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  1. I've had to do that for 2-3 days now. I work in silent mode too--until I turn the knob on the little speaker. I don't think they're robotic voices. Sounds like they got a few staffers (with various accents and clarity) to recite numbers, and they randomly select from them. I haven't misheard any yet, but it's not always easy. Had to do that today to sign onto Alamy, and again to sign onto the forum.
  2. A little hard to see at this size, but to my eye some parts of the ship do not seem quite as sharp as the buildings in the background--perhaps there just a tad of ship movement? If the ship in the foreground were less prominent, perhaps they would have taken the background to be your intended focal point, but since it is such a large part of the image, then they would take the ship to be the primary focal point?
  3. And if you have a USB 3 port, make sure you get a USB 3 card reader. Much faster
  4. I just reached 100% of my number of sales from last year , and 72% of the gross revenue
  5. TeeCee, how are you getting on with your G5X? My wife is looking for a camera smaller than what we have now, and her shots wind up on Alamy too. She likes more reach than the RX100 III-V, and wants a viewfinder. Have you been submitting images to Alamy from that camera? thanks
  6. We gave a granddaughter a D3200 a couple of Christmases ago, in a package that included another lens, the wifi adapter, and other stuff. She likes using it to transfer to her iphone, but I don't know beyond that. You didn't say exactly what you wanted to use it for, but if you're talking about transferring images from camera to computer, nothing beats sticking the SD card into an inexpensive card reader that's plugged into the computer's USB port.
  7. Hey John, you beat me to Alamy by over a year. OK, who's earlier?
  8. Let's not forget the lens part of this equation. When people are willing to carry non-pocketable phones, then I'll start to worry.
  9. John, maybe they no longer want Canadians to look nice and polite. Or they want Canadians to look unhappy with something in this part of the world.
  10. A followup: I did get a Ravpower Filehub device and used it on a 12-day trip in Israel, to back up SD cards to flash drives. It's a bit slow, but it works and is very compact.
  11. It's our shorthand for your diagnosis--Soft Or Lacking Definition.
  12. Obviously you were focusing on the far objects and letting the frame of the boat (ferry?) go soft, but the background doesn't seem very sharp to me. What kind of focus area did you set? Is it possible you had an area of focus points and it focused on the near water? or boat vibrations?
  13. Compared to last year's totals, I'm at 74% for sales and 61% for revenue.
  14. Yes, I've been finding this very annoying, as I typically go into the forum without putting it into a new tab, and now the route back has disappeared.
  15. I've been opted out but would like to know more--anyone care to give typical newspaper scheme license fees?
  16. Thanks, all.We will arrive in Jerusalem and depart from Tel Aviv, going to Tiberias, the Dead Sea, Eilat, and Masada along the way. Optional side trip to Petra. Minor question: do hotels have the two-prong European outlets or the three-prong type H? I have seen it mentioned both ways online. I know we can buy adapters there, but would rather be prepared.
  17. Or create an 8-bit TIFF file from the image. That file's size will be the same as the uncompressed JPEG size. Just do it for one image from your camera to see--all uncropped images from your camera will have the same uncompressed JPEG file size.
  18. Later this year we'll be participating in a family trip in Israel. It's a 12-day guided tour, so times and places are mostly laid out already. I've looked over Israel images already on Alamy, have seen the recent travel threads, and know what to pack where. Any Israel-specific advice appreciated. thanks Bill
  19. 30 March 2017--but very unusual for me, at least over the last several years.
  20. Make sure you only have one image selected. But better, have the metadata on the images before you submit--like Betty said. Winner and still champeen--the OLD old image manager.
  21. I'm looking to back up my images while traveling, and not just have them on the SD cards. The Ravpower devices are small hubs with 3000 or 6000 mah batteries (that can also recharge phones). They have an SD slot and a USB port, and are controlled with a phone app to transfer files between devices. All for under $40.
  22. I'm looking for an inexpensive mobile backup solution that doesn't require a laptop. Has anyone used one of the Ravpower Filehub devices?
  23. Do you blame "discoverability" -- i.e. people packing images with too many keywords / tags? P.S. I should add that I'm not noticing the irrelevant images phenomenon -- at least it doesn't seem to be a big problem -- with my collection. I concluded early on that "discoverability" was irrelevant and haven't tried to "improve" mine. In real-world searches on my admittedly modest number of subjects, I rank very well, at least as well as before AIM.
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