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  1. I might be wrong, but that can be something called "text enhance virus". Nothing to panic about but - boooooring, annoying... Google to find how to get rid off. It was not simple for me - so I purchased (ca $30 / year) something called SpyHunter from Enigma Software Group and it fixes the problems like that and etc.... But you might miss all those adverts about Cute Thai Girls or Ecological Locally Produced Yams... etc, etc... Good luck
  2. Ooops....LOL...I had no intention to give Ven away. It was a genuine ignorance. But how to know? I did not know the difference between Danish and Swedish at that time. And without checkpoints and barbed wire... how to know where one country ends and other begins? (Thanks God) Should come and click some pics to keyword them and learn the stuff that way . Cheers to all on all sides of the Sound And cheers to Alamy nation . Happy shooting.
  3. I too have to agree with majority. I accept. Have I any choice? But what problem it would be to make it possible the "Payment on Demand"? Anyway, it is great news that we do not need to pay to be payd. Thanks Alamy. John, I feel your pain. SEK 50 comparing to the blackmail your bank is demanding.... Do not know how about PP but there too is fee and then fee to transfer to the bank again... where is the end of the mess???? But as I had some patty sales with Faa and Artflakes I will have to open the account anyway. Niels, I did a stop at Ven when sailing by (1993). It was still Danish and I promise: I have no claim And BTW, please PEACE with all you Scandinavians because I am fed up of running away .... Someone of my father's father (Kirn) had to flee from Germany; My Grandpa (Vatovia) had to flee from Mussolini and settled down on the wrong spot of the world and, as the consequence, I had to flee from some other sort of hillbilly-goons in that country... Enough is enough... peace with you Scandinavians ... and payout too, is now low enough, isn't it? Greeting to Ven and the rest of the world From Öckerö, Sweden Ladi
  4. It works very well for my bank. Fee SEK 50 for every transaction no matter the amount. I guess, if payout continue to be lower and lower than, one day I would have to pay 50 to get my 40..... But then.... if it works for most of you... good for you. I wish you all many good sales. Ladi
  5. Thank you folk. The sad thing is that the biggest slice of the cake goes to, and stays with the distributor. But anyway... More of this and likes would make me less grumpy when Alamy comes with new ideas how to squeeze more pennies out of photographer's blood, sweat and tears. I did not have Brazilians for a some time... but they used to pay. I wish more of "Russian Surprise" for all and from wherever they come.
  6. Just dropped a sale in: Country: Russian Federation Usage: Advertising/Promotion Media: Newspaper national - advertising Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Print run: up to 100,000 Insert: 2 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 02 September 2013 End: 02 September 2014 $ 905.03 !! I looked the calender; it's not April the 1. I pinched myself; am not sleeping / dreaming. A refund to expect and resold for $9.5 I hope I'll have to say thank you Alamy.
  7. Instead of worrying you should try and get MR-es so you may get in to creatives and increase the chances to sell... sorry - licence the pics Seriously, in my local paper I can see more and more pics credited "citizen something". There is les and les chances (for well known reasons) to get figures Chuck is talking about. Old good times have gone. BTW, Who Shot The Photographer? Good luck to all
  8. The Prodigal Son, ​Might he be welcome back to the sanity and the togs community! Welcome, Jacob.
  9. Well, it's time for my 2 cents (while I still have them ) My bank takes 50 SEK. = 7.7$. If threshold gets lower and lower than, one day I might have to pay the bank 7.7$$ to get my eg. 5.0$$ No, but no thanks. Seriously, if there are contributors so eager to run to the bank for any coin, I suggest to make it optional. Ig. Alamy pays out only on contributors demand. Now I better go and hide myself But first, cheers to all. Ladi
  10. Start an online stock collection, and find a load of optimistic photographers who'll create millions of pix for dwindling fees? Or start Stock Photography Workshops....
  11. Ed, Others with a pinterest account can go into Artflakes and pin an image from there to Pinterest site. What happens after that is anyones guess? Allan Thank you guys for this topic. Considering to join A-flakes I just send them a ? about this. And ? if they are going to do something about farther/better protection of images. Any respond to expect? Oh well, but this too falls under the research . Otherwise it looks OK. Any extra recommendation for A-flakes?
  12. Sorry Steven. But they cutt even more from your slice of the cake, Look the usage: 2 page spread, 500 000 print run...... VPICS, was that through distributor or direct?
  13. Thanks Steven That means it's up to us to switch off the G distributor. Well, wait to the next April. Mine was a petty $$ too 44.66 $ for: Country: Germany Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - provincial/free Print run: up to 25,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/8 page Start: 01 June 2013 End: 08 June 2013
  14. Any news? Any sales? Any.... ? Just have had a sale to Germany but through distributor . Just wonder why not direct?
  15. David, you do things I'd be terrified to do, and you always seem to come out on top. I've been in caves. A very difficult shooting arena. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Same here, looking forward to see the results . Hurry up, David I started career in that wet, could, muddy hell. Thanks God there were cheap Russians cameras with good enough lenses .
  16. My Gosh! What's that, Reimar? I'm glad I manage to figure out my f-stops and shutters with much les maths
  17. Those were the days my friends.... Just look the $$/usage we got at those days. And my first sale Country: United States Usage: Editorial Media: Travel brochures Industry sector: Travel and Tourism Sub-Industry: Package Holidays Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 02 March 2004 End: 02 March 2005' 200$ Oh yes, it was provia 100 BTW, why are here under my forum profile, shown some else’s images as mine?
  18. Well, Alamy insist that even here, B0EH9A, there is a person. If I wanted to licence it as RF, the MR would be obligatory. Hmmm... perhaps I would need PR as well. Some farmer somewhere might recognize the meat of his pigs in the sausages ;(
  19. On second thought I do agree with you, Dusty. Thanks David for noticing this. With risk that A blows my "reputation" below 0, I would dare to conclude that A has a deal with the spammer.
  20. It would be better if forum would be accessible only for those with portfolio... at least 4 images. Just one more thought...
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