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  1. I once had an issue with a WD power supply that caused connection problems, so might be worth checking that also Phil
  2. Average number of sales; 11 Some abysmal fees, worst ever for 7 of them, obviously a bulk deal exacerbated by them being distributor so netted 0.99¢ each. Totally unnecessary for Alamy to be condoning such crap fees. Rest ok'ish. Phil
  3. Trousers can also be used for covering your ass🤪🤣 Phil
  4. Must admit I do regret selling my 1960's 500C, and 150 lens. Made some beautiful portraits with that combo.... So if I could get that again and a digital back that would be on my wishlist. And for 35mm a Leica M6 with a couple of lenses, and if it really is money no object I'd have the M10 R. Phil
  5. Short and direct as always! I do also think that Magnum has lost its way. Phil
  6. This is what I use at weddings, and sometimes at other events depending on the situation. Really useful for having short zoom on one and long on the other. Phil
  7. 13 total sales which is back to just above average for last year. So hopefully a sign that the June dip was a one off. 2 Distro at $$ 7 Newspaper at -$ far too low fees Rest mediocre $$ Phil
  8. Seems to be behaving ok this morning! Hope I haven't just jinxed it😉 Phil
  9. Tweet thingy has been stuck for ages!!! My dashboard is otherwise updating ok. Phil
  10. Yep..all ok now... We're very lucky here, very little infection...the big problem now is almost zero tourism. The islands need tourists to keep people in jobs, but also need to take great care not to import covid... Phil
  11. Here's another from the same roll, I tweaked the colour after scanning... Phil
  12. Agfachrome 1000RS! E6 process, shot in the early 90's, scanned a couple of years ago. This was a new film when I shot it, I think it was a freebie I picked up at a launch and shot it alongside some B&W which was what I was commissioned to shoot to see what it was like... I like the results here, and used it a few more times on some nighttime reportage stuff but those trannies are lost now. Phil
  13. Not a good month! 4 sales...I've been averaging 10 over the last year. 2 direct for low $ 2 Distro for mid $$ However I had more editorial uses reported in the sold thread than ever before so at least there are those in the pipeline, though probably for lowish ¢ I've added a lot of images in the last few months due to shooting lots on the effects of Covid 19 on the tourist resorts, which I'm continuing to do, and am hopeful that some of them will get picked up in the next few months... Phil
  14. It's happened to me a few times and it seems the bigger the company the pettier they are.... At the end of the day it's not worth the trouble to argue. They lose some potential publicity and we lose the price of a coffee😁 Phil
  15. I had a look also at V3, but it doesn't seem to be worth the amount they're asking for an upgrade... In my opinion they've overpriced it. Phil
  16. Many thanks 😁 This month I've appeared more times in this thread than ever, yet reported sales are down by 2/3rds! At least I know there's some in the pipeline Phil
  17. Ridiculous... This should not happen. 😬 Phil
  18. On 40% volume and 40% gross. 🤔 Still room for + changes Phil
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