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  1. Whether this feature is new or old, it needs some work. I just zoomed on a couple of topics, and in many cases, all or most of the "Similar stock photos" are by the same photographer as the original zoom, even though there are plenty of images available from other photographers. And now I'm wondering if they're counting the subsequent zooms on "Similar.." or "Same..".
  2. Not yet for me - my Alamy Measures standard view shows 3 sales and 1 zoom.
  3. I, for one (the only one?), was sorry to see the agency close, because I had made a few nice sales with them, including one for more than I've ever received at Alamy. And the sold images were pretty normal stock stuff. But I haven't dealt with them since they closed it.
  4. Limping along here with 221 sales in 10 years. Not too bad for an old retired secondary-editorial part-timer.
  5. Sometimes you hear sports commentators refer to the "talent positions" on, say, a (US) football team--generally meaning anyone who carries, throws or catches the ball by design. But I wouldn't want to suggest to a lineman from either side of the ball that he was bereft of talent.
  6. Riding the Blackpool Transport "boat car" at a nearby trolley museum here in Maryland:
  7. On my one remaining Canon DSLR (an SL1), the battery and the charger both have four contact points, but the camera only has three
  8. I see my first submissions were in late July 2004, so I'm 10 years on as well. My banner years were mid-2006 to mid-2010, after I got my Canon 5D. Somewhere during that time period, I got fed up with declining sales amounts and started submitting much less. My sales graph is a bit of a roller coaster after 2010. Last year I sold my 5D and lenses, and started accumulating new Sony kit. My interest has returned, sales seem to be picking up, and I'm submitting more again. (Last year I even finished tidying up the last few hundred images that "needed more detail" after the annotation debacle, and
  9. or do a search on "Bill Kuta Trolley Museum." All those shots were taken with the 10-18mm on the A3000, various focal lengths--but mostly at either 10mm or 18mm, which I've seen I tend to do with this lens. Some of the later shots of trolleys at the station were in-between focal lengths.
  10. I have the 10-18mm and it's a sweet lens--sharp, well-behaved, good build, nice size. Here's a lightbox of shots taken at the 10mm end: www.alamy.com/lbx.asp?1175544 All shots were put through LR5 lens profiling, and some through the Upright function (or similar manual adjustments). Some were cropped a little beyond the cropping resulting from the other adjustments, but not much. The shots in the lightbox were taken on an NEX-6, but I'm currently using the lens on an A3000.
  11. The glitch is a design detail--no use showing a new month until there are data. But if they waited a day, people would be asking, "Where's July?"
  12. Ed, I sold all my 5D kit last year on Craig's List with no problems, to finance all my new Sony and Canon gear. A few email exchanges will tell you whether a responder is just a general bottom-feeder or someone actually wanting your photo equipment. My rules were: local only; cash only; meet in a public place. I did recruit one of my sons to be around for my first deal, but after that I got used to the idea of trading something in public for hundreds of dollars in cash. Met a lot of nice people who are into photography. I suppose you could always meet outside your bank. On Craig's Lis
  13. They say that sitting is the new smoking. Our son has a big desk at his software company that's motorized to raise and lower. He's usually standing.
  14. I joined FAA sometime in 2010, and had very promising sales the first year, but sales have fallen off some since then for me. I have about twice as many images there now (600+) as I did in 2010, but FAA has many times more than then. I don't play the commenting game much and don't do social media, but sometimes enter some of the contests. If you look at "Recently Sold" (last link down the left side of the FAA home page), you'll see that the great majority of sales appear to be of "traditional art," or photos made into digital art. Many of the straight photos that sell are tarted up well b
  15. Take notes? Used to, with paper and pencil, but now I'll just pick up a pamphlet if I'm visiting a site that has them, and if it's something like a specific plant in a garden with labels, I'll shoot the label. But otherwise, I just google afterwards. And if it's a multi-day trip, I'll load the images onto a laptop with descriptive directory names. What gizmo am I talking about here? Mostly about how digital and computers and the internet have obviated the need for some accessories.
  16. I haven't noticed that with my clone battery, as I don't charge in-camera. However, yesterday I noticed that my clone battery didn't want to go into my A3000. Turns out it's a hair larger than a Sony battery (not swelled up, just a tad bigger). The clone fits fine in my NEX-6, and in fact worked for quite a few frames after the NEX-6 said it had 1% remaining. I bought it the same time as I bought the NEX-6, and have been using it for several months.
  17. Maybe not. "Toronto streetcar" yields 504 results.
  18. I feel very safe saying "No Way!" It has the smallest of the three common point&shoot sensors and a tiny lens. This type of water-resistant p&s has been around for a long time. I have a Panasonic version that I use for family snaps and videos at the pool and ocean, but I consider the images on the soft side even for that use.
  19. Similar approach here--lightbox, paper cut-out frame around the slide, macro lens with extension tubes, camera on copy stand. Once you get it set up, it's very quick. So far, though, have only worked my way to 10-megapixel copies using an 18 mp camera. Got to fill the image space better.
  20. Another vote for Craigslist--I sold my Canon 5D and associated lenses middle of last year. I had gotten quotes from B&H, Adorama and KEH, but didn't like the amounts. I sold it all on Craiglist for almost twice what they offered, and met a lot of nice photography folks in the process. I don't know if you have Craigslist or similar where you are. Another advantage: listing stuff is free. I always sold "local only, cash only", and doing the deals in public places. I tried selling it as a package deal first, but soon realized I had to break it up into discrete items.
  21. I see that I have a pending wire transfer of US$118.99. I hope that's net of the wire transfer fee.
  22. I have 147 out of 2698 currently awaiting deletion. There was a period where I went a little overboard in loading everything in sight, and many/most of the deletees are from a 7-mp Canon G6 or from less-than-stellar slides. Yes, I know that the last one you decide to throw in from a shoot is sometimes the one that sells, and trust me, I do have plenty of those not awaiting deletion, and have sold some of them. But it was just time to clean house a little.
  23. Just curious, Bill, have you been shooting mainly RAW or JPEG with the NEX-6? John, I've been shooting raw + jpeg, but always use the jpeg for initial selection of keepers in Zoombrowser (old Canonite habit), and the remaining raw to evaluate and process in LR5. Also just jpeg for family stuff, and for some HDR experiments. Early on, I did look at whether the processed raws were better than the jpegs, and for enough of them they were.
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