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  1. Considering how few sales I've had since joining, I'd have to consider my one sale in May to qualify that as a good month, though I'd surely like the sales to become a bit more frequent. I can say that other than a novel use sale I had before opting out, my average gross sale seems a good bit higher than most members' so I'm at least pleased with that. This sale grossed $149. Maybe next month my ship will come in.
  2. Good point regarding the different rates of commission but to my mind, I'd just as soon get a $200 sale with a 50% commission rate as a $300 sale with a 33% commission since they both mean $100 to me. And yes, I'll only report the amount that I get because while I love paying taxes, I guess enough is enough.
  3. I'm always confused by these discussions because I'm not sure why anyone discusses the "gross" sales price. Who cares what Alamy gets or what the total was, I'm interested in knowing what I'm going to see or what all of you see. Furthermore, my opinion is that the gross sales price is the amount in my paycheck since I still intend to report it as income and will pay taxes on it. That said, I'm mostly depressed by looking at everyone's figures over the years. I'm fairly new here and I'm just starting to recognize some sales but it's discouraging to know that just a handful of years ago,
  4. Me too. I clicked "forgot your password" and had one re-sent but it didn't work either. I spoke with customer support and they didn't help me either. I THINK I'm OK now and will try to re-set my original password. Edit: I reset my password and still can't log in to My Alamy, though I can post here on the forum under my own account. I have no clue what's up but I'd sure like to get into My Alamy. What's odd for me is that the forum shows me as being logged in but I can't get into My Alamy and when I actually click log in and enter my credentials, it just keeps popping up as "log in".
  5. Good question. I guess I'm moving them because the lightboxes are available on Alamy and I think I should, but why should I?
  6. Ah, got it. Thank you kindly. My poor old brain is rather slow on the uptake at times.
  7. OK, so I'm not entirely sure I get the whole lightbox thing or how it helps a seller, but it probably wouldn't hurt for me to make a few lightboxes, one for "wildlife", one for "people" and one for "travel" for example. In the past, I'd click for each image to go to my one and only lightbox, which wasn't even named at the time, but recently I haven't been putting my new images into that lightbox. I now have about 300 newer images that aren't in a lightbox and I thought I'd put them into one but I can't recall how to do it. Help. If I go into "manage images" and hover over a thumbnail,
  8. Yeah, me too. I know that I have a ton to learn about photography, but I truly enjoy sneaking around with a camera in hand (I'm a nature photographer for the most part, no cracks about being creepy or a stalker please). What I don't like is the editing and all of the logistical stuff dealing with file management, uploads, etc. etc.. To me it's boring and it gives me a headache. I'm probably going to be transitioning into retirement over the next 5 years or so and hopefully I'll have a different perspective when I have a bit more time. I am truly grateful for the helpfulness of the people o
  9. Yep, it rejects a too small image without failing the whole upload, which is nice. I tried it specifically with some crops to see what would happen. Thanks for all the help in this thread and on the forum in general, it's been quite useful to me as a fairly inexperienced and new photographer, Alamy member.
  10. Good luck. I'm struggling to increase my inventory and to try to improve the quality. I'm just about to eclipse 700, which is a big deal for me. I'd like to try to add 200-300 more saleable, quality images before the end of this year and maybe thin some of the poor ones. Sadly, I have nowhere near your 23 sales, but I know that I've got nowhere to go but up.
  11. I'm sure you're right and I guess I don't blame Alamy and would rather be safe than sorry. It just seems sad that we live in such a litigious world where a guy/gal would get all bent out of shape because some photographer may have made a few hundred clams off of a picture that happened to feature said guy's right foot.
  12. Yes, I was aware of that. I still think it's somewhat silly in many circumstances, but I don't ever want to run afoul of the law or even of the Alamy guidelines. Thanks for the help folks, seriously.
  13. OK, thanks Joseph, that's clear enough. I'm not sure I understand why an unrecognizable hand or foot needs a release but hey, the rules are the rules and I intend to follow them. Thanks.
  14. I just read "releases explained" for the 4th or 5th time and still don't get it. It clearly states that a release is not necessary to use the photo commercially if the person is unrecognizable (in which case I'd presume you tick the "0 persons" block). It goes on to explain that releases are different in each country and it's the contributor's job to know whether a release is necessary or not. So again, if I have a photo of a woman's hand on a bar holding a Pina Colada, do I need a release to sell the photo on Alamy or in the United States (since it would be the rare woman that could identi
  15. I thought that it was the opposite. If there are people but no model releases then it is by default an RF image, right, only for editorial use?
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