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  1. I sent my question to Alamy Member Services and this is the reply I received that answers my questions: Transferring over to the new system, all your keywords should have honoured, so not sure what has happened in this instance. However, I can see that searching for bear, with no commas or quotation marks, brings up images that you've keyworded as bear with a comma/quotation at the end, so you shouldn't have to go back in and add any keywords. As I've mentioned above, the fact that you have commas/quotation marks after/before some of your words, shouldn't affect a customer's search result
  2. I still have not seen any definitive answer about the legacy keywording that has been done, where 'Kodiak and Bear' were broken up by Alamy and made into two keywords. What happens if a buyer searches on the word bear? Will they not see it unless I also now add bear as an additional keyword (versus bear') that is already there? The vast majority of my keywords that were enclosed by single and double quotes have been broken apart into separate keywords. Thanks.
  3. An example of the confusion now about how to keyword is that Alamy loaded the following string as one keyword: 30-34 34-39 'animal humor'. So now I have to delete that item and add the individual pieces as keywords. Lots of rework in process...
  4. What happens if I designate as a supertag, a keyword that has a single or double quotation mark before or after it? In a few cases, as the help guide states, 'New York City' previously entered now appears as one tag called New York City. But in the vast majority of cases for my images, my keywords loaded as three separate keywords, i.e. 1) 'New 2) York and 3) City'. In the latter case, if someone does a search on New York City, will they find my image if they don't include the quotation marks around New York City? The follow-on question would be for future submissions, what is the way
  5. I recently purchased a high definition monitor and have used "Customize Your Display" in the control panel to 175%. This works well for all other applications. Unfortunately with Alamy's "Manage Your Images", both the fonts and images are almost totally unreadable as they appear very tiny (~ 5 point size). I am using a PC with Windows 10. I tried changing the Customize Your Display to a higher percentage and it had no effect on the size of Alamy's Manage Your Images (both font and picture size). I tried using the magnifier in Windows, and it proved very unwieldy moving it slowly around th
  6. I received the same error messages on every file I was trying to upload. I happened upon the solution: move my files, which were on an external drive, to my C: drive, and then all uploaded quickly and successfully!
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