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  1. If it happens more on weekends, maybe that's because: 1. Alamy's not watching 2. The perpetrator finally has time off from a dispiriting day job 3. It's Russian trolls with time off from their day jobs, taking a busman's holiday trying to sow chaos here 4. ..............
  2. So glad to see this thread--I thought my zoom streak was faltering.
  3. Have you done a keyword search to see if Alamy already has images of this place?
  4. If you go to My Dashboard/Account Balance, it shows "DACS Payment 2017".
  5. OK, all good now, some weird hiccup on my end. All the images of places would benefit from identification of where.
  6. One of our sons shoots a lot of ice skating by his daughters and their club. Lighting is generally poor (usually basically the house lights for hockey), and the skaters are moving fast. He's used a 70-200mm f2.8, a 50mm f1.8 and other lenses on his full-frame Nikon, but now his go-to lens for that is a Sigma 135mm f1.8 (one of their ART lenses).
  7. Some questions for you: What camera/lens do you use? Do you shoot jpeg-only, or raw? What software do you use to post-process?
  8. You're doing fine, Edo. I realized that 1967 was the wrong year, and corrected it later to 1968. I'll reiterate that the Canon FT was a good camera to learn on. You did match-needle metering, and adjusted aperture/shutter speed manually, while viewing the stopped-down scene--no full-aperture metering. What you saw in the viewfinder reflected the changes you were making.
  9. A variety of box and small film cameras, both family and my own, first. Waiting for prints from a roll that might have weeks or months of shots on it. First SLR, a Canon FT, purchased from the US PX exchange while I was in Vietnam in 1968. Took a lot of mostly slide shots with that. Match-needle metering with manual aperture setting got one well educated in the relationships between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO (and light, of course). While raising our own batch of kids, a variety of point+shoot type film cameras served well. When retirement was in sight in late 90's/early oughts, I set about to play catch-up with a lot of used Canon film cameras (manual and EOS), accumulating a good collection just in time for the digital revolution. Joined Alamy, bought Canon FS4000 film scanner, and submitted scanned slides via CD/DVD. First serious-enough digital, Canon G7. Used mostly for family shots, but have sellers and multiple sellers from it on Alamy. Decided to jump into the DSLR pool with the Canon 5D. Got well acquainted with dust specks. Now almost all Sony mirrorless.
  10. My zooms had been at a personal high, now down to below average. An $89 sale yesterday.
  11. Yeah Ed, I meant that country should be in both the tags and the caption. I'm talking about country in particular because, although Russell has location in the captions, it did not include country, and I found it annoying to look at the tags to find out. Granted, buyers would probably include country in searches, but still I like to make things easy and obvious for them.
  12. I think that, where appropriate, the country name should be included in the caption.
  13. I haven't done anything with file size ever since the days when we had to upsize to 48mb (and submit tif files on CD/DVD, as someone just reminisced on another thread). I just submit the native size of 16//20/24 megapixels, depending on camera, minus crop/straightening.
  14. Alamy does now sell prints through art.com. But it's not primarily a "print-on-demand" site.
  15. I don't see the need. I've looked at a number of older images and there's not much I would do other than select a few more supertags. Nothing like the previous great re-do of a few years ago. My zooms/sales have done better since AIM. The conversion seems to have worked well for me. Or perhaps it worked badly for others. I still much prefer the way the original (not previous) IM worked, though.
  16. We would all like to do just the more easy/fun part of taking the picture. This thread should show you that most photographers feel that taking the picture is only the beginning.
  17. I've had to do that for 2-3 days now. I work in silent mode too--until I turn the knob on the little speaker. I don't think they're robotic voices. Sounds like they got a few staffers (with various accents and clarity) to recite numbers, and they randomly select from them. I haven't misheard any yet, but it's not always easy. Had to do that today to sign onto Alamy, and again to sign onto the forum.
  18. A little hard to see at this size, but to my eye some parts of the ship do not seem quite as sharp as the buildings in the background--perhaps there just a tad of ship movement? If the ship in the foreground were less prominent, perhaps they would have taken the background to be your intended focal point, but since it is such a large part of the image, then they would take the ship to be the primary focal point?
  19. And if you have a USB 3 port, make sure you get a USB 3 card reader. Much faster
  20. I just reached 100% of my number of sales from last year , and 72% of the gross revenue
  21. TeeCee, how are you getting on with your G5X? My wife is looking for a camera smaller than what we have now, and her shots wind up on Alamy too. She likes more reach than the RX100 III-V, and wants a viewfinder. Have you been submitting images to Alamy from that camera? thanks
  22. We gave a granddaughter a D3200 a couple of Christmases ago, in a package that included another lens, the wifi adapter, and other stuff. She likes using it to transfer to her iphone, but I don't know beyond that. You didn't say exactly what you wanted to use it for, but if you're talking about transferring images from camera to computer, nothing beats sticking the SD card into an inexpensive card reader that's plugged into the computer's USB port.
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