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  1. 2 hours ago, wiskerke said:

    Latest Firefox; Chrome and Edge.

    At 96.02 Mbps download (that's really fast) it's not loading on Edge.

    Really slow on Chrome: inching line for line.

    It's loading on FF, but it wasn't at first, so now probably from cache.


    General zoom pages, not 360, are slow to load. Plus see all keywords is missing.




    Same here (well, my download speed is "only" in the 80's)

  2. Hi Alan -


    This sensor size chart has been useful for explanations:




    Your Lumix camera has a 1/2.3" sensor, which is in between the 1/1.8 and 1/2.5 on the chart. Currently, 18mp on such a small sensor doesn't cut it for Alamy.


    On the other hand, I suspect that some were surprised (OK, I was) when 1" sensors produced Alamy-acceptable images, so who knows what future models will bring? Fifteen years ago, we were saying that digital cameras weren't good enough.

  3. After five months, with 174 images, which had been added 10-13 images at a time from March to August--of 2004, that is, when we were mailing in CD's containing TIF files of at least 48Mb each, which were produced from scans of slides, and possibly upsized. 


    So things have changed a bit, and your results may vary. There's enormously more images to compete with, but at least you can add them more quickly and easily.

  4. On August 24, 2018 at 04:41, spacecadet said:

    Surely it still has a mechanical shutter? No mirror flapping about, but still a shutter mechanism to wear out.


    The Nikon website says it has a "...focal-plane mechanical shutter; electronic front-curtain shutter; electronic shutter."  So I assume it has a full-function mechanical shutter, and some form of silent electronic shutter, like on the later Sonys.  


    I remember when when I was l first looking at an nex-6 at a store and heard the shutter. I assumed that mirrorless cameras would have silent shutters, and that someone had turned on a shutter noise, only to find out that my own new nex-6 did indeed have a mechanical shutter. Not a problem--it's pretty quiet. 


    Happy here with with my various Sony mirrorless.

  5. Some do, some don't. Some sales do not appear in my zooms. Many zooms don't result in sales. Haven't tried to keep track.


    I did notice I had a zoom of the Watergate steps here in DC. Mine was one of three zooms. Then I saw that someone else's image of it appeared in Washingtonian magazine.


    Also I noticed that a recent sale of mine of a particular subject was a different shot than the one that was zoomed.


    All kinds of fun with zooms.

  6. Hmm...I was looking at it on my laptop; there the notation for "more images for this photographer" was "| more". Don't know why it's different on my laptop.


    My desktop shows the more current format for search results, where icons appear under an image when you hover over it. But on my screen, there are 3 or 4 icons, for: add to lightbox ; add to cart ; calculate price ; and the stack of frames indicating more images if any. 


    But either way, when I do the "Jerusalem" search, my image on the first page does not have the icon for more images. And looking through the first 20 pages of results, I don't see another of my images. I have 120 images with "Jerusalem" in the keywords (and captions). 


    So I'm wondering whether only one of my images is in the results for that search. I realize there are 1,669 pages of results for that search, so maybe I didn't look deep enough. And yes, the search is overly broad, but the results are the results.

  7. My little compact Ape Case AC540BL nylon "Messenger case" holds two Sony mirrorless with lens affixed, can also fit a little tabletop tripod on one end, even a water bottle on the other end if I want. The front pocket can hold chargers, spare batteries, other stuff.  It's padded enough for my use.  Been using it for 5 years now, it fits (loaded) in the bottom of a backpack as a carry-on for air travel.


    When I was using a Canon full-frame, I preferred a Lowepro waist belt with a holster for camera + lens, and accessory holders for other lenses. It had an optional shoulder strap.

  8. 10 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    When I went to St. Croix the first time, I had my Nikon D800 and RX100.  The second time, I had my Fuji X-T1 and RX100-3. My opportunities to travel were hard to come by, so I couldn’t risk taking only one camera. Turned out while shooting a guy on a paddle board, I was standing in a foot of water. A wave eroded the sand under my feet and I fell on my backside. Then the waves churned me around.  The waves on that end of the island are gentle, but every time I put a hand down to get up, the sand disappeared from under my hand and I would flop like a fish.


    I held the RX straight up in the air in my left hand (I’m a southpaw) whether I was on my back, stomach or sides. Did I say I was churned? Now I know what a sweatshirt feels like in the washer.

    I very easily could’ve dunked the RX in the sea, and I still would have had my Fuji to use carefully from the dry beach.

    How I kept that camera dry is testament to my desperation.


    No one got a video, Betty?

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