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  1. You're using the Canoscan FS-4000? I have one and used it many times 15-20 years ago. So you put the unmounted slide in the film/negative holder?
  2. Chuck, after cleaning the slide, do you put it back in the mount and use the slide holder, or leave it unmounted and use the negative holder?
  3. Or, depending on size of handbag, one of the many mirrorless, like the Sony a6xxx series--interchangeable lenses, APS-C sensor. The now-older a6000 is available at good prices, and the very compact kit 16-50mm is usable. The a6000 is still one of my main cameras.
  4. Yes, thanks Colin, I’ve done similar with a macro lens + ext tube, copy stand & light box for old family slides. I probably won’t be getting into scanning anytime soon—I’m currently two trips behind in my digital processing!
  5. Recent threads about scanning prompted me to: update my ancient copy of Vuescan (bless Ed Hamrick); get my Canon FS4000 out of the cabinet where it's been sitting for 15 years; hook it up via USB; and run a couple of random slides through. Darned if it didn't work! Darned if it didn't also remind me of the perils of trying to clean up slides, before and after scanning. And how slow it is. Back in the day, I connected it via SCSI, but I can't say that the USB (2) connection seemed any slower. So: What do you use to clean up slides before scanning? Any tips on maintenance/cleanup for the FS4000?
  6. Now last night's submission has passed and email received before the images even show in "Images not on sale" on the dashboard.
  7. Had one yesterday. Last submission was April 10, finalized long ago.
  8. Not seeing a problem. So far this year, I have 47% of my total sales for 2018, and 57% of the revenue.
  9. Sorry, this one is just too soft and mottled. Cool shot, but not for here. Heed Betty's advice about not falling in love with an image that ultimately won't work. Another waste of time would be setting up an Alamy account to just try to sell one or two images. This is a long game where numbers count. Look up forum threads about "how long to first sale" to see how many hundreds or thousands of images you need to expect sales.
  10. Maybe their biggest problem with your images was that they could actually tell whether there were cars, buses, lights, crosswalks, etc., eliminating all their perverse fun.
  11. On these kinds of questions, I think we have to remember that the projected-light image on a monitor and the reflected-light image from a print are simply different things.
  12. So, are they still updating Measures? My zooms graph is still at zero for this month--but I have a number of zooms that continued (& dwindled) from last month.
  13. Yeah, I was trying to straighten something out with another company, and, after finally getting a live person (and then a supervisor), still didn't make much headway. The other person's accent and scripted way of talking made me ask where they were located, and they said the Philippines. Outsourcing sometimes doesn't work well (except for the front office).
  14. Shooting is the fun part. Most everything else is work. OK, there is the occasional enjoyable "Aha" moment while researching for keywords. Unless it takes a long time, like trying to figure out exactly where I was while wandering around the Old City in Jerusalem.
  15. Yes, I also had a few days of 0 zooms, very strange. But a couple of decent sales this week, and finally a couple of zooms. One of the sales was a distributor sale, but decent nonetheless. To Canada (!?)
  16. I sent a similar email. Didn't work for me--they told me how to do it myself.
  17. I don't think we can assume anything here, but I figure that the other printable items are also prints--just not on the various "art print" media. I think it's also significant that items purchased on FAA are essentially one-offs for personal use (there are some weeds one could get into here, but I think it would amount to over-analyzing).
  18. number of sales down 6% gross revenue up 13% average gross per sale $61
  19. 25 submissions with 525 images (none in January, November or December). Three of them sold in 2018.
  20. Yeah, as I told Alamy, I've never been opted into licensing on F** because F** had no idea what they were doing with licensing.
  21. Presents under the tree, lights everywhere, all ready for the kids, grandkids, siblings, in-laws, outlaws, etc tomorrow. Cheers to all!
  22. Yeah, my POD income has varied from 18% to 120% of my Alamy income (not in that order). I explained all this in an email to contributors@. I'm glad the subject has come up, because I've been neglecting the POD site. No more. The Abingdon bot is an old one--I see it in my visitors back to 2010.
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