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  1. A browse through a large greeting card display will find all kinds of dark and rude humor, so there are lots of PU applications I can think of for a dead sheep 😅
  2. One for -$11.04, from a sale in March. Looking at the details of the Sales History for that sale, I don't see any way to tell which are affiliate sales. Only in the downloaded balance entry.
  3. When I had such a refund/resale last year, it took four months for the resale to clear. To me, the question is whether any new monies are actually changing hands between Alamy and the buyer. If not, then it's just a notational change and I feel that the clearing should happen at the same time as the resale.
  4. My two refunds were reversed, but I still have a negative cleared balance--an accounting effect of refunding a cleared-and-paid amount, even if it's subsequently reversed. So Alamy gets a little float with respect to my current clearings. Something else is not quite right--the sales total for this month in Account Balance is more than what shows as Sales on the Dashboard. So I'll wait and see if it gets straightened out a bit more.
  5. Yes, it looks like my refunds are being reversed as well. But the main point, which some did not seem to pick up on, is that these were sales that were cleared last year, paid out to Alamy and to contributors. I know it's not the first time it's happened to anyone here, and not the first time to me. The other time this happened to me, the refund was not reversed.
  6. Thought I had a couple of sales today until I looked closer--refunds of sales from May and July of 2020. Both were cleared about a month after sale, and subsequently paid to me. As with the last time this happened, this has thrown me into a negative cleared balance. Oddly, the Usage detail in the sales history names the buyer company, which is the same for both sales/refunds and still seems to be in business.
  7. They put out a major new version within the last few days, and have already issued 3 or 4 updates to it. It's been working fine for me except for one of those intermediate fixes. I invoke it from Lightroom.
  8. I've been using Topaz Denoise AI and Sharpen AI--but for family archive photos. Almost never for Alamy except for archival shots from slides. I've also been using them on old slides for putting on FAA--they've done wonders with grainy slides with less than perfect focus. Great prep for using Fotosketcher.
  9. First 10: $1,274.38 (2004-2006) Last 10: $505.37 But the last 10 include two sales larger than any since June 2019. So either the last 10 result is skewed, or things are looking up.
  10. I still have my father's US-made twin-lens Ciroflex from the mid-1940's. Have spent some pandemic time digitizing transparencies from it, including me from the 1940's. He shot well with it.
  11. My last 2-3 submissions have been from my Sony NEX-6 with the kit 16-50mm. It's 16mp like the K-50, and about a year older by release date. Never have had a problem with the images from it.
  12. When you're using AIM, take care that you have selected only the images you are working on. It can be easy to accidentally leave some selected that you don't want to edit. There's a button near the top to de-select all active images.
  13. Sales down 16%. These two lines explain overall results: Gross Revenue down 55%. Average sale declined from $54 to $29. Worst total revenue since 2005. Added 379 images, had added 797 in 2019.
  14. 379 for 2020, vs 797 for 2019. 2019 was a big year for trips. Almost half the 2020 total was archival, after I got into pandemic slide digitizing. 2021 might see me spending more time uploading to my POD site.
  15. Thanks for the video, Alamy. A couple of questions from Emily's presentation: - a new search facility and filters: Which AIM fields will be included in the new search functionality? Particularly, which "Optional" fields? Categories? Location? Or some new fields? Contributors need lead time if we need to fill in new or unused fields. - getting customers to commit to Alamy: I can't think of a way to do this except through something like a subscription scheme. Is this what you mean? thanks Bill Kuta
  16. Two 7 three 6 two 5 a bunch of 4 & 3 Of the best sellers, one is of a one-time event. All the others are easily replicated.
  17. Edo, this is from the sticky topic "The importance of being accurate when marking images as exclusive to Alamy": You can sell your images on a personal print site (without a stock licencing option) and still mark these as exclusive to Alamy. Selling prints and stock licences on your own website is also fine. Although FAA does have a stock licensing option (do they still?), I take the above to mean that if I am opted out of the stock licensing on FAA, I can have images there and still have those images exclusive on Alamy. That's what I'm doing. And yeah, my
  18. I got into stock photography as a retirement avocation--started planning and gearing up in the late 1990's. What appealed (and still does) is the chance to make a little money (although "little" is becoming a bigger factor) while shooting photos, which I have been enjoying since the 1960's, with a large degree of freedom. I'm still enjoying the whole stockosphere, including this forum. Along the way, I got to experience submitting slides, then digitizing slides, then the digital epiphany. Tried a variety of stock sites, most of which have disappeared. Alamy is the last one standing
  19. I was going to reflexively say that the big time consumer is captioning/keywording and the internet research that goes into it. But after rethinking it, I'd say it's a toss-up between that and all the culling/post-processing that precedes it. But it depends on the shoot. If it's a case of my being rushed, or in an unfamiliar place with a lot of detail, then the research and keywording definitely takes the most time. For me, the best example was being on a tour in Jerusalem. So many things to discover online, a few feet from where you were. As to why it's more complicate
  20. Have you tried a print-on-demand site?
  21. I haven't been keeping track of which parts are slowest, but today some parts (such as Measures) seem a lot better. Some parts (especially account balances) are still very slow. I have the impression that the more a function touches my financial data, the slower it is. Or maybe it's random.
  22. I take it back. It's worse. If this happened to me on the customer side, I would simply go on to the next image source.
  23. Yep, everything on Alamy has been very slow here for a few days. We have a high-speed connection.
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