at home, out the window, off the balcony and on occasional trips to the shops I took my camera but couldn't 

    stop anywhere for more than a minute or two without risking a heavy fine from the boys in blue, but I made some photos that record my experience of that time.

    Since 23rd April I got authorisation from the Adeje council to go out and photograph in the municipality which has been an eerie experience, walking through deserted touristic areas felt like being in a sci fi movie where everyone has vanished!  

    Anyway I believe I've captured some unique moments and scenes which will form part of an archive of a very strange time.

    This last week the de-escalation of restrictions has begun and I'm continuing to go out a couple of times each week to document the progress.

    So I've shot about 6000 images and about 800 images have gone on Alamy since 15th March when the lockdown began.






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