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  1. But seriously, though--are your file names the ones that the camera automatically applies?  Many people rename their files for various purposes, and all sorts of naming schemes exist.


    One reason for using even a simple renaming scheme, like your name and an incrementing number, is that sometimes cameras will start a numbering sequence anew and you could wind up with duplicate file names. Most major programs, like Lightroom, have renaming functions.


    If you save a raw file and another format or two for the same image, you'll want all of the versions of an image to have the same file name (with different extensions), so just rename the raw files first, then export from them.

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  2. I see I have some images in Creative now too, based on searches by subject. How does this work, again? I thought it was just by application for a whole pseudonym. I tried that but was turned down.


    But I only have a portion of my images in a given subject search in the Creative section, with most of them in the Relevancy section.


    So in effect, Alamy is doing image editing beyond the QC technical edit, correct?


    Based on my results, it does not seem to track to sales history.

  3. I work in LR5 in folders by shoot or some generic topics.


    For everything that becomes part of my stock collection, the final raw version is renamed in LR into my own name-sequence scheme.


    Everything going to Alamy from those renamed raws then gets exported as jpeg into an "Uploads for Alamy" folder, and exported as tif into a general stock archival folder. Thus, for a particular image, the raw, the archival tif, and the uploaded jpeg versions all have the same file name, in case I ever want to revisit the raw.


    The "Uploads for Alamy" folder gets emptied frequently enough so that I know where I am in the sequence.


    My numbering scheme is simply name-sequence; I make no attempt to identify shoot or any other metadata in the file name--that's what the image metadata are for.

  4. I recently sold my Canon 5D, three lenses, backpack & other gear via Craig's List to willing full-frame acolytes. With some of the proceeds, I bought an NEX-6 with kit 16-50mm, and the 10-18mm. After using it a bit, I felt that for some uses I would still prefer DSLR ergonomics. We still have a 10mp Canon XTi and some lenses for it, so I also bought a Canon honey-I-shrunk-the-DSLR SL1 with kit 18-55mm. The duplication of that range is not a problem since my wife sometimes shoots at the same time. Also, the other lenses we have for the Canon fill in well at the long end and for macro. Also got a messenger-style bag (Ape case brand).


    I'm happy with both cameras and my collection of lenses. I've had a batch from the Sony accepted by QC, including shots from the extremes of both lenses (haven't quite gotten around to submitting a batch from the SL1, but I anticipate no problems).


    I also stopped using a collection of programs for raw conversion, other post-processing, and keywording, and finally made the effort to learn Lightroom (I'm not a Photoshop user). All of my processing is now through LR5.


    I feel like I've had a big reset, and I like it. I'm embracing "lighter and smaller", and also "good enough"--good enough for Alamy or any other photographic venture I might do.

  5. AS9A7E%20.jpg


    Country: Italy
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Textbook - print only
    Industry sector: Retail books/magazines/newspapers
    Sub-Industry: Education and Test Guides
    Print run: up to 50,000
    Placement: Inside
    Image Size: 1/4 page
    Start: 14 August 2004
    End: 14 August 2007


    Over the next couple of years, my sales ranged from $65.82 (only one under $100) to $215.  My two latest were distributor sales for $8.96 and $18.71.

  6. Chuck, I assume you're using the filmstrip holder to scan your unmounted slides?


    I might be hauling out the FS-4000 to scan some family slides (and maybe even stock). Does anyone know whether the FS-4000 will work on Windows 7? (seems to be a lack of available driver) Will maybe the Vuescan drivers work with it? I've inquired at hamrick.com but no answer yet (Vuescan is what I used to use).

  7. I shot slides until I sprang for a Canon 5D in early 2006. I scanned them myself on a Canon FS4000.


    I just sold one yesterday, of a 17-year locust. They're coming out again this year, but the shot I sold is of course pre-DSLR.


    I will echo/paraphrase others that, unless it's a very good scan of a very good slide, you'll probably be disappointed pixel-peeping it compared to DSLR output (just talking 35mm slides here).


    On the other hand, if it is a very good scan of a very good slide, it'll be the equal to most DSLR output, with some characteristics you'll never get from digital.


    It's a ton of work compared to DSLR workflow, but if you only have a slide of the shot, then consider all the above options.

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  8. I think there should be only a green button for forumites to push,


    and an automatic red-button push for things like:


    - indulging in a pissing contest (just have the program search for replies beginning with "If you had read my post,...", or have more than two nested forum quotes)


    - (can't think of much else, except maybe a list of bad words, but we'd need a linguist)



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