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  1. OK, I have located a copy of the current (7 Jan 2019) contract, and clause 8.3 does not say that Alamy can promote through use of "complimentary Content." The new contract does. This was omitted from the Contract Changes document. So how would that be done? Would individual images be licensed for free (with usage terms) to individual buyers/potential buyers? Or what? RM and RF?
  2. Yes, the commission schedule is the first thing in the contract and contract change document. Not sure how many people got beyond that.
  3. This has been an interesting thread for many reasons. I don't recall ever noticing so many forumites with tens of thousands of images. I might be showing my observer bias here, but what with pensioners/day jobbers/hobbyists in it mostly for equipment money, and pro photographers who always say Alamy money is a very small part of their income, I think that Alamy might discover that they need a lot of the contributors more than the contributors need them. Personally, Alamy has kept me in equipment money plus a little net income (enough to satisfy the IRS), but I don't re
  4. I see that clause 8.3 of the new contract allows Alamy to promote "by offering discounted or complimentary Content." I don't have a copy of the 7 Jan 2019 contract, but the list of contract changes for 15 Oct 2018 shows clause 8.3 without the "or complimentary", and clause 8.3 does not appear in the changes for 7 Jan 2019 or 17 May 2021. Can anyone shed some light on this? Anyone have a copy of the 2019 contract?
  5. I'm saving a document with questions, and have added that one. But note that clause 4.1.10 (renumbered and thus discussed in the change document under 4.7) discusses contributors adding restrictions. And Alamy being able to add more.
  6. The contract just says "in writing" and the Definitions do not include this term. The FAQs on the website say to email contributors@alamy.com, but that could be worth the paper it's printed on. Should add this to our list of questions.
  7. Personally, I could only certify the opposite to 4.1.6--somewhere in the world there is an Alamy buyer who could make a use of one of my images that could be offensive to someone else somewhere in the world. Pick any image, doesn't have to be sensitive.
  8. Since we are anticipating a reponse from Alamy, I think we should have a list of short, specific, direct questions without emotional histrionics, like a business review of the contract. I'll start, 1. How did you come up with the jump from $250 in sales for Gold to $25,000 for platinum? 2. Why are you doing away with the annual independent audit? Will anything replace it? 3. Do you think that contributors can honestly certify that clause 4.1.6 applies to their images?
  9. Anyone selling on Photoshelter? How's it going? Asking because I have a family archive project that needs a home, so could maybe kill two birds with one stone. Also, I'll reiterate that while the commission structure is a very aggravating change, I'm more concerned about the shifting of responsibilities/liabilities/potential costs onto contributors.
  10. My summary of the contract changes, so far, is that Alamy will be paying us a smaller share, while trying to put on us the blame and cost for anything that might go wrong.
  11. Yeah, I've already been doing that, since my POD income handily exceeded my Alamy income for 2020. (Granted, last year was my lowest Alamy revenue since 2005--but still well above the $250 threshold.)
  12. They've also done away with the "audit of its Systems and its allocation of payments due to Contributors on a yearly basis by an independent firm of chartered accountants."
  13. But I don't care to get into a legal battle or hire a lawyer to tell the judge that the clause is overly broad. I'm outta here.
  14. This clause is under "Contributor Certifications," so my reading of it (I'm not a lawyer) is that we are certifying this statement concerning all our images. I can't think of any image that could not be used such that someone somewhere in the world could deem it offensive, so no way I can so certify. I read through the Contributor Certification section until I was overcome by legalese, but the gist seems to be to throw responsibilities and liabilities our way. More risk, less money. The clause above (4.1.6) was the most alarming to me. As it stands now, I'm pretty sure
  15. OK, I edited those keywords into a few of my images. I see that "older adult active lifestyle" yields 13,451 images. Add "USA" and it goes down to 150! I know Alamy is UK-centric, but c'mon. In our personal defense, I will say that almost all of my such images are of my wife, and occasionally me.
  16. I don't see any images of seniors taking stock photos (well, not in that lightbox). Or would that be like the media covering the media?
  17. Alan, thanks for reminding me about Topaz Impression 2. Mine got replaced by Studio when I reinstalled software after clean installs of Win10. But the Impression portion of Studio is a mere shadow of the full Impression program. I signed onto my Topaz account and found I was able to do legacy downloads of Impression 2, and apply my license key, so I have it back on both of my photo-processing computers. I like the effects more than I remembered (I might not have tried vn 2 very much), so I'll be using the program again.
  18. Yeah, I've used that one too. And others. I find it easier to fiddle with the controls on Fotosketcher (& it's free).
  19. I've only put up about 40 shots this year (most of them from a recent getaway to a son's Ocean City condo), but that continues a low submission rate due to pricing (and pandemic restrictions). I've spent a lot more time during Covid revisiting my slides. Digitizing them with a DSLR is quick and painless, and Lightroom with Topaz Denoise AI (and sometimes Sharpen AI) can yield very good results for Alamy archival or even regular stock. Also found a photo-artifying program I like (Fotosketcher) for applying art effects for a POD site. And thanks for the ear worm, Edo (...
  20. I had two $40 sales in 2020 (May and July, 50% commission). They cleared and I was paid commission. On April 8, 2021, those two sales were refunded, and the commissions recovered by Alamy. My cleared balance went negative, and resales for the same amount were posted on April 9. It took two-three weeks or so for the resales to clear, and the clearings were backdated to April 9. At this point, my net was restored to what it was before the refunds. So I don't know what today's manual credits are for--it appears to be extra money, I won't be surpris
  21. See the "In the wrong direction again" thread in the "Stock Photography Discussion and Contributor Experience" forum section.
  22. And today, a "Manual Credit" for each of the two cleared-and-paid-out-then-refunded-and-resold sales, amounting to my original commission. This has the effect of increasing my cleared balance by the amount of the manual credits (in Account Balance; doesn't show yet in the cleared balance on the Dashboard). The accounting has been interesting. If you're just tuning in to this thread, please start at the beginning to see what kinds of refunds we're talking about.
  23. I see that the resales of the cleared-and-paid refunds that started this thread have cleared. The Cleared Dates were backdated to the date the refunds were posted.
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