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  1. Same here, I've never downsized, only occasional cropping. Usually shoot 24 mp.
  2. Mine is to figure out the best times to go to the gym to avoid all the new people who will be there for 3-4 weeks on account of their New Year's resolutions.
  3. Hey Ed, I'd like to hear you sing "Johnny McEldoo" after you've had a jug of punch yourself.
  4. I had one this month for print and digital, one-time use only, with a duration of 50 years.
  5. And here around DC it's going to be an unseasonably pleasant near 60 F tomorrow (53 today). Been cold otherwise, though.
  6. +1 It took me a good while to figure out in which quarters I had taken shots in the Old City in Jerusalem, or sometimes what the heck I was looking at. While shooting, I was hanging back or drifting off to the side rather than listening to the tour guide. (also sometimes found out what he had not bothered to show us )
  7. When you do that look-ahead, you can see a sale a few hours before it's posted to Account Balance or Sales History. It still works, if you choose the last available date (and also select Date of Invoice in the dropdown). One of many obsessions you can get into around here.
  8. My 2017 has now exceeded my previous best year (2008) for number of sales. On the gross revenue side, I am at 39% of my best year for revenue (also 2008).
  9. I have not done any legacy work, but this year I've sold more A images than any other, as usual pretty much in line with the distribution of my collection.
  10. Now that you mention it, I see that I've had five Presentation Use this year, all for the same price, except for the one that came in yesterday at about half the others.
  11. Also, your results do not mean that the other 74 images are perfect. When QC encounters unacceptable images in a batch, they stop checking at some point. You should check the other images in the batch for the errors specified by QC.
  12. Compared to all of 2016, 2017 so far has about 25% more sales and almost the same gross $.
  13. It also says I (default) opted in on the day I joined Alamy-- so it will cover all of your images if you don't opt out?
  14. Ah, another thread I am glad to see--I also am waiting on a submission from Saturday. Hoping to keep my long streak alive.
  15. If it happens more on weekends, maybe that's because: 1. Alamy's not watching 2. The perpetrator finally has time off from a dispiriting day job 3. It's Russian trolls with time off from their day jobs, taking a busman's holiday trying to sow chaos here 4. ..............
  16. I vote for Marianne's story--it's the best thing in this thread
  17. So glad to see this thread--I thought my zoom streak was faltering.
  18. Have you done a keyword search to see if Alamy already has images of this place?
  19. If you go to My Dashboard/Account Balance, it shows "DACS Payment 2017".
  20. OK, all good now, some weird hiccup on my end. All the images of places would benefit from identification of where.
  21. One of our sons shoots a lot of ice skating by his daughters and their club. Lighting is generally poor (usually basically the house lights for hockey), and the skaters are moving fast. He's used a 70-200mm f2.8, a 50mm f1.8 and other lenses on his full-frame Nikon, but now his go-to lens for that is a Sigma 135mm f1.8 (one of their ART lenses).
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