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  1. You may be right about needing a bit more extension on the ES-1. The macro lens is only extended out to 1:1.5, but the ES-1 is extended all the way out. Sadly, I don't have anything on hand to add to the extension. But I'm pretty happy with the results so far anyway. Edit: Just ordered an extension ring from Hong Kong. Will quarantine and fumigate upon arrival.
  2. After a bit more messing about, I've eliminated the Sigma close-up lens and captured a little bit more (almost all) of the visible frame in the slide mount. Now it's: Canon SL1 APS-C Vello 21mm extension tube Canon 50mm f2.5 macro lens Nikon ES-1, extended most of the way out
  3. OK, pixel-peepers don't bother reading this one. After a little noodling around, I cobbled together on-hand items, and can get most of a slide with a Nikon ES-1 and an APS-C camera. Back to front: --Canon SL1 18mp APS-C camera --Vello 31mm extension tube --Canon 50mm f2.5 macro lens --Sigma achromatic macro lens (a 1.6x "close-up lens") --Nikon ES-1 extended about a half-inch Results look good, but I just grabbed a random slide. Will need to look for sharpest ones. What I don't get is, I'm capturing nearly all of the long edges of the frame (i.e., the edges at the top and bottom of a horizontal image), but lose a small but noticeable amount at the sides. Again, just trying to see what might work from what I already have. It helps that the Canon lens, Sigma close-up lens, and ES-1 all have 52mm threads.
  4. Years ago, I used a collection of programs to do what Lightroom does. Switching to LR (first non-subscription, then subscription) was wonderful, not only because I had one tool that did it all, but also it did most of the tasks better. What I don't like about the Adobe subscription model is that I use only LR, but have to pay for PS as well. Any time I get a satisfaction survey from Adobe, I fill it with pleas to unbundle the two products.
  5. I suggested what I did because it's exactly what I did to an eight-year-old HP laptop running Windows 7: replaced the HD with an SSD myself (found helpful youtube video for my exact model), then did a fresh install of Windows 10 (OK, that's another $100, but avoids Win7 non-support issues). It's running better than ever, but that's usually one result from a fresh OS install. Didn't encounter any problems.
  6. Depends on what's "dried up" in your laptop. If the hard drive has gone bad, you can probably get a 1Tb SSD drive for $100-120, replace the bad one, reinstall your OS, and it might work better than ever.
  7. Nothing this month but a $100 refund & resale. The refund is of a long-cleared and paid sale from early last year, giving me a negative cleared balance at the moment. (See "Refunds" thread.) Also my slowest start since 2010, way behind recent years. But my search results remain good. So yeah, easy to believe there's some admin realignment behind the scenes.
  8. And a clawback: since the April 2019 sale being refunded had cleared last year, and the resale hasn't, I now have a cleared balance of $-38.40.
  9. Had the same situation this morning--very brief excitement to see a $100 sale, then noticed the refund from April 2 of last year. Same amount and terms. ?
  10. Getting back to the OP: this year so far is my worst start on Alamy since 2010. And the coronavirus front is no better--the first cases reported in my state of Maryland are in my county (Montgomery).
  11. Buoyed by success at switching my 8-year-old desktop to Win10, I did the same thing with my 8-year-old HP laptop yesterday. Same process--remove HD and replace with SSD; clean install of Win10 from OEM disc. It runs better than ever, without all the HP crapware (but that's usually the result if you do any fresh install). Googling my Win10 prospects beforehand, I found lots of discouraging links for my particular old laptop, but it seems that over the years Win10 has gotten better at coping with older hardware. It does have a slow wifi card, and prospects to replace it do sound dicy. Maybe I'll try a USB wireless adapter. This laptop is now computer #3, and might be destined for our daughter's family. I've been doing most photo processing lately on a new Alienware 17" laptop.
  12. A couple of years ago, I got a Sony a6300 and 18-105mm f4. I have the 16-70 that I used for several years, but I found that I keep using the 18-105. My small bag contains that combo, and an a6000 with the 10-18. You "really fussy" ones probably wouldn't like the 18-105--edge sharpness, frequent need to apply CA correction, motorized zoom, etc--but I like the extra reach and the build (internal focus and zoom) and the $600 price. It's taken most of my shots for the last couple of years, no QC issues. The only thing I don't like is that the motorized zoom always reverts to wide when it's turned off, and it's a hair slower to start.
  13. Anybody remember a show called "Circus Boy"? It featured a young Mickey Dolenz and a not-young Noah Beery Jr.
  14. All good now. Win10 boot drive and the 2tb hard drive with all my data are working. Lightroom installed, catalog copied over, everything linked up. My PC should be good for another 8 years 😄 It all went pretty smoothly and easily, except for a couple of days of boot-up confusion owing to Win10's allergy to my motherboard's Marvell disk controller. Ultimately, a look at my motherboard manual showed that two of the SATA3 ports went to an Intel controller; they worked with no problem. So I didn't need to install that PCI-E disk controller card (which turned out to have its own Marvell controller 😱). But overall a cheap alternative to a new pc. When I buy new computers, I try to get fairly high-spec'd ones (basically, lower-end gaming machines) so that they'll not get outdated quickly.
  15. Yeah, I have all the keys in documents on my hard drive (possible a couple of new ones are just in emails). Gotta get them all on paper to be safe. We just disconnected the W10 drive and reconnected the W7 drives, but the computer didn't recognize the W7 drives. We had to go into advanced BIOS settings. It seemed that W10 had made the Marvell controller not bootable--I guess it really does have a problem with that controller. We were able to make it bootable again, so all good. But Win10 has a long arm. Fortunately our math/computer double major, software entrepreneur son was here 😊
  16. I installed Win10 on my 8-year-old desktop pc last night, a fresh install on a new 1tb ssd, with the Win7 drives disconnected. I first installed a new pci-e dIsk controller card for the new ssd, since the common internet wisdom (oxymoron?) seems to be that Win10 can have problems with the Marvell sata controller on my motherboard. Now that I'm reasonably certain Win10 will work on this machine, I'll disconnect the Win10 drive, reconnect the Win7 drives, and do the harder, more time-consuming part: figuring out what programs I need to uninstall from Win7 so as not to lose any software licenses, deciding what I don't need anymore, etc.
  17. Tropical beaches 😎 In real life, even though another family member paid for the lodging, I'll never come close to paying for the airfare by way of Alamy. Or even the group restaurant outings... but we were going anyway, so may as well shoot away
  18. That's why I have a Cyberpower desktop pc--they don't put any junk on their systems.
  19. Our current Win7 laptop is an HP, but I wouldn't get another HP--it has a lot of bloatware that seems to really slow it down (esp startup). My plan is to get a Win10 laptop (Dell, Lenovo or Cyberpower). Then I'll try to install Win10 on my well-spec'd 2012 Cyberpower desktop--should work.
  20. Yes, been very quiet the last couple of months. Yesterday I finally matched last year's number of sales, and am still about 2% behind on revenue. But way too many personal/presentation sales--it's easy to get the feeling that PU sales are replacing some regular sales.
  21. Yep, five stars (no QC failures for over 10 years). Yep, just submitted a couple of images, and they sailed through in a couple of minutes.
  22. I have a bunch of Personal Use sales over the last year, that all say: Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use and all are for $19.99. How come an NU print run of 1,000 costs one-fourth the price of a one-time PU? (I've been opted out of NU since 2007.)
  23. Is there a way to pin threads together? I'm thinking of this one and "Are Alamy photographers all ages?" Or maybe a whole Senior section on the forum.
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