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  1. I've had 55 accepted and 38 rejected, which is a 59% acceptance rate. I've pretty much processed them (via Camera+) as for regular Alamy, only with stronger clarity and similar adjustments. About half of my acceptances were pretty straight market-stand shots of veggies or fruit. No sales yet, and I haven't submitted anything for several weeks. Bill
  2. John, do you have anything in your keywords/caption that indicate it's a side view? (just wondering how that Viewpoint gets applied) Bill
  3. I've relearned this several times over the years, every time I've moved up significantly in equipment--with lots of poorly exposed, out-of-focus shots, before I learned how to control the hot new camera.
  4. Mine showed up today in the US. My $US total is up about 2% from last year, but I don't have info yet on the amount in pounds. But figuring back from the current and year-old exchange rates, it looks like I'm actually up 6-7%. Don't know why. My amounts are small (amounts of pounds in the 70's - then there'll be a $15 fee for the foreign wire transfer).
  5. Since this topic has been bumped up again, I just want to repeat one of Pearl's items from back on page 3: " Please please please - whatever changes you make do not make it necessary for us to redo our existing images as we had to previously."
  6. Wow, Linda, my a6000 is getting on just fine. It is a bit prone to noise, but that's easily taken care of in LR. Plenty of detail in the 24mp. Edo, my visceral reaction is that the NEX-6 (which I also have) is a sweet, well-integrated image maker, and the a6000 is a photo machine. But I like them both and the a6000 has the megapixels. More specifically, the EVF on the a6000 is supposed to be not as good as that on the NEX-6, but I'm not the guy to evaluate that, since I use cameras with my glasses on, and a viewfinder is just an aiming device for me. The NEX-6 also has the electron
  7. I've been using a 16-70mm on an a6000 for about six months now, as my main kit. It's done everything I wanted to with it, the results are very good as NielsVK says, no problems with QC. I get more confident of it every time I use it. I also use the 10-18mm on an a3000 and am very pleased with that combination. Images accepted here at all focal lengths of that lens. The a3000 has some oddball non-features, but the IQ is excellent, and the a3000 quirks don't get in the way much for my wide-angle uses.
  8. I started getting into stock photography about 1999-2000 with a view to doing that in retirement (from the US federal govt), and retired at the end of 2002. Even within those few years, I ran through the whole sequence of submitting slides / scanning slides / toying with digital / going all-DSLR / and finally selling off DSLR stuff and going mirrorless. I was submitting heavily after getting a DSLR, but my submissions have become much smaller in light of more grandchildren and less return on stock. I originally decided on stock because it meant I could shoot what I wanted to shoot, on my s
  9. According to the submission guidelines, the "Number of Images" message refers to a first submission, so this sounds like a mistake on the Alamy end of things. Inquire at memberservices@alamy.com
  10. Bottom half of page 9 to top half of page 2. Had a load of zooms a couple of months ago.
  11. My sales and revenue plummeted from 2010 to 2011 and have been slowly recovering since then. My collection has been relatively static since 2010 (added 350-400, deleted about 150). The trends are positive, but sales and revenue have a long way to go to get back to my 2008-2010 levels.
  12. Big credibility gap - the writer assumes that if he saw an image in an RF collection, then the subject must be fair game!
  13. It could be a possibility and flash too may become unacceptable, or photography will be restricted to set pieces (after all the event is there for the publicity). I was recently taking photos during live poetry and author readings with my Fuji X-T1 and I was often barely 10ft/3m away but it was not a problem. I used my Canon 1Ds3 once (I needed to use flash) and was embarassed by the noise and it was the only event in about 35 I covered where the audience feedback forms mentioned the photography - it was not just me it was also the guy from the local paper but unlike me he used his motordrive
  14. The menu should include omelets, since you've all obviously broken a few eggs.
  15. You don't need to do all the "liking" and commenting games, as long as you have marketing means to drive buyers to your FAA "AW" site that shows only your images. ----------------------- Edo, you must have originally signed up for the $30 annual fee. In subsequent years, they cheerfully collect another $30 and don't send you any notification until your card expires. For what FAA is, $30 is a good deal for what they provide--as long as you can do your self-marketing.
  16. Happy Birthday Edo! (also a useful crossword puzzle word - the old name for Tokyo)
  17. The "Build a downloadable..." future look only tells you the date, image ID, and gross/net sales amounts. The other options give you all the sale details (but a day later).
  18. Print-on-demand sites sell prints. Most include an option for the seller-artist to offer the original for sale. Doesn't seem to confuse the vast majority of buyers.
  19. My experience too. One of the choices to make in these manipulations is "brush size." So, brush size for what size print? Sheila and others, how do you address this? Aim for typical-size prints? Edit: but then, I guess the same problem applies to manual art pieces sold as prints on POD sites. The physical painting has a brush size, but the prints can be a range of sizes.
  20. 1. Loupe or other feature for checking for people/property 2. Ability to set defaults for any check-off boxes. 3. Keep available the original Manage Images, just in case!
  21. No problem here. What happens when you hit the big "Alamy" at the top of the forum page?
  22. Sometimes there is only "Similar..." or only "Same...". Or neither. "Similar..." might be trying to match on more of the keywords in the originally zoomed image. But they all seem to be from the originally zoomed photographer. I'm done with researching this, will await official word from Alamy.
  23. I assumed that "Same Photographer" would show other images for the same keywords from the same photographer, and that "Similar Stock Photos" would show other images for the same keywords from other photographers. Why would it be otherwise? If they're all supposed to be from the same photographer, why have two headings?
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