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  1. I have 69% horizontal and 31% vertical in sales (began with Alamy in 2004), but in the earlier years it was 67%/33%. I have no idea of the breakdown for my collection.
  2. Yep, all of the above. Plus, in some images with overhanging branches on some border, I have sometimes eliminated a stray small branch or two that were off by themselves and interrupted the flow of the scene.
  3. NEX-ers, what's your experience with sensor dust? I recently got my NEX-6 and am still in the getting-acquainted phase (sold off my 5D & lenses). For now, I'll be using the kit 16-50mm and the 10-18mm while I await further developments in NEX-world (the Sigma 60mm is tempting, though).
  4. Chuck, I assume you're using the filmstrip holder to scan your unmounted slides? I might be hauling out the FS-4000 to scan some family slides (and maybe even stock). Does anyone know whether the FS-4000 will work on Windows 7? (seems to be a lack of available driver) Will maybe the Vuescan drivers work with it? I've inquired at hamrick.com but no answer yet (Vuescan is what I used to use).
  5. I shot slides until I sprang for a Canon 5D in early 2006. I scanned them myself on a Canon FS4000. I just sold one yesterday, of a 17-year locust. They're coming out again this year, but the shot I sold is of course pre-DSLR. I will echo/paraphrase others that, unless it's a very good scan of a very good slide, you'll probably be disappointed pixel-peeping it compared to DSLR output (just talking 35mm slides here). On the other hand, if it is a very good scan of a very good slide, it'll be the equal to most DSLR output, with some characteristics you'll never get from digital. It's a ton of work compared to DSLR workflow, but if you only have a slide of the shot, then consider all the above options.
  6. I think there should be only a green button for forumites to push, and an automatic red-button push for things like: - indulging in a pissing contest (just have the program search for replies beginning with "If you had read my post,...", or have more than two nested forum quotes) - (can't think of much else, except maybe a list of bad words, but we'd need a linguist) Bill
  7. I've typically been in the top 10-20%, but weakening more recently. Somehow in the previous re-rank, I wound up on the last page. Now I'm on page 8.
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