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  1. Yeah, I was trying to straighten something out with another company, and, after finally getting a live person (and then a supervisor), still didn't make much headway. The other person's accent and scripted way of talking made me ask where they were located, and they said the Philippines. Outsourcing sometimes doesn't work well (except for the front office).
  2. Shooting is the fun part. Most everything else is work. OK, there is the occasional enjoyable "Aha" moment while researching for keywords. Unless it takes a long time, like trying to figure out exactly where I was while wandering around the Old City in Jerusalem.
  3. Yes, I also had a few days of 0 zooms, very strange. But a couple of decent sales this week, and finally a couple of zooms. One of the sales was a distributor sale, but decent nonetheless. To Canada (!?)
  4. I sent a similar email. Didn't work for me--they told me how to do it myself.
  5. I don't think we can assume anything here, but I figure that the other printable items are also prints--just not on the various "art print" media. I think it's also significant that items purchased on FAA are essentially one-offs for personal use (there are some weeds one could get into here, but I think it would amount to over-analyzing).
  6. number of sales down 6% gross revenue up 13% average gross per sale $61
  7. 25 submissions with 525 images (none in January, November or December). Three of them sold in 2018.
  8. Yeah, as I told Alamy, I've never been opted into licensing on F** because F** had no idea what they were doing with licensing.
  9. Presents under the tree, lights everywhere, all ready for the kids, grandkids, siblings, in-laws, outlaws, etc tomorrow. Cheers to all!
  10. Yeah, my POD income has varied from 18% to 120% of my Alamy income (not in that order). I explained all this in an email to contributors@. I'm glad the subject has come up, because I've been neglecting the POD site. No more. The Abingdon bot is an old one--I see it in my visitors back to 2010.
  11. My average commission on that site over the last two years is $54 per sale. I think I'll just keep my POD sales there, thanks.
  12. Been too busy tonight adding more images to a POD site Taking action my way.
  13. Not often the case that there's only one here. Wiki says there are 16 Durhams in the US. We even have at least two Hells (not a political comment).
  14. In my account here in the US on the 6th. They use a US bank to make ACH payments.
  15. Same here (well, my download speed is "only" in the 80's)
  16. Thanks for that inspiration, John. I already have the Sigma 60mm and have been looking for an excuse to get extension tubes for my Sonys.
  17. Sigma has a new 70mm macro available for Sony e-mount. Put that together with a Sony a6xxx and you're in business with a 105mm-equivalent f2.8. It's a Sigma Art lens, so presumably excellent.
  18. Yes, I'd like to hear more about this too. How much has it been done, are there newer plans to do this on a bigger basis, will we at least be notified if one of our images is used in this way?
  19. They said that an image on a POD site would be considered on sale elsewhere. I have about 600 images on a POD site, and might want to put more there, so I don't think I'll go the exclusivity route. Unless some benefit to it arises.
  20. I asked Customer Service if exclusivity gives me any advantages in placement or sale price. The answer is: At the moment there are no benefits to your images being exclusive, it’s just useful for us to know whose images are exclusive or not. Now I'll ask about POD sites, as I have a few hundred images on one.
  21. Hi Alan - This sensor size chart has been useful for explanations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_sensor_format#/media/File:Sensor_sizes_overlaid_inside.svg Your Lumix camera has a 1/2.3" sensor, which is in between the 1/1.8 and 1/2.5 on the chart. Currently, 18mp on such a small sensor doesn't cut it for Alamy. On the other hand, I suspect that some were surprised (OK, I was) when 1" sensors produced Alamy-acceptable images, so who knows what future models will bring? Fifteen years ago, we were saying that digital cameras weren't good enough.
  22. Just got a Saturday sale, which put me over my 2017 revenue total. Number of sales is at 81% of 2017 total.
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