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  1. Hi All ...


    I am new here ... And uploaded a photo at first ... then uploaded more 4 at once ... after some days ... alamy QC failed ...

    This is the email alamy sent :


    We sent this automatically so there's no one here to reply.

    Hello Motasem

    Unfortunately, your test submission (Media Reference OL3177735, OL3177497) has failed.

    We found the following errors:

    Filename                              Rejection reason


    3849.JPG   Number of images

    We need 4 images to pass our initial quality check before you can submit more.

    All images must meet our guidelines (
    http://www.alamy.com/contributors/prepare) and be free from technical errors. Check all images at 100% for any flaws before uploading.

    You can check the progress of your submissions in 'Track Submissions' in 'My Alamy'.

    Get uploading and send us another batch.

    Member Services
    I just can't find the exact reason to fail ... should i upload to forum to help me out ...
    Please HELP :) ...
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