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  1. I have found that if my machine is on all the time the cache and memory get messed up. I would turn off the machine and reboot and be good for another few days.
  2. Hi I am just finishing up the 30 day trial for Keyword Perfect and have decided it is too clunky to use. Also couldn't find a seamless way to put the keywords into Alamy accurately . Found too many keywords were generated that didn't make sense. By the time I re-edited the keywords it seemed I could just do it once myself and I am sure I can create a library or template in Word or Excel that would be helpful. So- i am deleting the app. Mark
  3. Hi Martin JUst put my name in - Mark Sawyer- you don't know me because I am a newbie to Alamy and to stock photography as well. After close to 40 yrs as a staff/freelance I decided to retire and decided to try stock for "fun" and a few dollars. I appreciate the younger photographers problems and think a neutral forum space is a great idea. Mark
  4. Couldn't log in from the home page but when I went to sellers/Forum I was logged in for it automatticaly - hence this post 8:45 Toronto time Mark
  5. Maybe try an old hand held light meter. It might be the coatings on the older lenses are throwing off the camera meter. Just guessing.
  6. I am just a new member of Alamy so this is my 1st post. As a Canadian I can say that you don't have to register your images at all as far as I know. The copyright act was upgraded in Nov. 2012 and as the creator of the image you hold the copyright automatically . In the past in Canada if you sold an image without specifically retaining the copyright it went to the owner of the image. Canada and the US are now the same along with a lot of other countries. Unless you sign away the copyright you hold it for 50? years. I don't know about the US and registering your images. Personally I don't
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