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  1. Alamy should read the "Discuss Any Subject Here" thread. People are moving on, from Alamy, from stock photography, taking breaks from photography in general. This contract thread is moving down the forum page. I think most people have decided.
  2. I would be remiss to not mention the cicadas. Brood X of the 17-year Cicada is emerging in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/brood-x-cicadas-are-emerging-at-last1/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/04/01/cicadas-come-out-2021-brood-x/ I recently sold image A1P058 (sorry, I never remember how to put up images here), a kinda fuzzy slide image taken during the last emergence in the front yard of our previous house. I saw the image briefly in the mobile version of an article but haven't seen it since; bette
  3. Good weather today around DC. We like the big river birch near our deck--provides shade mid-afternoon and later. Unfortunately, in the spring it also provides seemingly billions of seeds. So for the second time, I shop-vacced the seeds off the deck. I don't use a leaf blower because I know that for the ones I gather, I won't be pulling little tree-lets out of the gardens in a couple of weeks. There'll be plenty to pull from seeds that didn't go on the deck. My wife and I did a 15-mile bike ride yesterday. The days of 40-50-100 mile rides are done for these two septuage
  4. Pretty clear to me that both sides are true--some photographers (including me) perhaps could clean up their acts a bit, and also the new contract overreaches in many areas.
  5. Yes, I'm waiting for an Uber/Lyft-speak "We're just a software platform."
  6. I assume the photographer was using a tripod. That's when security start talking about the commercial photography rules and the need for a permit.
  7. Just sent my termination email again, and got back a standard Alamy auto-reply, so looks like it took this time.
  8. I just sent in my termination email, but got an "undeliverable" response. Annddd...a Sunday sale just showed up, mid $$, an older "well this'll never sell but I'll submit it" image.
  9. What with their mailbox being full, I think I'll draft up my termination email now, so I can join the throng emailing them to see if it works!
  10. I'm enjoying the posts by forum members who have rarely posted--I see it wasn't due to a lack of articulateness. And I've enjoyed the forum in general, especially in its current form and membership. (Does anyone recall when the forum began? I don't.) I've picked up a lot of stock and general photographic knowledge, "met" a lot of interesting people, read a lot of jokes good and bad, and picked up a bit of Britspeak. When I started with Alamy in early 2004 (after two or three other sites), I had the notion that stock would give me a noticeable amount of extra income. By 2007-2010,
  11. I was just reading the "Images found on another website" thread--the other website is a likely distributor. This raises the question of how Alamy ensures that a contributor's images are removed from all distributor sites when the contributor terminates. (That particular site has large unwatermarked thumbnails.)
  12. I probably won't be adding to this thread anymore. With no changes to the new contract, I will be leaving as of June 30. edit: After this question--I've downloaded all my sales data and my image data. Is there anything else to download?
  13. Yes, where I ask if something in the contract can be clarified, I mean clarified in the governing document, the contract.
  14. Not sure what you mean, but the list of contract changes for clause 12.6-to-12.7, and 12.7-to-12.8, concerning forfeited contributors' commissions, removes references to Alamy contributing such amounts to a charity of their choice. Now the amounts are simply forfeited, meaning Alamy gets them.
  15. Here is my current list of questions to Alamy. I am NOT asking the forum to speculate about answers or explanations. Alamy's answers are the ones that count, and we don't need to help them write their script. I AM asking forum members if they have any other specific, direct, dispassionate questions about the contract changes. 1. New Commission Structure: What is your rationale for changing to this structure? How did you come up with the sales thresholds for the tiers? How many contributors and images are currently in each of the three tiers? What are your
  16. Maybe somebody should tell Library Book Collection that if there are multiple buyers for that garden plan, Alamy can make copies 😁
  17. Well, whichever way you want to parse it, to me the main thing is that the clause is part of: 4. Contributor warranties, representations & obligations So can you certify those things that are out of your control? edit: Mark beat me to it
  18. As I've noted two or three times, clause 8.3, which gives Alamy the right to promote by offering discounted Content to buyers or potential buyers, has been changed to add the phrase "or complimentary Content." This is not included in the list of contract changes. I realize that in some ways there's not a lot of difference between giving a license discounted to pennies, vs. giving it for free. But that was a contract change and it was not noted. I just happened to notice the new phrase. I was not trying to do my own comparison of old vs new contracts.
  19. I don't know, but "is not withdrawn from your account" is not the same thing as not cashing a check.
  20. The new clause 12.7 says that Alamy has paid an amount to you. Banking details are covered in subsequent clauses. I suspect that new clause 12.7 was cut and pasted from the contract for a different organization that has a different payment/account arrangement.
  21. The new contract changes this: 12.6. If any remittances made to you by Alamy shall not have been cashed in any 2 year period, Alamy may remit the balance in your account to a charity of our choice. to this: 12.7. If any payment made to you by Alamy is not withdrawn from your Account within a period of two (2) years from the date on which such payment was made, you agree to forfeit that amount. Um, withdrawn from what account?
  22. Following Miz Brown's coding, I can be reached at kutaph0t0 @ veriz0n dot net (replace 0's with the obvious).
  23. And Miz Brown, thanks for the nom de plume. Interesting google.
  24. Have had enough of this for a while. We're going out cycling 🚴‍♀️
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