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  1. Yeah, I can identify with this profile--definitely a loner (but married 51 years so far). 


    Not sure that the ability to work well under pressure is relevant to whether one does stock. I've always worked very well under pressure (used to say I work only under pressure, but that gives the wrong impression).


    The ability to work under pressure affects how I do stock photography when I'm at a site, applying self-pressure to maximize the opportunity. But we all do that.

  2. A youthful mid-70's here. (My wife recently got a birthday card from my sister. Outside of card: "We're not getting older, we're getting better."  Inside of card: "Now you say it to me."  They both have August birthdays.)


    I also got my first SLR in 1968, from the PX catalog while in Vietnam (along with stereo system and all the other stuff everybody got). But didn't get into stock until about 2000, anticipating retirement from the paying job.

  3. Looks like you're covered for USA, Betty.


    The issue only came up for me this morning because I was looking at AofA on an iPad. I entered "Washington DC" as a search term, and iOS suggested "Washington, D.C.", which I accepted. If some buyers use mobile devices for searching, they could also be sidetracked into suboptimal search terms. (A suboptimal search term is one that I don't have 🙁)

  4. This came back to my attention this morning while looking through All of Alamy searches. I've known about this for years, but also seem to have forgotten it for years. Apologies to those for which this is old hat.


    Let's take Washington, DC.  "DC" is the official US Post Office designation for "D.C.", which is an abbreviation for District of Columbia. 


    If you enter a keyword of "D.C.", any subsequent search for it on Alamy will strip out the punctuation and search for "d c".


    If you enter a keyword of "DC", the Alamy search will look for "dc".


    If you have only one of "DC" and "D.C." keywords for an image, that image will not come up for the other keyword.


    Searches on those two keywords show that some images have both and some have only one or the other. And All of Alamy results show that both forms are used for searches.


    There are lots of other examples, such as "USA" vs "U.S.A."


    So my questions:  How much do you take this into account for keywording? What are some major examples?



  5. What clearest is when they say you are prohibited from making any money from images of their property. And that's probably what some of them mean when they say no commercial photography. Or some might be parroting language from their liability insurer concerning possible hazards from tripods etc. And some want to monetize commercial photography with fees. 

  6. I agree that such statements usually refer to commercial shoots with tripods and lights that can get in the way and create hazards.


    Sometimes I have tried to discuss with the staff that I shoot stock photography. In almost all cases, they don't know anything about stock photography and their eyes glaze over.


    In my view, the line "No problem with publicising, you can use them for your own purposes" in the reply to Geogphotos indicates that their eyes glazed over too.


    In general, I think that when the rules are unclear, it's better to apologize and take photos down than to never have put them up.

  7. I might have written a similar post, around 2010 or so, but the numbers would have been a little different. I had a day with a half-dozen sales to the same buyer. I guess I had generally been getting sales that weren't dramatically different from the price calculator, which indicated that I had a record $1500 day. Imagine my ire when it turned out to be a mere $400 day, with most of the sales at $50. A reply from Alamy explained the bulk pricing, apparently my first encounter with it. I stopped submitting for some months, while concentrating on a couple of other stock sites, both of which then closed years ago.


    At the time, I had projected being at 5,000 images within a couple of years. Now, I'll be there sometime this summer.


    I do agree with Phil that many prices in recent months have been more encouraging (this week's dollar-to-me sale notwithstanding).

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