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  1. thank you for the replies.....BTW I am in Canada and I see B Pounds when I view images for sale...hence the question...and answered..thank you
  2. Curious question...all sales at alamy are in pounds( when I view their website) and as a Canadian I am paid in US $ then converted to Can $...quite the roundabout but..If for say a sale if for $150 Pounds...all we get is $150 US which for a $ conversion is incorrect....that would be about $195 US...then $255 Can....am I missing something? thanks
  3. zone3


    yes...certainly SHOULD be improved. My Funds finally have been clear June 1st to paypal but as of yet been deposited. In this day in age of electronic transfers etc I find that funny and yet pathetic all at once. With Getty once funds are cleared they are transferred almost immediately to paypal...maybe the Brexit will help:) JMO
  4. zone3


    I realize it takes time but I had some sales in Feb and still hasn't been paid...normal..not normal? thx
  5. hi I think somone said here that it takes awhile to get money transferred from Alamy to paypal. It has been 8 days so far...in the day of digital tranferrs 8 days and counting seems a bit backwater....is that normal thanks S
  6. zone3

    payment times

    I agree Chuck..pathetic % from Getty but they do sell consistantly and the others not so much...just market share unfortuately thank you everyone for your advice
  7. zone3

    payment times

    I am curious why Alamy doesn't require their clients to pay at the point of download but instead allows them to pay at a later date..from what I have read quite a bit later sometimes. As with other agencies if they don't eventually use it they can get the money back. I shoot for Getty too and when a sale is generated I know that I will see than money at a specific date...we get paid every month..if generating sales every month. At this point in time I feel that Alamy is behind the times and it can hurt both Alamy and the artist to have to wait for a client that unfortunately prefers not to pa
  8. are you both using the most recent version of FF and on mac? I can adjust the internal script to fix the problem but that would remove security for other sites..which I don't want to do scott PS..yes I asked them too...just waiting..
  9. I prefer to use Firefox but have been forced to use Safari because Alamy uses both HTTP and HTTPS on their pages ( mixed content) and that forces me to jump through a few hoops instead of simply logging in Will Alamy be fixing this anytime soon? thanks scott
  10. zone3

    Bank Fees

    thanks everyone for the heads up....I guess mine will be next month scott
  11. zone3

    Bank Fees

    Thanks Everyone Just curious which day of the month Alamy makes deposites. Someone also mentioned that they are slow with paypal....how slow? scott Also...on a different note..does anyone else have issues logging in with firefox?...I haven't been able to for months...I alwasy have to use safari
  12. zone3

    Bank Fees

    Thanks Jill For some reason I thought Alamy was British...and assumed pounds. I hate the US/CAN conversion so I guess a person could wait and accumulate US cash in their pay-pal account and convert at a more favourable time..if that ever happens again:) scott
  13. zone3

    Bank Fees

    Thank you both... Jill can you give me a break down of how PP works...do they charge a fee for Alamy to send them cash( onto me) and will my bank then change me another fee to accept..? If you use $100 as an example....or would that be pounds? I have my Getty payments going straight into my account...they( bank) charge 14$ each time..kind of getting tired of all the fees..they certainly can build up fast. thanks
  14. zone3

    Bank Fees

    Hi I asked this question to Alamy and they suggested I post it here too just to see if anyone else thinks it worth while. I hate bank fees and when you don't have large sales each month it would be better for both sides I think to be able to hold off on payment until your account balance is large(er) or until you the artist wish to be paid. That could easily be a simple (month to be paid) button. It would allow to the artist to reduce bank fee and I assume less paperwork for alamy I see many use paypal too ..I don't have an account so i would to hear how they work if hat is an option to
  15. Hi all newbie here,,,,please be gentle. I just started uploading images and noticed that the keywords that I have added within photoshop (sometimes) are repeated once brought into Alamy. My photoshop keywords are put into the comprehensive box and sometimes once the keywords get the last one they start all over again? bug...known bug..unknown bug? thanks scott
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